Moped XMas Tour 2023

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Moped tour Leverkusen

We had the opportunity to be part of the Moped XMas Tour 2023 of Piaggio Club Leverkusen and contribute with prizes for the winners.

It was a complete success, but it's better to say it in the words of the organizers:

Our Xmas Tour 2023 was again a great success. At the Leverkusen Clinic we have St. Nicholas gifts for the children's ward, which were donated by the Piaggio Center Roock. In the end, we collected a whopping €2180 at the Christmas market for the Leverkusen Project Sterntaler Bürgenstiftung. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the tour and of course the audience who stood on the side of the road and celebrated us. Thanks to everyone involved and the Leverkusen police who accompanied us. It was once again a complete success.

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