EICMA 2023


Vespa always puts on a colorful and well-done trade fair appearance. The new colors for GTS, Primavera and Sprint fit the picture well. Which can also be customized with a number of decors and color and finish details in the Vespa configurator.

Overall, Piaggio's Centro Stile didn't let up and worked hard on the finish, introduced new materials and tinkered with the details. Especially with the Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S models. Quite obviously on the steering head, which has new handles as well as new switches. The inside of the leg shield is now much easier on the eyes.

The Vespa Primavera comes with a new logo on the fender, so it will be interesting to see whether this catches on.

The tech version of the Primavera also features the keyless start system and the TFT instruments through which the functions of the Vespa MIA multimedia platform can be controlled. In the other versions, the analogue/digital speedometer has also been redesigned and equipped with LED lighting.

Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S are available with state-of-the-art Euro 5+ engines with 50, 125 and 150 cc displacements with three-valve control and electronic injection.

The Vespa Elettrica will be replaced by the electric versions of the Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint S. The range is given as 125 km in Eco mode and there is a 45 km/h and a 75 km/h variant.

The new rims are also interesting.

It will be exciting to see whether Vespa has any news up its sleeve that will be presented at the Vespa World Days 2024 in Pontedera.


Andrea Pinasco sold the traditional company to Betella in 1999, but they continue the tradition convincingly. Traditionally, there is a colorful array of new products here every year. Like the PX cylinder with the new and popular displacement class of 244/252 cc. Although the one from last year doesn't seem entirely unfamiliar to us.

Pinasco PX 260cc

seems to be the prototype from last year

Pinasco Smallframe

PinascoSmallframe-Twin rotary intake

Pinasco 100cc for Vespa Smallframe PK v50

Pinasco Vespa Smallframe Racing Shot clutch 


Pinasco Ciao

New Parmakit cylinder prototype for Smallframe

Parmakit teases everyone Smallframe Driver with a promising cylinder. The GT PROTO 23 comes with a 60 mm bore and 53 mm displacement to 150 cc. And the channel areas are larger than some boreholes.

Tax ID No.

CIF is the abbreviation for Costruzioni Ingranaggi Ferrigno. Here you can find everything from shock absorbers, engine and transmission parts, sheet metal parts, lettering, electrical components right down to the smallest screw. The program was further expanded and refined and we were pleased to visit the traditional Milanese company.


Another traditional company that offers excellent quality tuning parts for all scooters and mopeds. From the classic to the modern Vespa and here again the ever-popular Ciao theme.



Primavera Modern

Primavera Modern

Polini Smallframe


Polini 133cc Smallframe

Polini Evolution Smallframe

PX 200

PX200 – Polini cylinder kit alloy nicasil 

PX200 cast iron cylinder kit fitted

CIAO Polini

Ciao evolution


Polini ignition system ciao

Polini ciao – engine transmission parts

Polini Ciao – engine transmission parts

Polini Ciao Engine


In terms of cult factor, Ciao has been catching up a lot in recent years. And many of the big tuning companies are also joining in on the fun.

CIAO Malossi


Complete overrange gear set 


Lambretta Elettra

Very futuristic design that will definitely bring tears to some people's eyes.

Lambretta 2024

Here our friends from Casa performance contributed and gave the new Lambretta a befitting @bgm chassis.


Here the focus is on standard and simple sports shock absorbers. Nice to see two Lambretta parts.


Uma Racing

Yamaha racers

Italjet 300