DART RACING Team - Spring Race 2014

Spring Race 2014

As an employee of Scooter Center and we have enthusiastic scooter drivers Dtennis, Athe ex,Robert and Torsten, we met in 2009 - on the occasion of the first Spring Race (2010) and founded the DART Racing Team. We had equipped our first racing scooter, which we produced in-house, with a 136 Malossi cylinder, a 30 PHBH carburetor and a VSP Inox exhaust. So our Vespa PK-XL with 16 HP was capable of breathtaking acceleration orgies :-) After we had mastered our first race, the Spring Race # 1, with the fabulous performance and, above all, physically intact, we got a taste for the endurance races. DART Spring Race 2013 005 Our calendar now includes events such as the spring and fall races in Austria, long-distance races as part of the French racing series Scootentole in Magny Cours and Mirecourt, the 6-hour race in Hungary which is held as part of the ASSC long-distance cup and has been the season since 2012 - The highlight was the 24h race in Zuera / Spain. Also this year we took part in the fifth edition of the Springrace. Due to the weather forecast with some sets of rain tires from PMT and Heidenau in our luggage, we set off on the almost 1000km long way to the ÖAMTC test site in St. Veit ad Glan from Thursday to Friday. We were only able to finish our newly built racing scooter, which has traditionally been numbered 112 for some time, just before we left. One last short test on a kart track in the Belgian Spa Francorchamps had to be enough to make sure that the 112 reliably accompanies us through the first 12h endurance race of this year. 1507541_1447555832152843_8985175159771177184_o

Endurance racing

The long distance races are traditionally started with a LeMans start. The starting positions will not be driven out in a qualifying but will be drawn by picking the hat on Friday evening. Between us, actually a pretty stupid number - we've never done a good grip - and stayed with us with 21st place on the grid. Sure, with over 40 teams you could call that suffering at a high level, but we were hoping for a better starting position in the first rows. Of course, a starting position in the front rows does not give you any real advantage in long-distance races, but it would still flatter your ego ... After a short night, Saturday began at 6:15 with a short training session of 30 minutes. The last chance to fine-tune the details on the scooter. Despite all the weather forecasts, the race track awaited us dry. Here and there in the course of the race the sun came out from behind the clouds. 10294327_1448906448684448_5061770524397154280_n After starting from 21st place, we were able to work our way up steadily. After 2 hours the course was set to the top 5. Fig.6 034 A 12h race does not necessarily win the fastest team - but the men and women who drive consistently and regularly. Of course, it's not just the performance of the drivers that counts, but also the reliability of the material. Here, the smallest components can determine the course of the race. Unfortunately, defects are part of it and a torn connecting rod is certainly one of the most impressive defects. Fig.6 030 Fortunately, the driver of Jockey's pit stop was not injured. It's a real shame, the only Lambretta in the field was second at the time ... Fig.6 032 Little by little the race track took its toll, even some of the experienced teams had to record failures. Fig.6 036 and sometimes had to fight their way back to the front from the back seats after a replacement engine was installed. Our 112 was still doing its rounds. With a large 18 liter tank and 26 HP on the rear wheel, we were always able to stay in the TOP 5 area. Due to the large volume of the tank, we were able to move the 112 over the racetrack for over 4 hours without stopping to refuel. A lot of time can be made up over a distance of 12 hours. Unfortunately, we also suffered a defect. With clear, mechanical noises in the engine, we had to end the race prematurely after almost 9 hours or even 200 laps before the end of the race. Fortunately, before the trophies passed into the hands of the deserved winners, we were able to catch a glimpse of the trophies we longed for - this year even with a few “special awards” ... Fig.6 021 Congratulations to this year's winners of the Spring Race!

  1. 1st place in the Stoffis Racing Team
  2. 2nd place GP-One
  3. 3rd place & i's ice racing team

For the DART Racing Team it is now a matter of getting the 112 back on its feet so that we can compete in the 24h race on May 10.05.2014th, XNUMX in Zuera / Spain. See you on the track !!


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