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Insurance number scooter 50s

Insurance number for scooters, mopeds and mopeds

For the 50s scooters, the insurance year begins on the 1st of each year. March. Fortunately, the insurance is quite cheap.

Favorable insurance numbers for 2016/2017

Insurance license plate 50s? Espa moped license plate

Who needs an insurance license plate?

Put simply, you need for yours 50s Vespa / scooter a new insurance license plate / moped license plate every year. The license plates are tied to a vehicle.

These vehicles, for example, must have an insurance number according to Section 27 of the FZV:

  • Scooter, Light mopeds, mopeds and mopeds up to 60 km / h
  • Three-wheeled mopeds and four-wheeled light motor vehicles up to 45 km / h

Types of insurance for scooters, mopeds and co.

You always need that Liability insurancethat you receive with the purchase of the license plate. Liability insurance is required by law and covers damage that you cause to others in connection with the operation of the insured vehicle. In contrast to liability insurance for larger vehicles, you cannot increase the premium for the insurance number.

Many insurance companies also offer the option Partially comprehensive insurance on. Partial coverage may cover certain damage to your own scooter. In this way, it may cover your costs through fires, accidents involving wildlife and natural forces such as storms, hail, lightning and floods. In addition, the partially comprehensive insurance also regulates damage that has occurred in connection with a break-in or theft of the vehicle. Warning: Vandalism or self-inflicted damage will be not taken over. To the best of my knowledge, there is no fully comprehensive insurance for insurance numbers. If in doubt, please ask the insurance company.

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When does the insurance start?

The Insurance Cover begins on the day on which the contract is concluded. If you only join later in the year, the insurance premium is usually cheaper. The contributions for the scooter insurance are billed in full months. The start of insurance is therefore flexible, the end is always fixed:

Attention - license plate expires!

The insurance numbers lose the following year on February 28.02th. or 29.02/XNUMX their validity.
So you are always only valid for one year and then change the color.

If you drive without a valid insurance number, you have no insurance cover and you may be liable to prosecution.

Insurance label colors Green Blue Black

Colors of the license plates

There are blue (color RAL 5012), green (color RAL 6010), red and black (color RAL 9005) Mark. There is a new color for Jeses year

2013: green
2014: black
2015: blue

2016: green
2017: black
2018: blue

2019: green
2020: black
2021: blue

License plate code

The license plate changes with the colors. Every year you receive a completely new license plate with a new combination of letters and numbers Das Insurance indicator Always consists of the color and this combination of numbers and letters: The last 3 letters (e.g. HCC) stand for the insurance for which the motor vehicle liability insurance was taken out.

Custom license plates for insurance license plates?

Here is the decoding of the 3 letters on the license plate:

  • VSP
    Württembergische Versicherung AG
    Telephone: 0711 / 662-0
  • FVG
    Old Leipzig Insurance Company
    Telephone: 06171 / 66-00
  • BE, SCK pins can be used, SIP
    R + V Allgemeine Versicherung AG
    Telephone: 0611 / 533-0
  • OAA
    ADAC Autoversicherung AG
    Telephone: 089 / 7676-0
  • HBV
    Telephone: 0511 / 645-0
  • VXI
    ZURICH Insurance Plc branch for Germany
    Phone: 0228 / 268265
  • CSR, RSO
    VGH Regional Fire Fund Hanover
    Telephone: 0511 / 362-0
  • TEK, ZDN
    Generali Insurance AG
    Telephone: 089 / 5121-0
  • Egv, EEJ, IHV
    Allianz Insurance AG
    Phone: 0800 / 4100101
    AachenMunchener Versicherung AG
    Telephone: 0241 / 456-0
  • KOD
    ERGO Insurance Ltd
    Telephone: 0211 / 477-0
  • Gvp, PRO
    AXA Insurance AG
    Telephone: 0221 / 148-105
    BASLER property insurance AG
    Telephone: 06172 / 125-220
  • HLC
    Concordia mutual insurance company
    Telephone: 0511 / 5701-0
  • LSNs
    LVM Agricultural Insurance Association Münster AG
    Telephone: 0251 / 702-0
    Itzehoer mutual insurance association
    Telephone: 04821 / 773-0


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