It's always nice to meet friends and that was when Scooter Center-Team on the EICMA 2022 the case. Here is some news that caught our attention:

New Vespa models

Piaggio proudly presented the new 2023 model years, which will win many new fans with some new, visible and invisible features. 
The most prominent model is of course the GTS300.
We can already say in advance: It drives better than ever! Piaggio has finally dedicated itself to the subject of chassis and has now made it much more stable and active. This is accompanied by a new front wheel suspension including a new supplier for the brake components. Nissin from Japan is now on board here and is responsible for a befitting delay. The front shock absorber of the GTS models differs again from the previous models, which brings us to the third stage of evolution. Interestingly, Piaggio has retained the previous fork/brake type for the new GTV models (recognizable by the headlight on the fender). In line with the spirit of the times, a keyless go system has now been rolled out on the GTS/GTV platforms. With that, the conventional key is history. It was replaced by a pure transponder (key fob) that can be used to start and unlock the vehicle when approaching via a rotary knob in the position of the former mechanical steering lock. The engine corresponds to the Euro5 engine which is already known from the previous model years. The models generally known as HPE, which brought a decent increase in performance compared to the Euro4 models, are used unchanged, i.e. with full power (23,8 hp at 8.250 rpm), in the 2023 models. 

Externally, the new GTS models can only be distinguished from last year's models with a trained eye. However, Piaggio has hardly left a part untouched, so that the term facelift at this point would not do justice to Piaggio's effort. The clear identification feature of the GTS300 Bj.2023 are the switch units separated from the handlebars and the slightly exposed license plate light. The well-known division into GTS, GTS Super, GTS SuperSport and GTS SuperTech has been retained. While the first three versions are more to be understood as color variants, the SuperTech models also stand out technically with a large TFT display instead of the classic instrument landscape. In order not to lose touch in times of mandatory constant communication, Piaggio offers its new connectivity system MIA as an option. A concession to activate new target groups and to give the vehicle class further features, away from the purpose of a pure means of transport. Certainly a good idea to be able to place the GTS models even more fully and comprehensively on the market. 

Vespa 946 10° Anniversary

The famous 946 models were also presented in a new guise. Always designed less as a technology and more as an image bearer, the 946 is both extroverted and a homage to the company's own history. The fact that with the 946 models Piaggio has strayed very far from the original idea of ​​the simple but robust everyday vehicle is not at all an issue here. On the contrary, the 946 embodies that archetype scooter that any child would paint. This is more than any marketing department of other manufacturers even dares to dream of. Appropriately, Piaggio has dipped the 946 in a beautiful shade of green that is distantly related to the first paintwork of the models from over 70 years ago. In contrast to the GTS models, the 946 models therefore appeal more to artistic finesse, to whom an individual vehicle concept means more than explicitly good driving performance. For this reason, Piaggio has not yet given the 946 models a keyless go, but still relies on the good old key technology. To compensate, it has a modern LCD display and an LED headlight. The 946 models are offered with 125cc and 150cc.

 Vespa GTV

The new GTV models have undergone major visual changes than their GTS brothers. The handlebar fairing as well as the handlebar itself have been completely redesigned. Together with the sports seat including the new cover made of plastic (screwed/removable) and the decorative stripes, a beautiful nostalgic race look is offered, almost retro sport from the factory. With the front wheel fork, Piaggio stayed with the previously produced type so that the retrofit parts (shock absorbers) already available for these models also fit. However, keyless go is also already on board here and makes the GTV a reliable and easy-to-use commuter with a touch of avant-garde. The USB connection, LED headlights and the digital speedometer round off the picture of the modern oldie perfectly.

GTS Supersport 300 HPE ABS ASR

New SpecialModel: Primavera Color Vibe 

The color vibe special models of the Primavera models impress with a modern appearance that Piaggio has created with a simple but very effective trick. A completely different vehicle line is implied by a horizontally applied decorative color tone, which deliberately contrasts strongly with the rest of the vehicle paintwork. This makes the Primavera models appear much sportier and more pleasing. Attached to the side, the engine displacement is also a nice gimmick. The color vibe models are available in 50cc, 125cc and 150cc versions.

Vespa Primavera Color Vibe 125 i-get ABS 


Pinasco is still busy and always inspires with new products. The latest hit is the 244/252cc cylinder which was designed for a standard engine housing. Undoubtedly, the already legendary Quattrini M244 was the inspiration here, with its huge success in 2015 no one expected would have; Too expensive, too exclusive. Pinasco has now also dared to interpret the topic of maximum cubic capacity for the series housing. Here, too, a cylinder is used that no longer has a cylinder base that has to dip into the motor housing. This allows the size of the cylinder bore to be increased to a whopping 72mm (series 66.5mm) without having to rework the engine housing. However, a crankshaft with a significantly longer connecting rod (130mm vs. 110mm series) is absolutely necessary for this, as the channels are located significantly further up in the cylinder. A big difference to the Quattrini M244 cylinder is the intake control. The Pinasco cylinder has a large cylinder inlet which is fired by an intake manifold with a membrane. This makes you completely independent of an intake control via the engine housing. Pinasco will offer matching crankshafts with 60 and 62mm stroke. The connecting rod length is 130mm. According to Pinasco, if a Pinasco engine housing is used, there is no need to spin the crankcase for the crankshafts. This step would only be necessary for original Piaggio motor housings.

New PX200 cylinder kit 252cc 

The cylinder with side outlets is also shown here. These are probably omitted in series production.

Piston 72mm diameter

Clutch bell for Ciao/SI

Cylinder kit for Honda SH300

Motor housing Pinasco Smallframe

Now with a multi-drilling pattern suitable for many cylinders 'out of the box'

Pinasco Eureka

A special feature at the Pinasco stand was the E-conversion kit for the Vespa, dubbed Eureka Smallframemodels.
The solution patented by Pinasco envisages replacing only the crankshaft and the cylinder. The cylinder is replaced by an electric motor with a vertical output shaft. The replacement for the crankshaft, on the other hand, absorbs the power of the engine via spur gearing and transmits it conventionally to the clutch. The scooter can be operated as usual (coupling, shifting, accelerating, uhh, giving electricity).


New ECU for GTS 300 Euro 5

Polini offers a new cylinder kit including ECU unit for the GTS300 Euro5 models. With this, the injection quantity/time can be adjusted within a certain framework to the installation situation (modified exhaust, air filter, etc.) by simply adjusting a potentiometer.

New exhaust Vespa Sprint

Polini now also offers their popular 'original box' exhaust system for older engine generations such as the Vespa Sprint. With these models, the exhaust is only fixed to a screw on the engine block. Polini has therefore modified and strengthened the bracket. The end tube was also lengthened. This appears to be smaller than in conventional systems. As soon as we have the new systems in the program, we will mention this detail in the shop. It is also unclear whether the main stand of the Sprint models can fold in unhindered. An often voiced point of criticism of the previous Polini systems which were used on the Sprint/Rally models. Apparently Polini only offers the modified exhaust for the small engine blocks (125-150cc).



New Lambrettas

Lambretta celebrates its 75th anniversary at EICMA 2022. It is presented with a modern range in different shifts and trendy colors.

Lambretta G350 Special

Lambretta X125

Lambretta V Special


Sport Scooter Dragster 500 GP

Italjet has presented its new GP500 model to the public for the first time and shows that motorcycles and scooters are getting closer and closer. A full 450ccm with 43 hp and a six-speed foot switch were paired with a squat and very attractive-looking raw frame including scooter-typical fairing and, for the range of services, rather small tires. According to Italjet, the GP500 should be fast at a whopping 185km/h. For us a real cracker that could certainly take on the legacy of the Gilera Runner 180.

 and some more italjet beauties

It's almost been a month since our weekend party, but we're still totally thrilled that you all came and made the event what it was: A huge custom show highlight with a consistently great atmosphere in every respect ! The complete Scooter Center Team says: THANK YOU!!!

After presenting the winning scooters of the custom show here, today we will show you which clubs, aftermarket dealers, influencers, youtubers, magazines and of course dealers and workshops have come to Cologne. Here, too, we politely curtsey and say: THANK YOU!


Bella Ig

2004 since the Bella IG a registered association with the purpose of enabling the preservation, restoration and care of historic scooters from the Zündapp works.

The Bella-IG was founded in 1984 by two Bella enthusiasts. Together with its sister clubs in Great Britain and North America, it now has over 250 members. The "Bella Family" runs a colorful club life with the club magazine, forum, supply and replenishment of Bella parts and the annual Bella meeting organized by IG members in different regions. 

Hidden power

Not only because of the local proximity, we have a particularly good relationship with the club founded in 1990 as Hidden Power Scooter Club Hagen. It emerged from the Hagen Modvereinigung, which was founded in 1986 Volme Parka Society Hagen.
The custom shows organized by Hagen at the beginning of the 2000s set standards that we were happy to use as a guide. With the holidays in
Sauerland, the HiH then also set standards in the run calendar. 


Celtic Roller Club

Another traditional club from northern Germany whose club stand made us very happy. Founded in 1994 and always at the forefront. At the custom show, the guys across from our bar served ice-cold circulatory stimulants on the rocks with their Jägermeister machine. There were also three trophies for the scooters they brought along.


Lambretta Club Espana

Felix is ​​a real jack of all trades and as such also president of the Spanish Lambretta Club! Words are really not enough to describe his zest for action and inventiveness! At our weekender he threw himself on the stand of the Spanish Lambretta Club, offered his wonderful book about the Serveta / Lambretta production in Spain and let the small 45s circling out of his record cases on both nights. 

Lambretta Club Germany

Lambretta Club Germany gives you SX appeal. If we have to explain, you wouldn't understand! The usual sympathetic appearance, here in the picture parts of the always cheerful former board member. 

Minus screwdriver

Only a few days left until the 30th anniversary of the minus wrench with drag races as part of the DBM and Nighter in Worpswede. CLICK! With the club name you have to have a sense of humor and be personable! 

minus screwdriver facebook 

Scoot Devils

Christian and Ronny from Scoot-Devils SC Seevetal brought two rollershop Zirri demonstrators to our last Open Day. BLOG. The two brought a prominently owned Scauri racer to the custom show.

Greetings to Mathias Scherer ;-) We're curious to see what Christian and Ronny will present as the next project. 

Scootdevils Fb

Game room

Self Description: "Metal nonsense, mostly on 10 inches." Beautiful North German understatement! What's rolling out here, qualitatively and quantitatively, is just sick shit from another planet. 

Playroom Fb

Spirit of Scooterist 84

Marieke and Marcus have been hyper-active in the German and English scooter scene since the 84s. The '90' ​​in the name refers to the year the Scooterboy cult exploded and has grown in popularity since the XNUMX's. As the organizer of Scooterist Meltdown they have established an international event completely outside of the well-known run calendar in February. Registrations are open ;-) 

Half past the bar a popular slogan in the scooter scene to meet friends and like-minded people at an open time on a run or niter and toast together with a cold drink. The resulting organization of the same name takes care of scooterists who have had an accident and – in the worst case – their dependents who are in need. Because some will never be at the bar again at half past.

Vandalizing drool heads Ostholstein


One of the first clubs in Germany. Founded in Lübeck in 1986, they started a run on Pentecost that same year, which was based on the English rallies and became a complete success and the start of a movement. Here, too, the club could probably equip a complete custom show alone with the club's own scooters.

VsrcHL Fb


Vesbeachi is the all-brand tin scooter meet-up on the beach. The Jelto organizes this and it was a super popular meeting right from the start. The second round will be held at the beginning of October on the beach of Beachclub Nethen and, by popular request, will be extended by one evening. He advertised the Vesbeachi a little with us and if you don't have your tickets yet, you can get help here ->

Vespa Club Germany

The Vespa Club of Germany eV (VCVD for short) has been around for almost as long as the Vespa has been inspiring the world.
The oldest Vespa clubs in Germany were founded in 1950. The voluntary Vespa Club of Germany is the umbrella organization of the official German Vespa clubs. If you add up the number of drivers organized there, then the Vespa Club of Germany represents the
Interests of over 4.000 Vespa friends and is therefore one of the largest brand clubs in Germany, so we were happy about the visit of the VCVD. 

Vespa boys Colonia

The Vespa Jungs Colonia are an association of Cologne Vespisti who tackle joint activities related to Vespas. The group is really big and the trips together are legendary. 


Shaggy Zossen

The Zottel Zossen Scooter Association has been around for 33 years and they have set up a number of runs, nighters and custom scooters during this time. You could probably easily set up your own custom show with their customs. That's not the only reason why it was a great honor for us that they came with a lot of cutlery and set up the two largest club stands together with the playroom. 


Parts market

Lambretta finder

The Sam hit the nail on the head with its business name. With more than 60 used Lambrettas and Vespas in stock in 2840, Rumst, Belgium. If you need or are interested, just contact us mail.


scooter station

Thilo & Sebastian

Magazines & Youtube Channels

Tin companions

In addition to his YouTube channel, Timo also has an online shop with selected products that he presented to us. Timo's fairly successful and well-made YouTube channel is all about Vespas. Whether individual conversions, restorations, repairs or tuning. Of course you will also find tutorials on all topics including all sheet metal work or tuning tips. This one Link to YT

Savage Scooters

Savage Scooters is fully committed to PX customizing and tuning. The Kevin knocks out super customs non-stop and his latest work is the CUDA. In addition to Kevin's own scooters, he also had a number of exhibits from his custom calendar project at the start. Kevin introduces customs, shops and everything to do with our scene on his YouTube channel.


The Scootering Magazine is the cult magazine from England. Scootering has been published continuously since 1985. Monthly news about customs, restorations, conversions, reviews, technical insights and backgrounds and a deep insight into the scooter scene make Scootering so worth reading. In the current October issue there is also a feature about our weekender.


When Andy told us about his plan to publish a print magazine at the Eurolambretta 2016 in Geiselwind, we frowned. And they were completely wrong. ScooterNova has firmly established itself as an independent scooter magazine. ScooterNova Magazine is mega-appealing both in terms of content and aesthetics. The focus is on Lambretta and Vespa scooters, but occasionally there are also reports on DKR, Ducati, IWL, Maico, Moto Rumi, Peugeot, Zundapp and other old scooters. With own words: "Produced in the UK, ScooterNova is a magazine we as scooterists are proud to put our name to, and a magazine that readers are proud to keep on their coffee table." Become!.


If you are into the topic of Modern Vespa and GTS, you will be interested in the Scooteria Youtube channel from Marc can not avoid . His love for Vespas and Lambrettas started as a mod in the late 70's, early 80's! And the influence is still clearly visible today. Together with the Cafe Racer 69 they drove to the custom show on their GTS Customs from Berlin!

Brands & Traders

We would love to introduce each of the thirty exhibitors in detail and all the highlights, special features, services and world firsts presented. Unfortunately, since this is beyond the scope, there are only a few highlights from the engine area. 

tin frind!

Cafe Racer 69

Crazy Monkey Development

Casa performance

Casa Performance / Rimini Lambretta Centre of course stole the show with the world premieres announced well in advance. At 15:2 p.m. sharp, Mickey and Lorenzo unveiled and started their new XNUMX-cylinder on stage. After years of development work, it was a pretty good moment with potential for goosebumps for the two of them and many others.

More about the engine at SLUK written by the sticky

Rimini Lambretta

Flying Classics



king wave



Nagy tin roller



Pinasco has a full 251cc Smallframe engine presented. An old acquaintance is used as the cylinder, the cylinder based on the T5 design with a 73 mm bore and 60 mm stroke, which we already know from the PX motor set know CLICK. The test phase of the engines has been completed and another engine concept will soon be available Smallframe- Ring left. 

PCL Corse




roller sack



Now comes a little advertising on our own behalf. Development work on a new bgm Cylinder was completed in time for the show. And so, among other things, we presented the development work at our bgm stand.

The cylinder is for all MotoVespa 160 engines and can either be piston-controlled or driven with an additionally available diaphragm suction device. This means that the MotoVespa engines can finally be given a contemporary power output without having to install another engine directly.

Due to the 125 driver's license regulation, the cylinder will also be available with a downscaled bore.

The new cylinder series is rounded off by a tuning cylinder for the Vespa GS 150. More about that here soon! 

Superb Lambrettas

Super Lui Tom

Stoffi's garage


Wolke xnumx


Thanks to our photographers:

Crisis Studio®

& Zoe Leon


EICMA News 2020

Motorcycle / scooter & two-wheeler fair EICMA 2019 in Milan

This year we were again at the largest motorcycle and two-wheeler fair in the world: the EICMA in Milan.

Here we meet partners and suppliers and find out about trends and new products for scooters directly on site. Words would not convey this particular spirit of Eicma so well; we have brought you videos.

All new products will now be available little by little, we will keep you up to date here in the blog.

EICMA 2019 Scooter News 2020

EICMA 2019 Scooter News 2020

Malossi News

Kevin Pohl from Malossi Racing Team Germany exclusively received and us the Malossi News 2020 gezeigt.
Follow Kevin here on his channels: INSTAGRAM | Website | FACEBOOK

Just in Milan, now in Scooter Center Shop: New 125 Malossi engine case Vespa PX 125 crankcase, get information here:

Malossi Vespa engine case -MALOSSI V-One, rotary valve- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, LML Star / Stella 125/150 ElestartMalossi item no .: M5718392
Malossi Vespa engine case -MALOSSI VR-One, membrane inlet- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, LML Star / Stella 125/150 ElestartMalossi item no .: M5718382

You can find all Malossi products in our Malossi shop!

Malossi News EICMA 2019 Scooter Tuning 2T, 4T & Vespa (subtitle)

Pinasco News

Patrick shows us Pinasco News 2020 exclusively in Milan!

Lots of great new Pinasco products, soon in ours Pinasco shop

EICMA 2019 Pinasco News 2020 (subtitle)

All you need - warehouse

Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

2. My first week

In my first week as a trainee, I got to know the details of the process from ordering to goods registration in the respective departments. Scooter Center not only markets its own brands like: BGM and Moto Nostra, but also more than 300 brands such as: Malossi, Polini, Pinasco, Piaggio and other major brands and manufacturers of scooter parts.

My tasks were to reorder products with modern IT systems depending on the inventory and demand. The receipt of goods, the addition of new products to the system and also the packaging and storage. With so many different parts I've had to deal with, how can so many parts fit on our little scooter?

From the base like Cylinder and carburettor from bearings, seals to all body parts such as entire frame sets or side panels and fenders, all the smallest screws, washers, nuts, split pins up to the accessories, original, restoration, tuning, customizing. Madness what it's all im Scooter Center Warehouse and in scooter shop gives.

Sooner or later, we scooter drivers come into contact with the parts on our scooter. Either planned and “just” for fun: Customizing or tuning, but if it goes stupid with a breakdown, in the middle of the country road. Good to know that you are with the Scooter Center have a partner who can help you quickly and cheaply with the necessary parts and service.


What I know is that so many parts are enough to fill meters, square meters and cubic meters of this huge warehouse over 3 floors and to fill the online shop with tons of data via a modern IT system.

What I also know for sure is that I can build a great Vespa from scratch with the parts from the Scooter Center Be able to build camps. I could build my dream scooter without worry, because in addition to the parts, operating instructions and all the necessary tools are available directly from stock.

I can assure you and have seen it myself. The Scooter slogan applies perfectly: ALL YOU NEED


Motorcycle & Scooter Fair EICMA 2017 in Milan

2017 = 25 years Scooter Center, It feels like we are at the EICMA for at least the 25th time.

EICMA = International Cycle Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition, International exhibition for motorcycles and motorcycle accessories and therefore also the most important trade fair for Scooter novelties.

According to the motto of a title song of our Eicma video: “DON´T STOP”:
We think it's great that our old scooters continue to develop parts. With our own brand bgm we ourselves make a major contribution to this. And we cannot and do not want to shut ourselves off from the development of new vehicles / concepts.

In this ticker:

  1. Lambretta
  2. Vespa
  3. Pinasco
  4. Schwalbe
  5. NIU

Eicma 2017 scooter video

Eicma 2017 Scooter & Parts

Scooter Center Trade fair live ticker EICMA 2017

[wpanchor id = "lambretta"]


Today our way in Hall 9 led us first to the "new" Lambretta over - our friends from the Rimini Lambretta Center had prepared a new Lambretta in RLC Race Style especially for Vittorio.

In addition, the new Casa performance Parts presented. The rear rim with internal brake disc immediately catches the eye,

[wpanchor id = "vespa"]

[wpanchor id = ”pinasco”]


FARO BASSO goes membrane inlet:

Was presented for Wideframe / Lamp below models (faro basso) the proven Nordkap cylinder with membrane (membrane is new). There is of course an intake manifold to match, but this time not for the Polini CP carburettor but for a Dellorto 22mm carburetor, which will be offered by Pinasco in the future, already converted to a cable rocker.

Was shown, in addition to the already in Rooms shown original engine housing with 3 stud bolts and possible membrane inlet on the housing also a variant with 4 cylinder stud bolts, which allows an assembly of each PX 177 tuning cylinder allows.

For the flytech ignitions, a zamak pole wheel for faro basso and GS150 engines was shown

Vespa GS160 / SS180

The announced GS160 / SS180 cylinder with direct inlet appeared to be a double carburetor cylinder with oval bores / elongated holes of the 200 models.

Vespa Smallframe:

The new ones were presented Pinasco motor housing and the currently missing crankshafts. Furthermore crankshafts with interchangeable balancing weights.

Vespa Largeframe:

We were astonished by the double rotary valve shaft that has never existed before.

Pinasco now offers pre-assembled 225cc Engines on. The key data is the 60th wave, 225ccm, 21,5PS at 26 NM. 10-13-17-20 / 35 Christmas tree with 23/64 gear ratio. Ignition is a flytech with 1,4kg. Missing: carburetor, carburetor pan, clutch cover, fan wheel cover and the complete brake.

The Si28 carburetor now come as a VRX-R variant with a small foam filter.

Vespa moped

All fans of the Ciao, Si, Bravo and boxer models will be happy that there were new products here too:


[wpanchor id = "swallow"]


E-Schwalbe with Bosch motor. The batteries can be removed in order to charge them in the apartment or: there is also a built-in charging cable under the bench.


[wpanchor id = "niu"]



Pinasco Vespa Smallframe Engine casing

New Pinasco engine case with membrane inlet (SLAVE) for Vespa Smallframe.

The Pinasco engines are at Scooter Center Available as a set with or without a membrane.

Pinasco Smallframe Vespa engine


For wide crankshafts à la Quattrini

The crankcase is mine large central membrane inlet versehen: Hole stitch 57mm x 48mm.
Designed for maximum performance: only those fit extra wide crankshaftsas used in the Quattrini motor housings.

The conventional Smallframecrankshafts don't even fit in. In December Pinasco wants to bring its own wave onto the market, until then we recommend that Quattrini crankshaft:

Crankshaft -QUATTRINI (extra wide for Quattrini engine housing C1 and Pinasco) - full cheek 53mm stroke, 105mm connecting rod- Vespa PK125 XL2, PK125 ETS (Ø 24mm cone) Item no. 7676542

The way food is Crankshaft bearings are larger and also correspond to those of the dimensions used in the Quattrini engine block (6205, 25x52x15mm). You can of course also get the ball bearings and the matching shaft seals from us:

Ball bearing -6205TN9C3-

Ball bearing -6205TN9C3- (25x52x15mm) - (used for crankshaft in Quattrini C1 (2014) engine housing alternator and clutch side Vespa PK, V50, PV125, ET3) Item no. 7676562
(25x52x15mm) - (used for crankshaft in Quattrini C1 (2014) engine housing alternator and clutch side Vespa PK, V50, PV125, ET3)
Article no. 7676562



Shaft seal 20x35x7mm -FPM-

Shaft sealing ring 20x35x7mm -FPM- (used for crankshaft in Quattrini engine housing alternator and clutch side Vespa PK, V50, PV125, ET3) Item no. 7674748
(used for crankshaft in Quattrini engine housing alternator and clutch side Vespa PK, V50, PV125, ET3)
Article no. 7674748

Transmission express change

For quick service or express adjustment of the gear ratio during the race: The Pinasco motor housing has a screwed-in end shield for the auxiliary shaft. This means that it can be changed from the outside without dismantling the motor (coupling must be released beforehand), making it easier quick adjustment of the gear ratio.

Details pinasco Smallframe-Motor housing

The membrane supplied by Pinasco (PN26482030 only) has a technology similar to that of the well-known Vforce models. The selector shaft is needle-bearing and sealed.

  • Crankcase Ø = 88mm
  • Membrane hole stitch 57x48mm
  • Crankshaft type: Quattrini C1
  • Crankshaft bearing: Type 6205 (25x52x15mm)

Pinasco Vespa engines

You can also find more Pinasco news in our Eicma 2017 scooter Live ticker.

Fair Eicma Livetiker 2016

Eicma 2016

It starts, we are at the Eicma in Milan and provide you with the trade fair live ticker:

Vespa / Piaggio

Electric Vespa

As already reported by us here, the comes from Piaggio Electric Vespa.

Piaggio E-Bike: WI-BIKE

The motor concept of the e-bikes shown is compatible with the e-Vespa. The Piaggio Wi-Bike is fully connected and can be operated with an app. There is also GPS theft protection. Electromobility seems to have taken an important part in Piaggio's portfolio here.

  • Let the technology guide you: your Wi-Bike and your smartphone communicate with each other.
  • Download the WI-Bike app. Connect your smartphone to your Wi-Bike via Bluetooth. Touch & Go, determine your personal setup.
  • Choose your destination. Take off.
  • Three special performance modes via app. You have the choice between: City, Hill and Standard
  • The variable motor support adapts to your needs.
  • Challenge yourself! Achieve your goals. Wi-Bike is your very own personal trainer.

Vespa models - new colors, less power and a lot of lifestyle

We had changes to the engine (Euro 4) in the exhibition news of Intermot in Cologne already discussed. In Milan, Piaggio is showing new colors and a lot of lifestyle.

A special model of the Vespa GTS 300 Super in green metallic with aluminum applications in CNC style, e.g. cascade, fender nipples. Interesting cascade with an even more interesting horn section - opinions will differ on this ;-)

More deets: Bitubo shock absorber in front, only for the trade fair or series? In any case, the adjustable levers are standard! CNC footrests, mirrors in CNC design, new oil control screw and vario cover.


Personally, I like the Vespa Seigiorni very much. Piaggio thus ties in with the early 50s, because sports models of the Vespa have been produced parallel to the series vehicles since 1947. The Vespa Sport, known as the “Sei Giorni” after the model that had great success in the 1951 international regularity race of the same name. An original Vespa Sei Giorni is incredibly valuable.


DellOrto has been the standard supplier for the Italian motorcycle and scooter industry since 1933. Dell'Orto was the largest supplier of two-wheeled carburetors in Europe from the 1960s to the 1980s; today the company works closely with Bosch and Mikuni. At the Scooter Center of course you get all available DellOrto carburetors and DellOrto spare parts such as nozzles, carburetor needles and slides quickly and cheaply.


The Scomadi with 300cc was never realized. Rumors say Piaggio has refused to supply 300cc engines to a competitor product. Today a prototype with me 400ccm. At the moment everyone at Scomadi is very busy, we will try to find out later which engine is being installed.

Polini - Scooter Center is an Official Polini Dealer


More Polini News:

Polini has beautiful scooters on the stand again. News from Polini: eg mounted pressure plate for the Smallframe.


Bell helmets - Our personal favorite helmets - The Bell Custom 500 and Bullit are now also available in a scrambler design.


Gogoro: innovative electric scooter with battery replacement system. The concept is probably the future, the design a matter of taste.


Also at Malossi: beautiful scooters on the stand. For many of us that was the beginning of scooter riding: the Ciao.
Malossi still offers an extensive tuning program, which you can get from us: Piaggio Ciao parts
Classic Vespa novelty at Malossi - a straight-toothed primary transmission for Vespa Cosa clutch.


Faco is a proven provider for Scooter accessories and chrome accessories meanwhile, of course, also for the modern Vespa models such as GT, GTS & Co.

faco-vespa-eicma-milano-2016-1 faco-vespa-eicma-milano-2016-2


In addition to Polini and Malossi, another tuning specialist with home advantage on the Eicma: Pinasco
In the last few years Pinasco has been offering the new Motor housings for Vespa Switch scooters or crankshafts with interchangeable balancing weights, again clearly gas.


Motor housing Vespa T5 from Pinasco

Just got us from Pinasco the news reaches us that the long-announced engine housings for the Vespa T5 should arrive next Thursday.

The engine housings of the rare Vespa PX125T5 have always been few and far between. We are all the more pleased that something is happening again with the products for the T5.

Diaphragm and rotary valve engines for Vespa T5

Pinasco now offers two alternatives. Like the PX motor housings also, it will for the T5

  • a classic Rotary valve (Master) and article number: PN26482024
  • a motor housing with Membran (Slave) give. Item number: PN26482025

In terms of price, the T5 motor housings are slightly higher than the PX variant lie.

More technical details We can only give you this when we have received the first motor housings in the next few days. We keep you here in Scooter Center Blog up to date.

Build T5 engine

The easiest way to complete such an engine is to order the appropriate engine revision kit: Engine revision set Vespa 125T5

Engine revision set -OEM QUALITY- Vespa T5 125cc article no. 3330409

Information about a super suitable Exhaust you find here Vespa T5 exhaust


First pictures of the Pinasco T5 engine

Here are some pictures that Pinasco made available to us.

The motor housings are expected to be delivered with all fixed stud bolts and suitable silent rubbers for the motor cross-member and shock absorber mount.


Pinasco engine housing for Vespa

The Pinasco motor housings are very high quality replacement motor housings made of the finest die-cast aluminum. In addition to the very precise processing, they also offer many special features that are particularly interesting for tuners.
In addition to the significantly larger sealing surfaces on the cylinder base and carburetor inlet, Pinasco also offers the housing as a version with a diaphragm inlet. This suction technology, which has long been standard in the automatic sector, also offers large carburettors a good passage to breathe deeply. Further reinforcements in the cast, a larger crankshaft bearing and the great scope of delivery round off the superb overall picture of the Pinasco engine housing perfectly.

The housings are manufactured in two variants:

The engine internals and ignition components of all 125-200ccm models from 1982 onwards can be taken over. The components built from 1984 onwards are preferable due to the improved and more stable gearbox and the more powerful alternator. The motor of the COSA models is also well suited as a donor motor. Their engine block is outwardly different, but uses the same innards as the PX models from 1992 onwards.

Both versions have the same useful improvements:

    High quality die-cast aluminum with a fine surface
    Very precisely milled sealing surfaces
    Reinforcing ribs in the area of ​​the main shaft bearing on the switch latch side and the shock absorber mount
    Significantly more material in the area of ​​the cylinder base sealing surface and the carburetor inlet
    The housings are made to accommodate a metal shaft seal (coupling side). Please always use the version for the 200cc versions with a brown sealing lip.
  • FIT
    Two additional fitting bushes = crankshafts with an excessively long stroke can do without the centering edge of the Lima half. Dimensions of fitting bushes AØ = 9,95mm, IØ = 8,40mm, h = 13,80mm
    The holes for the large silent rubbers are Ø = 44mm (original Piaggio Ø = 43mm).
    The enclosed silent rubbers are stiffer and offer better guidance of the motor in the frame.
    Piaggio silent rubbers also fit. Solutions with metal bushing or without pre-tensioning usually do not fit if they were manufactured for Piaggio engine housings (Jockey, PLC).
    The motor housings do not have an embossed motor number or prefix
    No drip hole for gear oil = the nonsensical drip hole that shows whether the inner shaft sealing ring is defective has been left out *.

* Our tip: run the sealed bearing and external shaft seal with the appropriate brake drum.

- Extra large sealing surface over both engine halves, suitable for all intake manifolds
- Can be used as a 1: 1 replacement for an original motor housing
- Central, full-surface membrane inlet
- Incl. Membrane intake, incl. Membrane in RD350 format (hole 58x48mm)
- Suction rubber can be rotated 360 °, connection width carburetor = Ø34mm
- Rubber suitable for Keihin PWK28, Mikuni TMX27 / 30, Dell'Orto PHBH28 / 30, VHS24-30
- No cast-in axis for oil pump control
- No hole for oil pump drive

The enclosed fitting bush for the auxiliary shaft must be inserted by yourself
If transmission components other than those of the PX models from 125cc are to be used, please check the auxiliary shaft axis for compatibility beforehand and change it if necessary.
Please insert all stud bolts with high-strength screw adhesive. The cylinder studs are not oversized on one side, as is the case with the original Piaggio. Therefore, glue in the supplied Pinasco cylinder studs here as well. We recommend cutting all threads and cleaning them with compressed air.
The crankshaft bearing NU205 on the alternator side is not seated flush in the engine housing.
It protrudes approx. 1mm towards the crankshaft.


- All studs
- Silent rubbers + washers for silent rubbers
- Housing seals
- Bushing for auxiliary shaft axis

- as above, additionally included:
- Intake manifold including membrane, suction rubber, seal and small parts
- NOTE: No screws included for attaching the intake manifold to the engine block (see: Accessories)

Test Pinasco cylinder Vespa Wideframe

Vespa Wideframe Tuning

The Vespa Wideframe-Models are enjoying increasing popularity.

In addition to more and more replacement parts, there is also vigorous development in the area of ​​increasing performance.
So far, existing cast iron cylinders have been rebuilt in order to wrest a little more performance from them with a lot of effort.

New Pinasco Faro Basso cylinder

Pinasco will soon be offering an aluminum cylinder 160ccm for the old Vespa engines with 3 stud bolts.

Our loyal customer Andreas Nagy, who has always been a great friend of these somewhat special Vespa models, deals very carefully with increasing the performance of the Wideframes and works closely with Pinasco in this area.

With a Prototype of the 160cc V2 cylinder he visited us on our dynamometer.

Caliper Bracket 007

Secret prototype of the new Vespa cylinder

Caliper Bracket 009

We would have liked to have taken an even closer look at the 160 Pinasco.
The prototype of this cylinder was unfortunately hidden under the cooling hood.

Caliper Bracket 006

Vespa Wideframe racing exhaust

On our Scooter Center We tested some exhaust systems with Andreas on the P4 test bench. Of course, there is also a bgm PRO BigBox Touring exhaust for the PX models, where we have modified the suspension so that it fits onto the Wideframe fits.


Pinasco BBT Vespa test bench performance diagram Wideframe

Pinasco Vespa test bench performance diagram Wideframe Cylinder prototype

10PS and 100 km / h

Secure; In the age of a Malossi MHR, with which more than 35HP can be achieved almost playfully on a PX, the 10 horses of this Pinasco racing cylinder are not exactly breathtaking. However, you should also look at the original “performance” of the Wideframecall s to your memory! Originally with around 5HP, a maximum of 70km / h was possible on a flat stretch.

With now 10PSthat on Tugging 8 inch small rear wheel, and a suitable primary reduction, are mileage of over 100km / h possible, as can be found on an original PX200, for example.

We are curious to see the potential with which Pinasco will send the cylinder into the race.

Of course, you can find out about the latest news here, from us at Scooter Center Blog!


Vespa seals

New seals for Vespa tuning engines

As a great alternative to the paper seals, we now offer new high-end kits for tuning kits (Polini, Malossi, Quattrini, Pinasco, Parmakit) Laser cut seals:

  • in a set with 3 different strengths
  • perfect fit
  • Space for customizing
  • made of the extremely stable Abil® N sealing material from Elring.

As a great replacement for the original seals, we still recommend the bgm PRO-Silicone seals for Vespa and Lambretta

Cylinder base gaskets in various strengths

Cylinder base gasket for Vespa

We have the cylinder base gasket sets from “Der Dichter” for almost all common Vespa cylinders in our program. The seals are supplied in a set, each with a seal in three different strengths:

  • 0,25 mm
  • 0,50 mm
  • 0,75 mm

Perfect for setting the cylinder control angle exactly and / or optimizing the pinch edge. You get the sealing sets in Scooter Center Shop.


Seals for porting and welded cylinders

Have you ported your cylinder and possibly also welded the housing on? Even then, these are the right seals for you:

All seals are provided with more material on the outside than the original seals. So you have enough space for custom buildings:

Seal for Pinasco housing

For the new Pinasco housings we now offer the seals in Set and also individually:
With Abil® N, of course, in a significantly higher quality material than that supplied by Pinasco - Pinasco 'only' delivers in brown paper.

Seal Vespa Pinasco engine

Sealing set for Quattrini cylinders

We can now also deliver high-quality seals for the Quattrini M200 cylinder at a fair price:

Vespa quattrini seals


Abil®N seals

Abil®N is based on NBR-bound cellulose fibers.

Abil®N is mainly used for sealing against hot and cold oils, greases, fuels and cooling water with corrosion and frost protection additives. Typical areas of application are control housings, gears, valve covers, oil pans,
hydraulic and pneumatic systems, chemical apparatus, pumps and compressors.
Data sheet: pdf logo DOWNLOAD


Easy to use

We recommend installing the seals dry or with a little grease applied on both sides.

All seals are cut with a laser and are therefore extremely precise. Abil®N is based on NBR-bound cellulose fibers.

All seals are cut with a laser and are therefore extremely precise.
Abil®N is based on NBR-bound cellulose fibers.


Vespa Wideframe shock absorber

In the Vespa area, Pinasco is also increasingly taking care of the older Vesps such as Faro Basso, Struzzo, GS3, etc.

The latest litter is the rear shock absorbers for the Vespa Wideframe Models.

Rear shock absorber -PINASCO- Vespa Wideframe 1953-57, Vespa VM1, VM2, VN1, VN2, VB1, VL1, VL2, VL3, GS150

The damper fits into most Vespa without the usual modifications to the lower or upper shock absorber mount Wideframe Models in which the rear shock absorber is already in one piece and the spring and damper are not installed separately.

Pinasco PN 25441009

Thanks to the adjustable preload of the spring, the shock absorber can also be individually adjusted to different preferences or load conditions.

Made in Italy, the damper is available in plain black. It also blends in very inconspicuously with the overall appearance of a classic Vespa.

The two locknuts for changing the spring preload are only noticeable at second glance.

When changing the damper you should also take a look at the upper silent rubber toss.


The Pinasco Wideframe Shock absorber fits the following Vespa models:

  • 125 (VM1T)
  • 125 (VM2T)
  • 125 (VN1T)
  • 125 (VN2T)
  • 150 (VB1T)
  • 150 (VL1T)
  • 150 (VL2T)
  • GS 150 (VS1T)
  • GS 150 (VS2T)
  • 150GS (VS3T) GS3
  • 150GS (VS4T) GS3
  • 150GS (VS51T) GS3






Pinasco Vespa Tube Tubeless

Tubeless Vespa rims

For some time now, there have been more and more Vespa rims for tubeless tires on the market.

Pinasco Vespa Tube Tubeless

Pinasco aluminum rims for Vespa

Pinasco now offers a version with TüV test report
On the basis of this test report, the rims can be registered by the TüV in an individual acceptance after prior agreement.
The test report is, however no guarantee for the TüV to register the rims. Here you should contact your test center beforehand.

Pinasco KBA 264 rim

What are the advantages of tubeless tires?

  • if the tread is damaged, the air can only escape slowly, the tire remains stable for longer
  • no hose that can burst or be pinched during assembly
  • if the tread punctures the rim, no tube can be damaged
  • the valve cannot tear off if the tire moves on the rim with increased load or low air pressure
  • no tube can rub against the tire

Two-piece rim - easy assembly

So far, the available rims for the assembly of tubeless tires have been in one piece, as is common on cars or motorcycles.
In the case of the switch scooters, however, the design of the rims was severely restricted by the specification of the brake drums.
Due to this limitation of the design, the assembly of the tires on the one-piece rims was often very difficult and, with some tires, even impossible without damaging the tire.

As a result, one of the long-time advertised advantages of the Vespa was the quick tire change destroyed by divisible rims.

Without suitable workshop equipment, assembly on a one-piece rim cannot be carried out on an outpatient basis at the roadside.

Pinasco has recognized this deficiency and has now finally brought out a separable tubeless rim that again offers the advantages of quick tire fitting.

We have the one for you new Pinasco rim looked closer.

What's in the box

Pinasco KBA 254 rim


Colors Vespa aluminum rims

When it comes to color selection, Pinasco keeps it classic. The rims are in black, polished aluminum and classic silver .

Pinasco Rim 001


Rim -PINASCO, V2.0, tubeless 2.10-10 aluminum, divisible- Vespa (type PX) - silver

Rim -PINASCO, V2.0, tubeless 2.10-10 aluminum, divisible- Vespa (type PX) - polished aluminum

Rim -PINASCO, V2.0, tubeless 2.10-10 aluminum, divisible- Vespa (type PX) - black


Assembly of the Vespa rim

The first step should be to assemble the valve. The easiest way to open the valve is with something Tire fitting paste move in.

Then the wide half of the rim is prepared with a little tire fitting paste and the tire is placed, starting at the valve.

Please note that your tire may have a directional profile, which can differ in the mounting position on the front or rear wheel.

Pinasco KBA 294 rim

If the tire is placed correctly, the O-ring will find its way into its groove.


Pinasco KBA 262 rim

If the O-ring is properly seated, you can place the small rim half on it.

Both halves are now connected with 10 screws. Pinasco specifies a maximum torque of 18Nm for this.

The nuts are held positively in the large half of the rim. The head of the Allen screw is secured against automatic loosening with a Schnorr washer.

Pinasco KBA 260 rim

Connected with 10 screws, the tire can now be inflated to a maximum of 1,8 bar. If, despite the assembly paste, the tire does not lie in the rim well, the tire can be “set” with a maximum of 3bar when the complete wheel is attached to the brake drum. Without the five additional fastening points of the brake drum, there is a possibility that the rim halves will spread too much and the pressure can escape. After mounting on the brake drum, this option no longer exists and the system reliably maintains the pressure.

Pinasco recommends installing the rim on the brake drum Locking nuts. In contrast to the snap rings previously used on steel rims, the rim is not damaged when the screw connection is loosened.

Track offset

Some one-piece tubeless rims have a track offset due to their design. Pinasco, on the other hand, was able to keep the original offset thanks to the two-part structure of the rim.


Spare wheel

Due to the design, the Pinasco rim can only be attached to the PX as a spare wheel with a little trick. The original holder for the spare wheel is changed with spacer nuts in such a way that the wheel is "reversed", i.e. mounted with the valve facing the side panel.
Here as an example on an LML frame, where this type of assembly ensures better accessibility to the valve even with a standard wheel.

LML frame


Which tires fit?

As already mentioned above, all common tires in sizes 90 / 90-10, 3.00-10 and 3.50-10 fit on the Pinasco rim.
With one-piece rims, it has often been a game of chance which tires can be fitted without damage.
However, you should pay attention to one small but important detail when buying tires. Your new tire should contain the important addition “TL” or “Tubeless”.
A tire marked “TT”, ie tube type, does not necessarily have to be gas-tight due to its design.
Therefore, please only use tires with the suffix “TL” on your tubeless rim.


Pinasco KBA 302 rim


You can find even more information about your new tire in our Online manual and on


disc brake

The Pinasco rim also fits vehicles with disc brakes. However, you should check the freedom of movement in individual cases. A test assembled PM brake caliper Unfortunately did not fit together with the Piansco rim. The standard brake calipers from Grimeca, LML and HengTong (Piaggio) fit easily into the radius of the Pinasco rim.


You should have this in your luggage if you have a puncture

Your Pinasco rim is held together by Allen screws. Should you ever get into the embarrassment of having to separate the rim, you should also have a suitable Allen key on board. the Key set from Toptul Contains all common sizes from 1,5mm - 10mm and in the practical storage magazine, the Allen keys can also be stored in the glove compartment without rattling.

Toptul Allen key

So that you can continue your tour without a spare wheel in your luggage in the event of damage, we recommend a tubeless tire Repair kit.



In the case of the Pinasco rim, even after removing the valve, a hose can be used in the tire.






pinasco Vespa engine housing

Details on the Pinasco Vespa motor housing “Slave” for PX200

About the new Pinasco Vespa engine we have already reported here: Pinasco Vespa engine case

In a Video we now have the details of the Vesps PX 200 membrane engine case Pinasco "slave" processed:

New Vespa membrane motor housing SLAVE

New Vespa engine from Pinasco.

- All studs
- Silent rubbers + washers for silent rubbers
- Housing seals
- Bushing for auxiliary shaft axis
- Intake manifold including membrane, suction rubber, seal and small parts

Here are the details of the beautiful engines in the picture:




Pinasco Vespa engine

Pinasco Vespa engines now available

Pinasco Vespa engine

Vespa engine blocks

You can now get the new ones from us reinforced Pinasco engine housing.

The motors are available as rotary valve or diaphragm inlet for
- Vespa PX 80-150
- Vespa PX 200

Pinasco engine block Vespa


Motor housing PINASCO Master / Slave for Vespa Largeframe

Pinasco manufactures brand new motor housings for the so-called Largeframe Vespa (e.g. all PX models, Sprint, Rally, Super, GT, GTR, TS, VBA, VBB, VNA, VNB).
The engine blocks are available for Vespa 125-150cc as well as for Vespa 200cc.

The housings are manufactured in two variants


Both versions have the same useful improvements:

    High quality die-cast aluminum with a fine surface
    Very precisely milled sealing surfaces
    Reinforcing ribs in the area of ​​the main shaft bearing on the switch latch side and the shock absorber mount
    Significantly more material in the area of ​​the cylinder base sealing surface and the carburetor inlet
    The crankshaft bearing on the generator side is designed as a large barrel bearing (NU205 25x52x15mm)
    The housings are made to accommodate metal shaft seals. Please use the version for the 200cc versions here.
    Double lubrication hole for the bearing
  • FIT
    Two additional fitting bushes = crankshafts with an excessively long stroke can do without the centering edge of the Lima half. Dimensions of fitting bushes AØ = 9,95mm, IØ = 8,40mm, h = 13,80mm
    The enclosed silent rubbers are stiffer and offer better guidance of the motor in the frame
    The motor housings do not have an embossed motor number or prefix
    No drip hole for gear oil = the nonsensical drip hole, which indicates that the inner shaft sealing ring is defective, has been omitted *.

*Our tip: Run the sealed bearing as well as the external shaft sealing ring with the appropriate brake drum.


Buy Pinasco Motor here


  • Same silent rubbers as the 200cc models = significantly more stable and less vibrations
  • Same crankcase architecture as the 200cc models:
    • On the rotary valve motors can ONLY the crankshaft of the 200cc models be used
    • thus wider rotary valve surface for more passage with a large carburettor
    • With a 200cc crankshaft, pistons with Ø16mm piston pins can be driven
    • Matching 5mm spacer and conversion bearing for Ø15mm piston pin for 125-150cc included


  • Extra large sealing surface over both engine halves, suitable for all intake manifolds
  • Can be used as a 1: 1 replacement for an original motor housing


  • Central, full-surface membrane inlet
  • Incl. Diaphragm intake, including diaphragm in RD350 format (58x48mm perforation)
  • Suction rubber can be rotated 360 °, connection width carburetor = Ø34mm
  • Rubber suitable for Keihin PWK28, Mikuni TMX27 / 30, Dell'Orto PHBH28 / 30, VHS24-30
  • No cast-in axis for oil pump control
  • No hole for oil pump drive

The enclosed fitting bush for the auxiliary shaft must be inserted by yourself. The housings are designed for use with an electric starter. Therefore, please use the fan wheel cover for electric starter models. Without an electric starter, simply close the hole in the housing with our suitable sheet metal (7671454). If transmission components other than those of the PX models from 125cc are to be used, please check the auxiliary shaft axis for compatibility beforehand and change it if necessary.
Please insert all stud bolts with high-strength screw adhesive. The cylinder studs are not oversized on one side, as is the case with the original Piaggio. Therefore, glue in the supplied Pinasco cylinder studs here as well. When screwing in the cylinder stud bolts, please ensure that any installed oil pump gear can move freely. We recommend recutting all threads and cleaning them with compressed air.


    • All studs
    • Silent rubbers + washers for silent rubbers
    • Housing seals
    • 125-150ccm: 5mm spacers and conversion bearings for Ø15mm
    • Bush for auxiliary shaft axis
    • as above, additionally included:
    • Intake manifold including membrane, suction rubber, seal and small parts
    • NOTE: No screws included for attaching the intake manifold to the engine block (see: Accessories)
Buy Pinasco Motor here