Petrol cans for workshops, cars and racing

petrol cans

Large petrol can for workshop cars and the racetrack

Next to ours 1 liter, 2 and 3 liter transport petrol cans for on the go, which every scooter driver should have in or on the scooter in addition to the on-board tools, we also have a large selection of high-quality reserve canisters “Made in Germany” by Hünersdorff, which are also recommended for the service car and the workshop.

All petrol cans are equipped with a child safety lock and made of high quality HD-PE with UN approval according to ADR / GGVSEB for the transport of dangerous goods.

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Standard 5 liter petrol can "made in Germany" in two versions

We offer the 5 liter reserve canister with one normal red snorkel - and a Version with two nozzles.
Play it safe with two filler necks:

Red snorkel: for vehicles that Regular or premium petrol need and the second,
Black snorkel: for Diesel vehicles with misfuelling protection .



Misfuel protection?

Whoever hears this for the first time is like us. when we wanted to fill up with diesel from the reserve canister for the first time with our scooter center bus and then the “stupid red snorkel” could not be pushed into the tank.

Newer vehicles with diesel misfuelling protection need this Snorkel the exactly 26mm round is. Only this size ensures that the lock in the vehicle's filler neck is pushed aside and diesel can be filled.


10 liter and 20 liter petrol cans

The 10 liter and 20 liter petrol cans are available from us in two colors:



Attention: The olive-colored canisters are NORMAL snorkel included, even if this is here black are, they are for normal / premium gasoline or do not work with diesel vehicles with misfueling protection!

Outlet pipe for diesel vehicles

Do you need one Snorkel (outlet pipe / tank snorkel / spout / nozzle) with misfuelling protection for diesel vehicles, we recommend this special one Diesel tank snorkel:

petrol-can-car-workshop-5 petrol-can-car-workshop-4

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Oil pan

A useful addition to the workshop, and also "Made in Germany" by Hünersdorff, is that Oil pan with a total volume of 8 liters. The oil change canister made of HD-PE is ideal for the home workshop and the hobby area.

The drip pan has a filling volume of 13,8 liters and a nominal volume of 8 liters and is resistant to oil, diesel, petrol and diluted acids.





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