Gift idea for scooterists - Vespa bag

Individual gift ideas for scooterists by the Scooter Center team

Name: Marco

marco vespa bag

How long have you been working for? Scooter Center:

I am working for Scooter Center for about half a year.

What is your task at Scooter Center:

Sales and customer service

What's your relation to scooters:

Before working for Scooter Center I have been working for garages around Cologne for about 15 years. I am specialized in tuning 2T automatic scooters. I personally ride a Runner 180.

Gift idea for scooterists

Vespa bag shoulder bag -VESPA small 18x23x5,5cm- black / black

Part no. VPSC16

Vespa bag


You all know from personal experience how much money you have spent on your scooter in all these years. So I think it's time to think of our loved ones. Therefore my gift idea for you is one of our great Vespa bags.

Vespa shoulder bag

This Vespa shoulder bag is a positive companion for use in daily life. The perfect size for all the millions of bits and pieces that you need to take to the office or for work.

The surface can be clean and is resistant to small showers.

The badge helps the real Wasp riders to recognize one-another on the road. With handy zipped bag at the front. Nice processing and designs.

gift vespa bag

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