Vespas from Pakistan for Sale!

Vespas Pakistan

Oops, we did it again

With the price of scooters in Europe going through the roof, we remembered that we have friends in Pakistan and asked them for a new container of Vespa scooters. Something got lost in translation and the words 'Beautiful'and'restorable' took on a new meaning when the scooters arrived today.

From nice Vespa Sprint Veloce in original paint to some real wrecks, we have received a mixture of scooters, all waiting for new owners. We are currently preparing the paperwork for the legislation and will let you know as soon as we are ready to sell.

Prices will start at 750€ for the shitholes that can only be used for savings up to 2000€ for the beauties with most being sold at around 1200-1500€. Cheap enough to leave enough room for a full shopping basket at your scooter center . All buyers will get a 10% discount on their restoration.

All you need to know about Vespas from Pakistan

Pakistanis are REAL Scooterists

In the last two decades, motorcycle ownership rates have surged in Pakistan, witnessing a proliferation of locally assembled Chinese and Japanese bikes that now dominate the roads.

But there is still a scene of Italian scooter enthusiasts who organize group rides, and every owner cherishes the memories they associate with their Vespas, some of whom have even inherited them.

There are Vespa clubs around the world and Pakistan is no exception: Vespa Club Pak

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