Winner Customshow Cologne

Here are the winners of this year's SCK Customshow:

Best racer

1st: Jens B., No. 187, Yamaha Neos

2nd: Luca Z., No. 219, Yamaha Aerox

3rd: Michael S., No. 352, Yamaha Aerox

Best sprinter

1st: Damien D., No. 229, Dio Af18

2nd: Patrick B., No. 195, self-made sprinter

3rd: Sascha R., No. 293, Carbon Sprinter

Best streetsleeper

1st: Tobias E., No. 314, Gilera Runner

2nd: Julian H., No. 296, Speedfight 100

3rd: Artjom K., No. 304, Yamaha Spy

Best display

1st: Friedhelm V., No. 240, Yamaha Stunt

2nd: André H., No. 212, Gilera Runner

3rd: Daniel H., No. 196, Yamaha Aerox

best ideas

1st: Krzysztof K., No. 313, Aprilla Gulliver

2nd: Timo S., No. 286, Aprilla SR50

3rd: Alexander R., No. 350, self-made

Best light & sound

1st: Sebastian S., No. 297, Speedfight / Aerox

2nd: Ralf B., No. 288, MBK Nitro

3rd: Dennis S., No. 299, MBK Booster

Best Oddity

1st: Thomas S., No. 228, Selfmade

2nd: Alexander R., No. 276, Yamaha Aerox

3rd: Jacob V., No. 209, Honda Wallaroo

Best bodywork

1st: Michael H., No. 270, Aprilla SR50

2nd: Dennis M., No. 223, Peugeot Speedfight1

3rd: Daniel H., No. 256, Yamaha Stunt

Best paint

1st: Klaus M., No. 206, Yamaha Aerox

2nd: Ivan K., No. 192, Aprilla SR50

3rd: Nicolas T., No. 282, Peugeot Ludix

Best plating

1st: Sebastian R., No. 251, Yamaha Aerox

2nd: Pascal W. & Fabian P., No. 268, Peugeot Jetforce

3rd: Marcel H., No. 197, Malaguti F12

Best overall

- Marc D., No. 189, Aprilla SR50R

Best engineering

- Rene R., No. 215, Peugeot Speedfight2


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