Platónika test drives after more than 7.000 km more than completed and off we go!

With the Scooter Center off to Zell am See from September 10th to 12th, 2021

Slowly it is enough to just make kilometers on the way to and from work. It is time for longer journeys with Platónika and our trip to the Vespa Alp Days is the best opportunity!
In my personal ranking of the events, VAD has a special place:

  • It is -after the Vespa World Days in Celle- the biggest event I have attended. Both were in 2017 and in Zell am See I am with me more than 1000 Vespistas out 20 celebrated different nations.
  • It was my first meeting on European soil.
  • I had never seen so many different Vespas together, including this one 60 oldest Vespas of the continent. Keyword Faro Basso race.
  • It's also the longest event 8 days of continuous fun.
  • The most beautiful landscapes my eyes have seen.
  • The oldest Vespa I've ever ridden, the beautiful Vespa Super Sport 180 from Franz, which he lent me very nicely.
  • And it was the event at which I made great friendships that have existed until now and continue to strengthen.

Back to the future

Now the reasons are different, I travel to work. As part of the Scooter Centerwho is the official sponsor of the event. And of course, Platónika is coming with us.
I am preparing to show you all of these adventures firsthand. But now some nice memories of 2017.


The good friends I've made

The Colombian Representation

Super Sport 180 from Franz


See you there!