New engine housing T5 from Pinasco

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Motor housing Vespa T5 from Pinasco

Just got us from Pinasco the news reaches us that the long-announced engine housings for the Vespa T5 should arrive next Thursday.

The engine housings of the rare Vespa PX125T5 have always been few and far between. We are all the more pleased that something is happening again with the products for the T5.

Diaphragm and rotary valve engines for Vespa T5

Pinasco now offers two alternatives. Like the PX motor housings also, it will for the T5

  • a classic Rotary valve (Master) and article number: PN26482024
  • a motor housing with Membran (Slave) give. Item number: PN26482025

In terms of price, the T5 motor housings are slightly higher than the PX variant lie.

More technical details We can only give you this when we have received the first motor housings in the next few days. We keep you here in Scooter Center Blog up to date.

Build T5 engine

The easiest way to complete such an engine is to order the appropriate engine revision kit: Engine revision set Vespa 125T5

Engine revision set -OEM QUALITY- Vespa T5 125cc article no. 3330409

Information about a super suitable Exhaust you find here Vespa T5 exhaust


First pictures of the Pinasco T5 engine

Here are some pictures that Pinasco made available to us.

The motor housings are expected to be delivered with all fixed stud bolts and suitable silent rubbers for the motor cross-member and shock absorber mount.


Pinasco engine housing for Vespa

The Pinasco motor housings are very high quality replacement motor housings made of the finest die-cast aluminum. In addition to the very precise processing, they also offer many special features that are particularly interesting for tuners.
In addition to the significantly larger sealing surfaces on the cylinder base and carburetor inlet, Pinasco also offers the housing as a version with a diaphragm inlet. This suction technology, which has long been standard in the automatic sector, also offers large carburettors a good passage to breathe deeply. Further reinforcements in the cast, a larger crankshaft bearing and the great scope of delivery round off the superb overall picture of the Pinasco engine housing perfectly.

The housings are manufactured in two variants:

The engine internals and ignition components of all 125-200ccm models from 1982 onwards can be taken over. The components built from 1984 onwards are preferable due to the improved and more stable gearbox and the more powerful alternator. The motor of the COSA models is also well suited as a donor motor. Their engine block is outwardly different, but uses the same innards as the PX models from 1992 onwards.

Both versions have the same useful improvements:

    High quality die-cast aluminum with a fine surface
    Very precisely milled sealing surfaces
    Reinforcing ribs in the area of ​​the main shaft bearing on the switch latch side and the shock absorber mount
    Significantly more material in the area of ​​the cylinder base sealing surface and the carburetor inlet
    The housings are made to accommodate a metal shaft seal (coupling side). Please always use the version for the 200cc versions with a brown sealing lip.
  • FIT
    Two additional fitting bushes = crankshafts with an excessively long stroke can do without the centering edge of the Lima half. Dimensions of fitting bushes AØ = 9,95mm, IØ = 8,40mm, h = 13,80mm
    The holes for the large silent rubbers are Ø = 44mm (original Piaggio Ø = 43mm).
    The enclosed silent rubbers are stiffer and offer better guidance of the motor in the frame.
    Piaggio silent rubbers also fit. Solutions with metal bushing or without pre-tensioning usually do not fit if they were manufactured for Piaggio engine housings (Jockey, PLC).
    The motor housings do not have an embossed motor number or prefix
    No drip hole for gear oil = the nonsensical drip hole that shows whether the inner shaft sealing ring is defective has been left out *.

* Our tip: run the sealed bearing and external shaft seal with the appropriate brake drum.

- Extra large sealing surface over both engine halves, suitable for all intake manifolds
- Can be used as a 1: 1 replacement for an original motor housing
- Central, full-surface membrane inlet
- Incl. Membrane intake, incl. Membrane in RD350 format (hole 58x48mm)
- Suction rubber can be rotated 360 °, connection width carburetor = Ø34mm
- Rubber suitable for Keihin PWK28, Mikuni TMX27 / 30, Dell'Orto PHBH28 / 30, VHS24-30
- No cast-in axis for oil pump control
- No hole for oil pump drive

The enclosed fitting bush for the auxiliary shaft must be inserted by yourself
If transmission components other than those of the PX models from 125cc are to be used, please check the auxiliary shaft axis for compatibility beforehand and change it if necessary.
Please insert all stud bolts with high-strength screw adhesive. The cylinder studs are not oversized on one side, as is the case with the original Piaggio. Therefore, glue in the supplied Pinasco cylinder studs here as well. We recommend cutting all threads and cleaning them with compressed air.
The crankshaft bearing NU205 on the alternator side is not seated flush in the engine housing.
It protrudes approx. 1mm towards the crankshaft.


- All studs
- Silent rubbers + washers for silent rubbers
- Housing seals
- Bushing for auxiliary shaft axis

- as above, additionally included:
- Intake manifold including membrane, suction rubber, seal and small parts
- NOTE: No screws included for attaching the intake manifold to the engine block (see: Accessories)


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