DMP body part kit for Aprilia SR


SR_05DMP body part kit for Aprilia SR
Good cheer at the SR freaks: Those hi-flyers behind DMP are well known faces at the scene. Famous for their second to none body part kits for the Aerox. Finally they have finished their work on the SR body part kits, painted it in stunning colors and have sent it over to us. Check it out!

The body part kit consists of eleven body parts. It fits to all SR scooters build from 1998 onwards and these colors are available:

  • Metallic blue
  • Black
  • White
  • Orange
  • Silver
  • Red

Perfect stuff to give your a SR a complete redesign and much cheaper than giving your scoot to a paint shop. Brand new and shiny parts for the custom job.

We liked the first body part kit for the SR so much that we fitted it!

This is the slideshow on Youtube:

[youtube] ucuxMvgMuw0 [/ youtube]
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