Bell helmets for Vespa and Lambretta - not a retro original

Bell Helmet Scooterists

Bell Helmet Scooterists

We have them now coolest helmets for scooter riders in program.

The new Bell helmets (Full face helmet BULLITT & open face helmet CUSTOM 500) are very much based on their models from the 60's. In terms of safety, they are up to date and, of course, have the ECE standard!


Bell's design remains unmatched to this day. The Bell helmets from the 70s are part of the inventory of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Of course, icons like Steve McQueen wore a Bell helmet.


The helmets we offer have the ECE standard and look very similar to their legendary models from the 60s & 70s. But the helmets are completely new designs with a wide field of vision and modern comfort and weight. Bell can look back on over 60 years of experience in the development of helmets and was already back then Innovation driver:

  • the first helmet with a fiberglass shell
  • the first full-face helmet.
  • the first aerodynamically optimized helmet.
  • the first fog-free helmet visor.
  • the first adjustable ventilation on the helmet shell

Today everything is standard - thank you BELL!



BELL open face helmet CUSTOM 500

Bell Custom 500 helmet


The Bell Custom 500 is a splendid throwback to the good old days. Bell is not jumping on a retro track, he is The original. With the difference that this design classic is stylistically AND technically at the highest level. 100% authentic look from the inventor of the open face helmet, combined with modern technology.
A really good fit, noble materials and a high quality of workmanship that is seldom found these days raise the Custom 500 to the throne of open face helmets.
One of the distinguishing features of the 500 is its very slim, non-bulky silhouette. Bell uses five different helmet shells for six helmet sizes. All of this combined with very good safety features, which of course comply with all current ECE standards.

PS: The Custom 500 is delivered in a very nice bowling bag made of black synthetic leather.


Technical data
• Available in six sizes
• Helmet shell made of GRP (fiberglass) in five sizes for a slim silhouette
• Inner shell made of EPS (expanded polystyrene with different densities for optimized shock absorption)
• Weight: approx. 1200 grams
• ECE 22.05
• 5 years warranty

Comfort features
• Double-D lock made of high quality stainless steel
• Closure strap made of leather
• high quality inner padding
• with press studs
• extra soft chinstrap

Optional accessories (snap fastener)
• Helmet visor
• Folding visors (clear and tinted)
• bubble visors (clear and tinted in color)


Bell full face helmet Bullet

Bell Bullit helmet full face helmet

THE full-face helmet

Style: 1970 - Tech: 2014
Bell (USA, California), helmet manufacturer since 1954, has brought the legendary 70s into the present based on its classic Bell Star. Not an easy task when you consider the technical effort required to integrate modern technology into a helmet shell with the dimensions of the time.
The composite fiberglass material enables a much lower weight than was possible decades ago. The helmet therefore only weighs 1400 grams. The inner shell is made of expanded polystyrene with different densities. The impact energy is only absorbed by the massive outer layers and the inner core ensures soft damping. The fit is really terrific thanks to the 3D cut switch parts. It goes without saying that all current ECE standards will be complied with.

Always a cool guy
In addition to the complete restructuring of the helmet interior, the ventilation has of course been converted to a modern and high-performance system. Every serious racer knows the benefits of good ventilation. Here, too, Bell impressively demonstrates its professionalism. For the sake of design, a technical aspect is by no means overlooked here. Bell's racing roots leave no room for chichi. The Bullitt has four air inlets in the forehead and one (closable from the inside) in the chin area.
The exhaust air takes place via a central outlet on the back of the helmet.
A special gimmick is the magnetic lock of the visor, patented by Bell. It is not a push button but a strong magnet. This is always quick and easy to grasp, and yet it can be locked quickly and securely when required.


• Helmet shell made of light fiberglass (GRP)
• Inner shell made of multi-layer EPS for optimal shock absorption
• Double-D lock made of high quality stainless steel
• 3 trays 3 EPS system
• Weight approx: 1400 grams
• ECE 22.05

• 4 metal vents and 1 vent
• washable interior (antibacterial)
• Micro perforated inner lining
• 3D cut interior cushions (integrated recesses for loudspeakers)
• Magnetic visor lock
• Different visors available for an individual look

Optional accessories
• bubble visors (clear and tinted in color)

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