Engine gasket set -BGM Pro silicone- Vespa

Silicone seal kits for Vespa

Available from now on:
quality bgm PRO engine gasket sets Vespa with silicone application for

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The new BGM sealing kits are made by a well-known manufacturer in Italy made.
They stand out for that high quality sealing material (in 0,5mm on a fiber composite basis) as well as the additional applied silicone sealant .

The silicone coating is able to compensate for minor unevenness or damage and thus seal the engine effectively and permanently.

Each seal kit is accompanied by an information sheet on which the installation location of the respective seal shown 1: 1 is described.
A recommendation for the tightening sequence of the housing bolts as well as the prescribed tightening torque for the bolt nuts are also shown.


With the sealing kit for the Vespa Smallframe Motors, the seals for the housing halves and for the clutch cover are provided with silicone.

BGM1214 (1)


The sealing kit for the Smallframes offers a large scope of delivery and is suitable for almost all manual vehicles in this area.
The following seals are included:

  • Motor housing with silicone coating
  • Clutch cover with silicone coating
  • Brake anchor plate
  • Intake manifold / motor 2-hole
  • Intake manifold / engine 3-hole
  • Felt ring 16mm
  • Felt ring 19mm
  • Exhaust, hole punch 56mm / M8
  • Exhaust, hole punch 56mm / M6
  • Exhaust, hole punch 52mm / M8
  • Exhaust, hole punch 52mm / M6
  • Cylinder base 0,5mm (fiber material)
  • Cylinder base aluminum 0,2mm
  • Oil fill and drain plug
  • O-ring kick starter shaft
  • O-ring brake cam
  • O-ring coupling arm

From this seal kit we currently also have the seal for the clutch cover available individually.


VESPA LARGEFRAME Sprint Veloce, Rally, PX, Cosa

Especially with the Vespa Largeframe The sealing kit offers engines the advantage that the neuralgic point in the area of ​​the clearance for the kick starter pinion is securely sealed and the engine cannot suck in gear oil there. If the sealing surfaces are clean, the seal can no longer slip in this area due to the silicone coating.

When installing a conventional seal in conjunction with sealing compound, it can happen that the seal is squeezed out of the gap between the housing halves by the additional sealant when the housing halves are joined together. Something like this, so you would bite into a lavishly filled hamburger and the topping slips out between the two halves of the bun.

This effect cannot occur with a seal with a silicone coating. On the one hand, we attached great importance to the fit and as soon as the silicone comes into contact with the sealing surface under slight pressure, the coating sticks and the seal is secured against slipping when the housing bolts are tightened.


06.01.2016 003

So that the seal is suitable for the PX125 and PX200 motors, we have adapted the course of the silicone coating and the shape of the seal.


The seal for the housing halves and the switch latch are coated with silicone.

BGM1212 (1)

In the sealing kit for the Vespa Largeframe Motors contain the following seals:

  • Motor housing with silicone coating
  • Shift peg with silicone coating
  • between carburettor and tub 125cc
  • between tub and engine 125cc
  • between carburettor and tub 200cc
  • between carburettor and engine 200
  • oil pump
  • Cylinder base 125/150; 2-channel; 0,2mm
  • Cylinder base 125/150; 3-channel; 0,2mm
  • Cylinder base 200; 0,2mm
  • Oil fill and drain plug
  • O-ring kick starter shaft
  • O-rings brake cam
  • O-ring coupling arm
  • O-ring clutch cover
  • O-ring dust cover brake

We currently have the seal for the Shift peg available individually.

We also have seal kits and individual seals in preparation for fans of Lambretta vehicles.

The gaskets for the engine cover, the alternator housing and the cover plate of the 6305 ball bearing, also made in Italy, are in the planning stage.





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