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Personal gift tips for scooter drivers from Scooter Center Team

Name: Heiko


How long have you been working in the Scooter Center:

With interruptions for over 13 years.

What is your job in Scooter Center:

Digital marketing, e-commerce and events

What do you have to do with scooters:

I've been driving scooters since 1988. My first Vespa was a PK50 S in red. My oldest scooter is a Vespa T1 from 1955, my fastest scooter (was) a Lambretta with 245 TS1.
Blues SC Scooter Club. The scooter runs of the 90s remain unforgettable to me, especially in Belgium and Holland. The meetings on Elba and the races on the Nürburgring were great. MaxSpeed ​​Festival and the Scootershow.

Gift idea for scooter drivers

Vespa Tecnica books

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Book -Vespa Tecnica


The Tecnica books belong on every shelf of a real Vespa fan. Nice pictures of Vespas in their original condition. Exploded views, color tables. Much too good for the workshop. The books are collectibles. TIP: The books are not available in normal bookshops and on the stock exchanges and markets they are sometimes used more expensive than they are at Scooter Center gets in new. Such a book is not cheap - but worth the money, so almost a small capital investment ;-)

Vespa Tecnica books

The Piaggio book series is an absolute "must" for every scooter enthusiast. Every model made by Piaggio since 1946 is covered in detail with numerous great pictures and technical information. There are five volumes in total.