Drop bar Vespa GTS, Sprint

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The customization of scooters has taken over the scene, and if you are looking for the ultimate custom touch for your Vespa Sprint or Primavera, you will find it with the drop bar handlebars from MOTO NOSTRA. 

With a 15° inclination, our current dropbar handlebar lies exactly between sport and touring.
All original add-on parts fit in or on the included handlebar covers.
The handlebar end weights are also installed in the same way as the original.
This means that the popular handlebar end mirrors can also be installed without any problems.

An upgrade in style:

The true charm of the dropbar handlebars unfolds on the road. The new handlebar shape not only gives an impressive appearance, but also improves the riding position and handling. Every curve becomes a sensual experience and the ride becomes an expression of personal style.

What about the GTS series?

The MOTO NOSTRA dropbar handlebar is not only a stylish option for the Vespa Sprint, but also opens the door for future GTS custom projects.

This idea has been floating around in our heads since we introduced our Vespa GTS demonstrator five years ago.

We are now taking on the challenge of developing a drop bar handlebar that meets the legal standards for public road traffic.

Dropbar GTS tool pattern
GTS demonstrator SC

We already have a first sample and the next step is to develop a second sample or prototype in order to incorporate the final ideas and improvements into the series.

Wouldn't a dropbar handlebar be the missing piece of the puzzle to give your GTS an individual touch?

We are looking forward to your thoughts and opinions on the MOTO NOSTRA drop bar for the Vespa GTS!