Scooter race in Wittgenborn IDSM 2010


Wittgenborn IDSM 2010

After a long break of 6 weeks, things finally got serious again.

Races 5 and 6 were held last weekend on the kart track in Wittgenborn!

This time the work teams from were in class 3 Polini and Stage6 from Italy as guest starters who put on a really good show! Both races were won by them, albeit narrowly.

As always, Saturday was the training day. I used the free practice to do some new ones Variomatic parts from bgm to tests that also worked perfectly right away. In the time training in the afternoon I finished 3rd and 5th, which I was very happy with.

The race Sunday didn't go so well for me anymore. In the morning warm-up, my runner ran very well and without any problems. But then, just in time for the first race from the second lap, my engine began to stop accelerating out of the corners, and after a difficult drive I was able to save myself to 8th place - so damage limitation!

In the 3 hours between the races I tried to find the fault on the scooter and was sure that I had found it with a dirty fuel filter. Unfortunately, in the second race I had to find out that this was not the cause, and with the engine misfiring increasing, I only came in eleventh. It's a shame because otherwise it was a great weekend there.

On Monday / Tuesday after the race, the runner was completely dismantled into individual parts, but no defects were found. I now think that part of the inner rotor ignition must be defective and will replace it with a new one. Hopefully the dropouts at the next run won't be there in two weeks.

Races 7 and 8 will take place on July 10th, 11.7.2010 on the go-kart track in Dahlemer-Binz.

For more information, see pictures and results as always

Thomas Heck

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