We now also ship with DPD

Delivery by DPD or UPS or DHL - as you want it!

Scooter Center Shipping also with DPD

DPD was the first private parcel delivery service in Germany after the fall of the Deutsche Post monopoly. DPD was founded in 1976 by German freight forwarders. DPD has been in the hands of the French Post Office since 1999.

Delivery by DPD or UPS or DHL - as you want it!



In our experience, it is better to travel with DHL in one area, with DPD in another and then better with UPS in another. Sometimes it's just personal taste. Does not matter. For the best customer service, it is also important to us that you can choose which parcel service you want to have your package delivered with. Click here for the Scooter Center Shipping cost calculator.

Live parcel tracking via GPS

We will send your delivery on the same working day, if your order is received by 16:00 pm. Usually the delivery is with you the next day!
Do you feel the same? I can often hardly wait until I can hold the parts in my hands and install them on the scooter. Live tracking from DPD is a nice feature. With the live tracking you can see where the driver is with your parcel, how many stops he has to go and at what time the parcel is expected to be with you.

Do you actually know what “DPD” means?

Many people still think today that DPD is the abbreviation for German parcel service is. DPD has long been an international company and in the course of this, DPD was given the international name in 2008 Dynamic parcel distribution changed. DPD = Dynamic Parcel Distribution!