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Short report 24h race Zaragoza

Short report from Zaragoza:
Team Germany / Scooter Center Team has cleared a lot in Zaragosa. Here the 1st place in the overall ranking and in the class ranking (Smallframe) achieved. In addition, our team drove the fastest race lap during the Zaragoza 24 hours. More information and pictures will follow shortly.


Road Trip to Zaragoza part2

On days 3 and 4 we went to the surf mecca of Hossegor via Bordeaux. With the best surfing weather a successful change.

From here we went on to Spain. Then "fast" over the Pyrenees and the 1600Km would be done.

The Pyrenees were done and now it was on the home straight to Zaragoza.

Stand 2 days earlier than planned ...

Zaragoza 24h race

Julia and Robert have been dated since Sunday Scooter Center / DART Racing Team in the SCK Transit on the way to the 24 hour race in Zaragoza / Spain.

The SCK racing scooter, 3 replacement motors and practically the entire workshop of the SCK as well as various essentials are currently sailing the 1600km to Spain - on Wednesday the rest of the drivers will ...

Classic Day 2012 summary

On Saturday the time had finally come. Our Classic Day could start. Despite the persistent drizzle, some of them insisted on arriving by scooter. Kudos and respect for this. Drivers from Belgium / Aachen, Euskirchen and Moers had the longest journey through pouring rain. Just great. You are the best.

The parts market, which is 10% in ...

Customshow Moers

On the last Saturday the scooter friends from Niederruners Moers started the 2nd custom show. Bollwerk 107 in Moers was again chosen as the location. A local radio station was also on site.

Good weather, a great program and sufficient food made the day a great event that also attracted many families. There was a bouncy castle for the little ones ...

Our bgm test bike project

Our bgm test bike. This project will be restored with many of our bgm products in order to be able to present it at the EuroLambretta.

After the first hours of work, we try to get an overview of what is necessary.

So we found out that the scooter definitely needed a new floor pan with leg shield and side panels. With ...


Lambretta D Racer

Yesterday our friend Ercole was with us again with his Lambretta D Racer. You can find the blog entry about his first visit here. His racer was tuned for the Cologne circuit on the Nürburgring so that nothing stands in the way of the race.

Setup has changed as follows compared to his first visit: 30er VSH ...

177ccm cylinder for 2-port and 3-port engines

Some old gems from the Vespa series such as the Vespa Sprint or Sprint Veloce with 150ccm or the 125cc Vespa GT or many Bajaj Chetak models unfortunately have the problem that not too many cylinder options are available due to the cylinder base sealing surface.

It is nice to see here that the 2 side overcurrent channels ...

Customshow and Nighter in Moers

Also this year, the Niederrunners Moers SC would like to cordially invite you to their 2nd custom show with subsequent nighter!

Sufficient physical well-being is provided again, delicious beer (Becks) from the bottle or freshly tapped from the barrel!

On the other hand, this year there will be a bouncy castle for the little ones and a test stand for the big ones for enough ...

Our Silver Fern project while rolling in Aachen

The fourth Aachen roll-up started on Saturday. The official pictures can be found here.

We took this opportunity and were there with our Silver Fern. So that we could properly test our project. With arrival and departure and the tour, it was almost 200km that were covered without any problems. A stable touring engine with ...

Aachen rolling

Since 2009 there has finally been a regular meeting again in Aachen. Since the legendary meeting in AC-Eilendorf in the 90s, the scene in the border area had unfortunately fallen asleep a bit. Through an initiative of some Vespa drivers from Aachen and the surrounding area, the first meeting for a joint trip through word of mouth, a flyer campaign and the support ...

20 years Scooter Center - Classic Day May 5, 2012

20 years of SCK must be celebrated. This year's season opening will take place together with Classic Day on May 5th from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m.

If you are passionate about scooters and have lived the scooter cult for decades like the company founders Oliver Kluger and Ulf Schröder, then it is obvious to make more of it. 1992 ...

Cologne Rollers 2012

Today the Cologne roll-up started 2012 from ours Scooter Center Shop in Bergheim Glessen.

Despite the cloudy weather and only 8 ° degrees, some Vespisti came together to go out together. In advance there were hot drinks and reinforcements for all scooter drivers.

Let's hope that the season will be successful and that we will see many more trips together. Always good ...

CNC housing Vespa Smallframe

We received the GP ONE housings for all Vespa new yesterday Smallframes.

The case was already installed on our shop demonstrator. Here is a test bench video.
The housing is intended for all direct intake cylinders, such as the Polini 133cc Evo or the Parmakit 130cc.
We will have 2 versions. A variant with 57mm standard bore for ...

Winner Customshow Cologne

Here are the winners of this year's SCK Customshow:

Best racer

1st: Jens B., No. 187, Yamaha Neos

2nd: Luca Z., No. 219, Yamaha Aerox

3rd: Michael S., No. 352, Yamaha Aerox

Best sprinter

1st: Damien D., ...

Scooter travel blog India

This time our journey into the world of scooters took us to India. Many classic LML scooters are still produced here. In earlier times Vespa and Lambretta models were also manufactured on the old Piaggio production machines from Bajaj and Priya. In India, scooters are used as an everyday vehicle and completely different due to the poor roads and paths ...


5th International Custom Show in Cologne

This year our custom show in Cologne celebrated its 5th anniversary. As in previous years, the location was the skate and climbing hall in Cologne Kalk.

The construction started the day before, so that on Saturday morning there were only little things to do.

The exhibitors were already standing in front of the gates with their scooters and were able to ...

New Scooter Center Calendar for 2012

Think about tomorrow today.

Summer has just really started, so we can already offer you the calendar for 2012. And what a one!

Together with the photo artist Christoph Gabler, we have produced an extremely high-quality paper calendar using the lacquered luxury satin printing process.

With the dimensions 32 / 32cm, it fits in every workshop, but just makes ...