New Vespa Racing crankshafts from BGM and Mazzuchelli im Scooter Center

Summertime is wave time !!!!!!


Over the winter we put a lot of effort into closing another weak point in the high-end tuning area. With these new crankshafts we offer you a top basis for committed Smallframe Tuning!


Crankshaft -BGM Pro Racing full cheek 54mm stroke, 105mm connecting rod








Crankshaft -BGM Pro Racing full cheek 51mm stroke, 105mm connecting rod







The performance explosion in the smallframe The tuning sector with the latest cylinder generations from Falc, Parmakit, Polini and others is pushing a number of engine components to their limits.

The sheer power these cylinders develop twisted a number of crankshafts.

The developers at BGM therefore took a consistent path and constructed massive cheeks, which have more material around the crank pin and are thus secured against twisting and breaking.





Supplemented by BGM-typical features such as high manufacturing quality, high-quality materials and a good fit, they offer a great basis for sophisticated tuning beyond the 20 hp mark. For the massive full cheek shafts, the housing has to be spindled to 88mm.

The crankshaft kits come with longer M7 studs and an 8mm cylinder foot spacer so that existing cylinders can be easily upgraded with these shafts without changing the valve timing.





The real leap in development is the 105mm long, reinforced CNC connecting rod. The massive design of the connecting rod and its high-quality workmanship put a number of competing products in the shade.

This effect protects the connecting rod bearings and the piston, which leads to a better thermal situation of the cylinder and more power.

The flow behavior of the mixture at the housing transition can also be better optimized, which leads to better internal cooling and thus more power.

The well-known and robust ETS warehouse, which is easy to procure and assemble, works on the Lima side. Of course, the shafts can also be installed in V50 / Primavera housings using our Special bearings and Shaft seals . So that the steadfast and reliable, thick ETS Lima stump does its job in all variations and protects the Vespa from damage in the ignition area








Crankshaft -BGM original- Vespa PK125 XL2, ETS125

Also for friends of the more classic Smallframe The BGM people have a great innovation for tuning via rotary valve. Based on the technical layout of the Vespa ETS / PK 125 XL2 shaft, this is now available Standard rotary valve ETS shaft in BGM quality.

Some replica racing shafts were equipped with intake valve timing that was too long, and thus offered poor conditions for the rotary valve tuning.

The ETS shaft with its high-quality cheeks, the large Lima stump, a connecting rod with reasonable lubrication slots / bores and the large target washers solves the problems of competing products.

It therefore offers a good basis for the popular rotary valve tuning.



Crankshaft -RACING- Vespa PX 80

In Italy, too, people have been hardworking over the winter, and so the racing crankshaft for the PX 80, manufactured in Italy by Mazzuchelli, has just arrived.





Neat workmanship, extended intake timing and good lubrication make this crankshaft a reliable companion for every PX 80 tuning. Especially with the Malossi, DR, Pinasco and the like. this wave harmonizes wonderfully. So summer can come



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