Beautiful bgm PRO fastback seat for the Lambretta LUI

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The LUI was intended to anticipate the design of the 21st century. Compared to all others scooters built before, the design is significantly reduced and streamlined. The implementation of this idea was in the hands of the Bertone Design Studio. Bertone created a truly avant-garde design with the LUI and Verga series. Even today, LUI and Vega seem as fresh as they did in the spring of 1968, when the slogan "All for Lui, and Lui for all”Was advertised. Only the performance of the LUI with a 50 cc engine is 38 km / h below the expectations.

At the latest since completely new possibilities in the tuning sky through the Casa Performance parts, the small Lambretta models J, Lui, Vega and Cometa are enjoying great popularity.

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In our Lambretta shop you will not only find a large selection of spare parts, tuning and accessories but also a model history including technical data of these vehicles:

Bench for Lambretta LUI

For us scooter riders, besides performance, the appearance of our scooters has always been important. Benches are an important stylistic element here, with the right seat we can support and emphasize the shape of our beloved scooters. They should also be as comfortable as possible. We have now designed a new bench for the Lambretta Smallframe models.

The design of this bgm seat for the Lambretta Lui is perfectly done by our design team. The seat picks up the line of the tank as if no other seat had ever been designed for this scooter.

The contemporary and high-quality Alfatex cover on the sides of the bench completes the picture. The quality, robustness and refinement is at the usual high level of our benches, of course MADE in ITALY.

Our proven magnetic mechanism is also used to lock and unlock this bench. We are always amazed at how ingeniously simple the handling is and how beautifully the bench fits into the lock.

Conclusion on the bgm bench

This seat could probably not have been designed better by Bertone, we can only show you pictures here, to touch, sit, drop into the lock yourself: Please order here!

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