Vespa Volme Days – VC Hagen

Vespa Volme Days

After the journey from Dortmund to Interlaken VWD2023 and 3.800 kilometers with his Sei Giorni, Thomas and Frauke diligently helped to organize the event Vespa Volme Days. And after successful completion, Thomas shared with us comments and photos of this second edition.

And by the way, he also mentioned his enthusiasm for our dampers: "(...)The BGM Pro dampers on the Sei Giorni are TOP so far(...) "

Vespa Club Hagen Facebook

Facebook – Event 2. Vespa Volme Days

Be Giorni

The 2nd Vespa Volme Days of the VC Hagen and the delegate assembly of the Vespa Club of Germany have ended. It was a very nice celebration with over 250 guests from near and far, good weather and a lot of fun :-)

On behalf of the Vespa Club Hagen, I would like to thank you once again for your support!

Best regards,

Thomas Becker

- VC Hagen