Parts market Novegro – Mostra Scambio from November 3rd – 5th, 2023

Novegro 2023 parts market

It's the end of October and in just a few days it will be ready Parts market in Novegro 2023, Milan. Always a nice trip to look for parts and scooters.

Audacity loses!

A week before, an unpleasant report made the rounds on Facebook and in some Whatsapp groups.

In the Bologna area, two Lambretta lui 50s are stolen from Roberta and Simone. Pictures and the frame numbers of the white and turquoise Lambretta are doing the rounds.

After heavy rain from Thursday to Friday November 3rd, the gates to a well-soaked Novegro area opened. Suddenly there is a bit of a hustle and bustle between the usual suspects: Lambretta nuts. It quickly turns out that a delivery truck with several Lambretta scooters was also loading Roberta and Simone's lui scooters in the parking lot. Sam from Lambrettafinder, Marco from Rimini Lambretta Center, Carlos from Swiss Tony Scooter Spares, Jon Gilbert from JG Scooters, our friend Dean Orton and a few others clarify the situation and inform the rightful owners, Novegro security personnel and the police. 

In addition to the lui scooters, the corresponding bags, license plates and keys were also found in the B*****'s delivery van. So if that's not enough, another stolen Lambretta turns up in the form of a Model D.

Happy end! Scooters are back and hopefully the brazen idiot will get the appropriate punishment!

Unclear ownership number two

Some people have noticed a yellow lui 50 on the market. A color reserved for the Innocenti family's vehicles. On the steering head the sticker from Vittorio Tessera's Casa Lambretta. Most people thought nothing of it or thought the Lambretta was a reproduction, fake or whatever.

It later turns out that the scooter actually comes from Vittorio's Museo Scooters & Lambretta comes from. Vittorio loaned the lui for an exhibition to a friend who died in the meantime and his widow sold the lui without knowing the ownership structure.

But here too, a happy ending is in prospect. The buyer and Vittorio are in contact with each other and last week Vittorio bought a perfectly preserved lui 50 in orange to swap.

Here are a few more impressions from Novegro!

Gallery Novegro 2023