Real deals February 2023

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REAL DEALS is our monthly selection and in the February issue we have discounts for modern Vespa riders and news for Smallframes as well as highly recommended items for Lambrettas and mopeds.


Vespa GTS

Indicator set

Vespa GTS

This new technology increases the optical width of the rear end in the dark, improves perception in traffic and now drivers of modern Vespas can issue the set for a limited time* at a special price
MN623KTB,   MN624KTB   and MN629KTB :  229,00€   199,00 €

* 03/03/2023.

The bgm PRO SC shock absorber series is one of the finest suspension components you can treat your scooter to and now modern Vespa riders can get their shock absorber at a special price until 03/03/2023.

Bgm7788NB  329,00€    299,00 €

Bgm7749NB       369,00€   329,00

Exhaust Smallframe bgm 

Vespa V50, 50 Special, 50N, 50S, 50L, 50R

Our bgm touring exhaust family has a baby.
True to its name, the touring exhaust system is ideal for a fast, powerful but visually and acoustically inconspicuous street engine. It harmonises very well with the common tuning cylinders with displacements of 75-112ccm, but is also more than clearly superior to the standard exhaust on a 50ccm series engine.

Horn -GPM 6V/12V, Ø=85mm DC

Lambretta LIS (1968-), SX (1968-), DL, GP

Something with horns today!

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Ciao, si, bravo, super bravo

Footrest set -MC PROPARTS

Piaggio, Bravo, Ciao, Boxer, Si, SuperBravo

The stylish & high quality plug and play solution for your Piaggio moped,
if you want to convert to footrests.
Unpack, install, ready!