On the test bench: GSF donation motor "20PS +"

Many good spirits from the GSF, the Germanscooterforum, tried to get the donation engine, which can now be handed over to the lucky winner after the raffle and the performance measurement that will soon take place.

You can find more information about this project in germanscooterforum

Necessary components and services were eagerly collected in the GSF. Now the engine is finally put together and should show on our test bench what can be achieved with combined forces. After all, the engine should push at least 20PS onto the road.

Achieving this level of performance should probably not be a problem. Some of the well-known horse whisperers such as Mathias Scherer and Jochen Undesser, to name just two names, have put their hands and, above all, their two-stroke experienced spirit to use.

In addition, some donors are still waiting for the peak performance they have achieved, as they have announced a donation of x € per PS.

Today we finally found some time to hang the engine in the test frame and complete it with the cylinder cooling hood, ignition coil, carburetor and gear oil

As soon as all trains are connected, we can run the first test runs.

Here are the key data:

Cylinder Polini 133 "gray cast iron"

Carburetor: Keihin 35 Airstriker

Crankshaft with 51mm stroke and 97mm connecting rod

Exhaust: Ludwig & Scherer -Franz-

We don't know yet what the engine can do either. However, we are looking forward to your tip!


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