The Vespa World Days by numbers

4 days Vespa World Days
over 5.000 participants from

34 countries

83 years old, the oldest participant

57 years on board Vespa

2.000 Guests at the gala dinner
3 course menu
20 cooks

70 waiters

5 of us arrived from Cologne with
3 cars
5 scooters.
We distribute
6.000 Scooter Center bags
6.000 bgm key fobs
10.000 stickers.
1 Vespa at stake.
12.070,24 EUR, proceeds of the raffle tickets, were given to the foundation “Bürgerstiftung Celle”.
we met lots of kind and friendly people and had many interesting talks.
If you're also a Vespa lover, you know, it's not that easy to explain this great passion and the legendary Vespa is much more than numbers: 2 or 4 stroke, 3 or 4 gears, more or less HP or power.
Similarly, the wonderful Vespa World Days are much more than numbers, you should experience it!
A great thank you goes to the Vespa Club Celle and to all people helping with the organization of the event.
We also would like to thank all our old and new customers who visited us at our stand!

VWD 2018 Belfast

And now we are ready for the Vespa World Days 2018 Belfast, Northern Ireland, and like this year, we'll be there as main sponsor with us Scooter Center booths.

Video Vespa World Days Celle

Pictures of the Vespa World Days 2017 in Celle

Here some pictures of the Vespa rally in Celle:

Our Scooter Center & bgm booth at the Vespa World Days

As main sponsor of the biggest Vespa rally of the year, Scooter Center will be at the Vespa World Days with its huge booth.

Come and see us! We will present the new items of our brands bgm and Moto Nostra and of course also many other spare parts you can buy at our booth.

Scooter Center / bgm at the Vespa Village

You can't miss it: our big Scooter Center / bgm booth is at the Vespa Village, directly at the entrance of the area of ​​the stands. The admission as a daily guest at the VWD17 is free of charge!

Scooter Center & bgm @ World Vespa Days 2017 Celle


We are waiting for you!

Registration - Vespa World Days 2017, Celle (Germany)

This year the biggest annual Vespa event takes place in Germany: Vespa World Days in Celle. The first fuckets were sold out within a short period of time. From January 28th you have a second chance to get your ticket for the Vespa World Days '17 in Celle, Germany.

Light Entry tickets VWD 2017 - Price: € 65.

From 28th January 2017 you can get the sought-after VDW 2017 tickets in the so-called “Light Entry” version. Light entry? Is there any difference between “Full Entry” and “Light Entry”? Yes, "Full Entry" and "Light Entry" tickets are identical, but the "Light Entry" does't include the Gala dinner on Saturday evening.

Tip: book a camping place now!

Of course you can already book a camping place:

Party campsite: “Camping West” without silence curfew, adult € 50,

Family-friendly campsite, for a quiet stay: “Camping Family” (silence curfew from 10:00 pm), adult € 55.

This a lump-sum price for the whole period from Wednesday until Monday, independently from the date of arrival / departure.

Book Vespa Days campsite

  • Camping West (without silence curfew), adult € 50
  • Camping Family (silence curfew from 10:00 pm), adult € 55
  • Camping Family (youth, 13-16 years old) € 20
  • Camping Family (child, 0-12 years old) € 0

Can caravans and campers be parked on the campsite?

Unfortunately the VWD campsites have no caravan parks. You can park such vehicles at the car park of the “Schützenplatz” located in the street “Hafenstrasse”. The parking place is not bookable.

Booking further services

Optional tours can be booked in a second moment.

Tickets can only be booked through the Vespa World Club web platform (VCAERS):

More information available on the VWD website of the VC-Celle:

World Vespa Days 2017 Celle

VWD 2017 - Celle

The official announcement was made 2 years ago: the Vespa World Days 2017 will be in Germany - more specifically in Celle.

But where is Celle and who are the Celle Scooterists?


Celle in Lower Saxony in the beautiful Lüneburg Heath

Celle is located in Lower Saxony, about 50km north of Hanover and has a population of approx. 70,000 people. The town lies on the banks of the river Aller and is the southern gateway to the Lueneburg Heath. The castle and the picturesque old town center with over 400 timber-framed houses, make Celle one of the most remarkable towns on the German “timber-framed” road.

The Lüneburg heath stretches from Lüneburg in the north to Celle in the south. The Südheide nature park covers an area of ​​about 500km². Woodlands and heathland, remnants from the middle ages, are now protected as a nature reserve. Well known in the region is the Heidschnucke, a moorland sheep, which lives from the local heather. The perfect destination for a group excursion!

Great starting point for further ride outs

Celle is the perfect base for various excursions, the local roads perfect for Vespa trips. Within a 100 km drive a variety of destinations can be reached. These include: steinhuder sea, northern Germany's largest lake with a circumference of 24 km. Hanover, Lower Saxony's capital. The Deister hills with their wide variety of flora and fauna.

Vespa Club Celle

The Vespa Club in Celle, founded in 1986, is an active group of passionate Vespa drivers, who are known for combining this passion for Vespas with the importance of family and community. The club organizes regular activities, highlighting in August with its annual “Heidetreffen” in nearby Walle. This scooter rally is one of the largest in Germany, with its reputation of bringing together scooter drivers of all generations and backgrounds as well as being planned with families in mind.

The Celle Vespa Family: The World of Vespa hand in hand with the community.

Further information:

Flyer WVD 2017:

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