Bosch W3 CC spark plug - an era is coming to an end

Bosch W3 CC - production discontinued

Bosch has the production of the popular spark plug W3CC set.

We got the last stock in order to be able to supply you as long as possible.

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Sad alternatives

Now you might mean: “So what? I'm assuming an alternative identical spark plug like  NGK B8ES or Denso W24 ESU or a Champion N3C! "
You're not entirely wrong about that, these are the spark plugs with the same heat value! Still we are sentimental now, we grew up with “W3CC”. This spark plug went over our counter a thousand times over and we screwed it into a large number of cylinder heads.

We'll definitely get involved couple aside. You also?

Bosch W3 CC spark plug
Thread type: M14x1,25
Spark plug thread length: 19 mm
Spark plug thread: long
Key-width: 21 mm
Material electrode: Nickel
Electrode type: Standard
Spark plug with cap (thread protection): Ja
The cap (thread protection) can be screwed: ja
Heat value NGK: B8ES
Denso heat value: W24ESU
Heat value champion: N3C

Bosch spark plug

The spark plug explained

Thread diameter of the spark plug

The usual threads are M10, M12 and M14. Classic vehicles usually have an M14 thread. 4-stroke and modern 2-stroke with injection use the smaller plugs with M10 or M12.

Spark plug thread length

The common thread lengths are 19mm (long thread) and 12,7mm (short thread).

Heat value of the spark plug

The heat value is decisive for the thermal fatigue strength of the spark plug and its self-cleaning effect. A distinction is therefore made between so-called cold and hot spark plugs.
A cold candle is for engines that develop a very high combustion chamber temperature, usually these are engines that have a lot of power measured by their cubic capacity. A hot candle, on the other hand, is used in lightly loaded series engines. This type of candle quickly reaches a high temperature, which means that the soot that accumulates on the candle burns away well.
The temperature resistance is achieved through differently designed insulators. A cold candle can give off a lot of temperature through the cylinder head, with a cold candle this is exactly what is prevented. The calorific value has nothing to do with the strength or performance of a spark plug. A cold candle in a cold (weak) engine becomes oily or sooty and can break without damaging the engine itself. A hot spark plug in a racing engine burns up and damages it, usually severely.
The heat value of a spark plug is not standardized. Each manufacturer has its own code here.

  • NGK from cold to hot = 10-9-8-7-6
  • Bosch from cold to hot = 2-3-4-5-6
  • DENSO from cold to hot = 37-34-31-27-24-22-20-16-14

Electrode material

Copper, platinum, silver or even iridium are used here.
The most common is copper, followed by silver and platinum. Due to the high prices for the precious metals, the spark plugs are correspondingly more expensive than their copper counterparts.
Ultimately, the material is only of interest for wear and tear, only the extremely thin iridium electrodes (Ø = 0,6mm) have a higher ignition voltage, and the spread of the flame front in the combustion chamber is improved.

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