VWD17-Vespa - Win a Vespa at the Vespa World Days in Celle, Germany

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Prize draw: win a Vespa V50s!

At the Vespa World Days in Celle Scooter Center will put at stake a newly restored Vespa V50s. The proceeds of the sold tickets will go to a charitable organization. Tickets for the draw will be available during the event. Here you can decide how the Vespa will look like! At stake also 3 vouchers in value of 100 Euro to redeem in our Scooter Center online shop!

Use the configurator to have a preview and customize the look of the Vespa put at stake at the Vespa World Days!


The organization of the Vespa World Days

Vespa World Days is an event organized by Piaggio which takes place yearly in a different country. The country or the local club submits to the Vespa World Club an application for the organization of the event. For 2017 the Vespa Club Celle was nominated as organizer of the event.

The Vespa World Club is composed, for one half, of Piaggio employees, while the other half is represented by the appointed members of the national clubs.

The Vespa World Club appointed the German Vespa Club for the organization of the VWD 2017 and this, in turn, appointed the Vespa Club Celle. 

World Vespa Days 2017 Celle

Vespa World Days: the great international rally

Would you like to join the greatest Vespa rally? You can participate as registered visitor and get lots of services or join with free entrance as daily visitor. Daily visitors are also welcome and can visit the entire event area with many spare part booths and exhibitions. You can even join the whirl of Vespas. The events in the evening, for example, are for registered visitors only.

As you can see, the Vespa World Days are not just a rally. Piaggio establishes precise rules and these are stated in the contract with the Vespa Club Celle. Here are two significant points:

  1. Registration for the Vespa World Days is only possible using the online tool of the Vespa World Club.
  2. Login data for the tool are given to each national club or local club organized in the respective national club.

This means that you cannot register for the Vespa World Days if you are not a member of an organized club. How to join the event? You have two possibilities: you can join an organized club or found a new club. So if you wish to participate, please contact your national club for further information.

Why register?

The Vespa Club Celle is contractually required to differentiate between registered and non-registered visitors. 

  • All visitors have access to the Vespa Village.
  • All visitors can join the Vespa whirl.

Services for registered visitors:

  • Booking a camping place
  • Access to parties and concerts taking place in the evening
  • Access to the scooter parking at the event area

For further information please have a look at the FAQ section of the VWD2017 website:


The registration for the "Light-Entry" tickets started on the 28th January. More than 3,000 tickets were still available.

For further questions please contact the Vespa Club Celle by e-mail (info@vespaworlddays2017.com) or via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/vwd2017), it is not possible to contact the club by telephone.

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