Two Strokes Loft and the #solibanner_vcou

The sense of community is a wonderful thing in the Vespa scene and when Alex told me he was going to visit Bengt and Mark on his way on holiday I couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet two passionate people who love so much have done to strengthen this feeling, especially in critical times, as is the case now for Ukraine. 

Two stroke loft not only had the idea for the Soli banner, but also printed it and initially distributed it to hundreds of scooter drivers all by himself. An insane logistical task for the two of them. That's how we came into play and intervened to help with our logistics and fast shipping times. 

But Bengt and Mark tell us more about the ins and outs of this adventure in the following video:

Don't forget to post photos of the scooter and banner with hashtag #solibanner_vcou to show your solidarity with Ukraine. 

The banner is a true manifesto of brotherhood, because what unites us is more than what divides us. 

Thanks to: fu_mannifu for the picture