Fast throttle - what for?

We have a large selection of quick throttle grips, but your scooter won't get any faster with a quick throttle grip. As a rule, such a short-stroke handle is only required if you have installed a carburetor that is so large that the scope of the original throttle pulley built into the handlebar is no longer sufficient for the carburetor to open completely. Or if you have to change your grip to open it completely - that of course costs valuable time, especially in racing.

And there we come to the topic: such a quick throttle looks pretty fast on its own. So if you like eye-catching looks with a short-stroke function, this is the place to be Accelerator grips precisely:

Vespa accelerator grips don't just look fast
Disadvantages of a short throttle

The disadvantage of these models is that you have to assemble one fixed gas pipe need. That Polini gas pipe is indispensable if a quick throttle is to be installed. It replaces the original, rotatable gas tube and thus offers an optimal mounting option for the quick throttle. You also need a completely new (longer) throttle cable and, if necessary, a hole has to be drilled in the handlebars in order to lead the throttle cable outwards to the short throttle grip.

New: Short-stroke accelerator pulley from CMD - advantages for everyone

The Throttle pulley from Crazy Monkey Development, is the first gas roller with built-in cable clamp. The new high-speed gas pulley is fixed to the existing gas pipe with just one screw and the gas cable is clamped. Direct access from the front makes it easier to replace the throttle cable, especially on the Smallframe Vespas. No more reason to use these tiny and soft clamp nipples. No more bleeding fingers, no more tears, just "Sloth".

Original optics - top function

The quick throttle function has all the advantages that are also described above for the racing models: With the new CMD throttle pulley with a circumference of 40mm, you can easily open carburettors up to about 36mm. The look remains the same totally original, From the outside it cannot be seen that you have installed a quick-release throttle to allow a huge carburetor to breathe with it.

Gas reel? The Sloth ”(The Sloth)

  • Type A, Quick-Action = integrated short-stroke throttle, ideal for larger carburettors
  • integrated rope clamp (no screw nipple necessary)
  • for Vespa LF and SF * (trapezoidal handlebars) as well as identical ones
  • modular stop for Vespa LF
  • Inner diameter 24mm
  • Cable diameter 40mm
  • resistant technical nylon (PA)
  • Color white
  • Utility model protected

Tip for Vespa V50 trapezoidal handlebars:

The throttle pulley also fits on V50 Special models (trapezoid headlights). Please edit the original throttle cable holder (plastic part) so that the CMD throttle cable reel can work without contact.

Suitable for the following Vespa models:

  • 125 PX E Lusso (ZAPM09302 - Bj.'01-'10)
  • 150 PX E Lusso (ZAPM09401 - Bj.'01-'10)
  • 80 PX E Lusso (V8X1T - 1983-)
  • 80 PX E Lusso Elestart (V8X1T - 1984-1990)
  • 150 PX E Lusso (VLX1T - 1984-97)
  • 125 PX E Lusso (VNX2T - 1984-97)
  • 200 PX E Lusso (VSX1T - 1984-97)
  • 125 PX E Lusso (ZAPM09300 - Bj.'98-'00)
  • 150 PX E Lusso (ZAPM09400 - Bj.'98-'00)
  • 200 PX E Lusso (ZAPM18 - 1998-)
  • 50 Special (V5A2T)
  • 50 Special Elestart (V5A3T)
  • 50 Special (V5B1T)
  • 50 Special Elestart (V5B2T)
  • 50 Special (V5B3T)
  • 50 Special Elestart (V5B4T)
  • 50 PK SS (V5S1T)
  • 50PK XLS (V5S2T)
  • 50 PK (V5X1T)
  • 50 PK S (V5X2T)
  • 50 PK S Luxury (V5X2T)
  • 50 PK XL (V5X3T)
  • 50 PK XL Rush (V5X4T)
  • 50 PK N (V5X5T)
  • 80 PK S (V8X5T)
  • 125 PK ETS (VMS1T)