Riveter tool for Vespa floor runner

Winter time is service time. The same procedure every winter, our beloved Sscooters need a service, repair or maybe a full restoration so that they will be back on the road for the first rideouts.

The floorboard area and the floorboard runners are a service intense area of ​​our Vespas. Rust and dirt are just one side of the story. The runners are easy to remove but when it comes to remount them again we have only few choices. We either chose bolts and nuts or pop rivets but the results of these two methods are not the best.

We now have the ultimate tool for you. The outstanding riveter tool made in Austria with which you can handle both flat and round rivets. By using the rivet tool you prevent the paint damage that would otherwise be caused by old pop rivet tools. At last, a quick and clean work area shall make possible. An additional feature of the riveter tool is that you can also use it for mounting the original badges on the legshield.

We do have some great floor board runner sets available in our shop. Please also watch the video of the riveter floor runner tool:

The Vespa rivet pliers
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