Rim -PINASCO V2.0, tubeless 2.10-10 aluminum, divisible- Vespa (type PX)

Pinasco Vespa Tube Tubeless

Tubeless Vespa rims

For some time now, there have been more and more Vespa rims for tubeless tires on the market.

Pinasco Vespa Tube Tubeless

Pinasco aluminum rims for Vespa

Pinasco now offers a version with TüV test report
On the basis of this test report, the rims can be registered by the TüV in an individual acceptance after prior agreement.
The test report is, however no guarantee for the TüV to register the rims. Here you should contact your test center beforehand.

Pinasco KBA 264 rim

What are the advantages of tubeless tires?

  • if the tread is damaged, the air can only escape slowly, the tire remains stable for longer
  • no hose that can burst or be pinched during assembly
  • if the tread punctures the rim, no tube can be damaged
  • the valve cannot tear off if the tire moves on the rim with increased load or low air pressure
  • no tube can rub against the tire

Two-piece rim - easy assembly

So far, the available rims for the assembly of tubeless tires have been in one piece, as is common on cars or motorcycles.
In the case of the switch scooters, however, the design of the rims was severely restricted by the specification of the brake drums.
Due to this limitation of the design, the assembly of the tires on the one-piece rims was often very difficult and, with some tires, even impossible without damaging the tire.

As a result, one of the long-time advertised advantages of the Vespa was the quick tire change destroyed by divisible rims.

Without suitable workshop equipment, assembly on a one-piece rim cannot be carried out on an outpatient basis at the roadside.

Pinasco has recognized this deficiency and has now finally brought out a separable tubeless rim that again offers the advantages of quick tire fitting.

We have the one for you new Pinasco rim looked closer.

What's in the box

Pinasco KBA 254 rim


Colors Vespa aluminum rims

When it comes to color selection, Pinasco keeps it classic. The rims are in black, polished aluminum and classic silver .

Pinasco Rim 001


Rim -PINASCO, V2.0, tubeless 2.10-10 aluminum, divisible- Vespa (type PX) - silver

Rim -PINASCO, V2.0, tubeless 2.10-10 aluminum, divisible- Vespa (type PX) - polished aluminum

Rim -PINASCO, V2.0, tubeless 2.10-10 aluminum, divisible- Vespa (type PX) - black


Assembly of the Vespa rim

The first step should be to assemble the valve. The easiest way to open the valve is with something Tire fitting paste move in.

Then the wide half of the rim is prepared with a little tire fitting paste and the tire is placed, starting at the valve.

Please note that your tire may have a directional profile, which can differ in the mounting position on the front or rear wheel.

Pinasco KBA 294 rim

If the tire is placed correctly, the O-ring will find its way into its groove.


Pinasco KBA 262 rim

If the O-ring is properly seated, you can place the small rim half on it.

Both halves are now connected with 10 screws. Pinasco specifies a maximum torque of 18Nm for this.

The nuts are held positively in the large half of the rim. The head of the Allen screw is secured against automatic loosening with a Schnorr washer.

Pinasco KBA 260 rim

Connected with 10 screws, the tire can now be inflated to a maximum of 1,8 bar. If, despite the assembly paste, the tire does not lie in the rim well, the tire can be “set” with a maximum of 3bar when the complete wheel is attached to the brake drum. Without the five additional fastening points of the brake drum, there is a possibility that the rim halves will spread too much and the pressure can escape. After mounting on the brake drum, this option no longer exists and the system reliably maintains the pressure.

Pinasco recommends installing the rim on the brake drum Locking nuts. In contrast to the snap rings previously used on steel rims, the rim is not damaged when the screw connection is loosened.

Track offset

Some one-piece tubeless rims have a track offset due to their design. Pinasco, on the other hand, was able to keep the original offset thanks to the two-part structure of the rim.


Spare wheel

Due to the design, the Pinasco rim can only be attached to the PX as a spare wheel with a little trick. The original holder for the spare wheel is changed with spacer nuts in such a way that the wheel is "reversed", i.e. mounted with the valve facing the side panel.
Here as an example on an LML frame, where this type of assembly ensures better accessibility to the valve even with a standard wheel.

LML frame


Which tires fit?

As already mentioned above, all common tires in sizes 90 / 90-10, 3.00-10 and 3.50-10 fit on the Pinasco rim.
With one-piece rims, it has often been a game of chance which tires can be fitted without damage.
However, you should pay attention to one small but important detail when buying tires. Your new tire should contain the important addition “TL” or “Tubeless”.
A tire marked “TT”, ie tube type, does not necessarily have to be gas-tight due to its design.
Therefore, please only use tires with the suffix “TL” on your tubeless rim.


Pinasco KBA 302 rim


You can find even more information about your new tire in our Online manual and on Vespa-Reifen.de


disc brake

The Pinasco rim also fits vehicles with disc brakes. However, you should check the freedom of movement in individual cases. A test assembled PM brake caliper Unfortunately did not fit together with the Piansco rim. The standard brake calipers from Grimeca, LML and HengTong (Piaggio) fit easily into the radius of the Pinasco rim.


You should have this in your luggage if you have a puncture

Your Pinasco rim is held together by Allen screws. Should you ever get into the embarrassment of having to separate the rim, you should also have a suitable Allen key on board. the Key set from Toptul Contains all common sizes from 1,5mm - 10mm and in the practical storage magazine, the Allen keys can also be stored in the glove compartment without rattling.

Toptul Allen key

So that you can continue your tour without a spare wheel in your luggage in the event of damage, we recommend a tubeless tire Repair kit.



In the case of the Pinasco rim, even after removing the valve, a hose can be used in the tire.







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