Vespa Club Wiehengebirge

The Vespa Club Wiehengebirge celebrated its 5th anniversary and Marco Niehoff shared these great photos with us, which testify to the perfect organization of the event in Bissendorf,

“On July 08.07.2023th, 5, the Vespa Club Wiehengebirge eV celebrated its 100th anniversary with joyful company. Friends and keen Vespa enthusiasts from various clubs were warmly invited to this special occasion. The invitation was well received and more than 70 guests flocked to the event, over XNUMX of whom proudly arrived on their own Vespas.

For the first 50 scooters that arrived that day, there was an exclusive bag filled with attractive “Giveaways“. In order to have enough space for the event, we rented the DRK clubhouse in Bissendorf-Jeggen, which offered us generous space. An entertaining obstacle course for the fun games was set up in the parking lot. Here visitors were able to put their driving skills to the test and take advantage of the chance to win great prizes from our generous sponsors - including a high-quality Vespa helmet from the respected Schriewer company.


The obstacle course was given an additional pinch of excitement by a fully functional, old speed camera. After the visitors had completed the course, the speed camera offered the opportunity to take a souvenir photo if they exceeded a certain speed limit. For those who wanted even more snapshots of themselves and their Vespas, another flash unit was available that flashed along a marked route.

Another highlight was the Custom Show, in which each scooter was evaluated for its individual beauty and uniqueness. A homemade cell phone holder received the coveted trophy as an award at this show.


Of course, the physical well-being was also well taken care of. From bratwurst and delicious salads to tempting cakes and fragrant coffee – no one had to stay hungry. Given the scorching 35 degrees on this sunny day, our chilled soft drinks were particularly popular.

To live up to the spirit of Vespa, a refreshing 50 kilometer ride was organized at lunchtime. In case of emergency, a breakdown vehicle was available on the festival grounds, which fortunately was not needed.

After the exit, the winners were ceremoniously honored with generous prizes Prizes from our supporting sponsors. At this point we would like to thank all of our sponsors from the bottom of our hearts. You helped make this day an unforgettable event. Dallmann, Salon Dostal, The Village Shop, VGH, Small & Fine, Schriewer, Louis, SIP, Atelier Hartmann, Scooter Center.

A special thank you also goes to our valued visitors, the hard-working helpers, the speed camera collectors and the committed members of the DRK association. Without your support, this day would not have been able to shine in its full glory.

So this wonderful day, filled with lively petrol conversations and exciting activities, unfortunately came to an end far too quickly. Many thanks again to everyone who helped make this day an unforgettable experience.”

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Munich Vespa Club


During my visit to Robin Davy I took the time to get to know the city of Munich better, but it's not a complete trip without a Vespa ride!
So the good Mitschl Kelle lent me his Vespa T5 and organized a wonderful trip with Vespa Clubs from Munich, who met in front of the impressive architecture of the Königsplatz.

I ran lucky enough to have members from three of the most representative clubs in Munich and more broadly Germany participating in the round:

With a long tradition since the 50s and resumed in 2013, the Vespa Club Munich deals exclusively with Vespas that correspond to the classic origin of the first hour. 

The Vespa Cowboys Germany was founded in 2013 and already had 2018 connected countries in 14 with a great sense of community. Even Colombia, my home country, has its chapter Vespa Cowboys Colombia.

And with the performance of historical Vespa acrobatics: the Vespa classic car friends Munich which both Robin Davy and Kelle belong to and whose show I was lucky enough to see at the Vespa World Days in Celle 2017.

And in case you're wondering what it's like to ride with the members of the Vespa Oldtimerfreunde München who are part of the acrobatics team...

Standing man on a red Vespa

As always, it's a dream to share my hobby with such nice people and see their wonderful scooters, plus I'm very honored because it's not very common for clubs to organize rides together.

Thanks guys and see you next time!!!


Rovin Davy's Vespa collection

I had the opportunity to meet one of the biggest Vespa collectors in Germany and maybe even in the world!
And he's on the today Scooter Center Couch, in this exclusive video, like no other, he tells us the details of his collection, the amazing stories behind each find. 
As a Vespa fan, I'm totally fascinated, not just by the Vespas, but by all collectibles related to the Vespa community.
Here's a video you shouldn't miss!


The collection is full of treasures because, as he says, the value of his collection is not in the quantity but in the incredible quality of these unique pieces. It's nice that both are more than adequately represented in Robin's collection. 

Today Robin opened the doors of his museum and home to us and we from Scooter Center are infinitely grateful for wonderful joint projects.

So that we can get an overview of the participants at an early stage, we would be grateful if you would name yourselves online as soon as possible. There you will also find all information about the regulations etc.

viewer discount

Simply scan the QR code and you will receive it 5 Eur Discount with the promotional code: start2022


Fringe events

The first run of 2022 at the Ring's Grand Prix circuit is the first weekend in July. This time with even more travel time and a colorful supporting program.

In addition to other exciting racing series such as sidecars and IG Königsklasse should finally Spectators allowed again be. We set up a small tent city in the paddock and look forward to a happy get-together and a lively exchange between drivers and visitors.

minimum age

We have adjusted the regulations. Minimum age is now 14 years. So off to the workshop and build a racer for the kids...

Here's the data:

Open to all scooters up to 13 inches.
Date: 01.-02.07.2022 (arrival on 30.06.2022 in the evening)
Route: Nürburgring Grand Prix track (5,2km)
driving time: 135 minutes (3x training, 1x qualification, 1 GLP)
Costs: €299 plus €19 DMSB Race Card

DMC Scooter Center Cup 1st-2nd July 2022

Hi all,

it goes on in Scooter Center Cup at the Nurburgring.
The first run 2022 on the Ring's Grand Prix circuit is the first weekend of July. This time with even more travel time and a colorful supporting program.

In addition to other exciting racing series such as sidecars and IG Königsklasse, spectators should finally be allowed again. We set up a small tent city in the paddock and look forward to a happy get-together and a lively exchange between drivers and visitors.

The regulations remain unchanged and are open to all scooters up to 13 inches.

Here's the data:

Date: 01.-02.07.2022 (Arrival on 30.06.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX in the evening)

Route: Nürburgring Grand Prix track (5,2km)

driving time: 135 Minutes (3x training, 1x qualification, 1 GLP)

Costs: €299 plus €19 DMSB Race Card

So that we can get an overview of the participants at an early stage, I would be grateful if you would name yourselves online as soon as possible. There you will also find all information about the regulations etc.

I will update on Facebook post regularly.

I'll see you on the ring.

Dortmund Motorsport Club eV

Video SC Cup at Nürburgring 2021

Vespa luggage rack Ulma Asseccoire Style

Is this the most beautiful luggage rack for Vespa oldies?

This Front luggage rack for old Vespas is a great repro of what we think is the most beautifully designed front luggage rack!

Luggage Carrier for Vespa Classic Cars

This great luggage rack fits all older Vespa / Motovespa models. It is a great accessory for your Vespa Wideframe (all models from 1946 onwards) as well as for Vespa & Motovespa Largeframe up to approx. 1977 = all scooter models with metal cascade, not Vespa PX.

Vespa Oldie luggage rack Wideframe & Largeframe Ulma Nanucci style

Choose your style

TIP: I personally like the rawstyle version in bare metal because of the cool solder joints in steampunk look! To get corrosion protection with the same look, the luggage rack can be clear varnished, clear powder coated, waxed or oiled. Of course, you can also have it painted or powder-coated in your color.

Order your Ulma-style luggage rack here

Your Vespa - your style! Scooter Center - your Vespa shop

Cable harness BGM ORIGINAL suitable for all Vespa PX models up to year of construction 1982

Convert your old Vespa PX with battery now easily

A modern electrical system without battery on your scooter does not destroy the appearance, it is on invisible and economical increase in safety and comfortbecause

  • Without a battery, there is no need to purchase / replace and maintain the battery
  • Your electrical system and all consumers function independently of the battery's condition or charge level
  • You efficiently prevent corrosion damage to your Vespa PX caused by an overcooked battery / battery acid
  • Significantly more safety due to increased light output = increased visibility = better being seen & and better seeing

Conversion wiring harness for all Vespa PX models until 1982

This wiring harness is perfect to convert your Vespa PX, which has a battery from the Piaggio factory, to a modern and maintenance free on-board electrical system no battery. For this purpose, we offer an inexpensive and practical set with all the necessary new switches and ignition lock(BGM6685KT). Wiring harness in set with switches

Additionally, for a replacement / restoration, this is the PX wiring harness in the Italian version for models without battery. On this model, the turn signals, the horn (so-called “snare”) and all other consumers are supplied with power directly via the on-board AC system. The ignition base plate used on these vehicles has only 3 cables (contact ignition models) or 5 cables (vehicles with electronic ignition). Wiring harness single without switch

Vehicle models:

Vespa PX battery-free: Conversion without battery

For the conversion of your scooter to the modern electrical system, you need the following parts and save the battery, the wintering and the care / maintenance of the vehicle battery in the future

  • VOLTAGE REGULATOR In general, the simple 3-pole voltage regulator (G | G | M) is used with this wiring harness (eg 9100001). The 5-pole voltage regulator (A | A | B + | G | M) originally used on vehicles delivered from the factory with battery can still be used. Only the connections B + and G remain unassigned (formerly charging current for the battery). A better alternative is the compact and powerful BGM Pro voltage regulator(BGM6690). This can, for example, also supply a USB socket with 12V DC voltage for charging the mobile phone / navi, etc.
  • IGNITION / IGNITION BASE PLATE / LIMA The type with 5 cables is used as ignition base plate (also recognizable by the blue and black cable for the single voltage supply). The original 7-cable Lima of the models with battery can no longer be used. However, due to their age, these often show damage to the cable insulation anyway. Conversion to the more powerful ignition base plate of the later Lusso models (eg BGM8025N or BGM8032N) is therefore highly recommended. This increases the total light output of the AC network considerably, as no more current is diverted for battery charging. Thus, even old PX models can be equipped with a 35 / 35W lamp. Most alternators with 5 cables have a round plug. The wiring harness offered here has (as in the original Italian) 6.3mm flat plugs. Here, either the wiring harness can be converted to a round plug or the ignition base plate can be converted to a flat plug. The necessary parts can be found in the accessories.
  • BLINKING RELAY The models with battery use a DC (direct current) flasher relay. After conversion, an AC (alternating current) flasher relay is required (eg 1195703).
  • INSTRUCTIONS / WIRING DIAGRAM The following instructions / wiring diagramwill help you to connect the cables .

Checklist: Spare parts / parts that are connected to the wiring harness

To make sure everything works, you should go through this list and check if your old parts are still OK. If not, you can order them directly from our Vespa Shop via the link:

* 9512115? 9520072 + 9520074 / ** 9512027? 7675200 + 7675201

CONCLUSION: Absolutely sensitive conversion to modern, more powerful and maintenance-free electrics

Tutorial Installation Wiring Harness Video Instructions

This is a PX-Lusso wiring harness, it has different connections, so don't get confused. However, the basic principle of the wiring harness is the same and this video tutorial may help you to install and connect the wiring harness in the body of your Vespa.

Tutorial SC – Vespa PX Lusso wiring harness instructions assembly installation Vespa wiring harness

Bollag Motos Vespa Wideframe Tuning

Bollag Motos in the Scooter Center Vespa shop

This is Ralph Bollag, a friendly Swiss scooterist who knows a lot about the very old Vespa models and, above all, he is the founder of Bollag Motos.

BollagMoto's video teaser

In our Bollag Moto's shop, you will find a selection of Bollag products for your old Vespa Wideframe / Faro Basso / lamp down models.

Choose your Vespa model here:

Vespa Gentleman Giro Markus Mayer with 50cc Vespa and suit



Markus André Mayer, 44 years old and a passionate Vespa fan from the beautiful Allgäu region.

Vespa Gentleman Giro Markus Mayer with 50cc Vespa and suit

In 2017, Markus was able to combine 3 of his passions (Vespa, charity work and social media) into one Giro Germanica to unite them. With the help of Vespa clubs from German-speaking countries, he was able to generate over €25,000 in donations for the German Children's Cancer Foundation's Forest Pirate Camp during a 42-day fundraising ride. Of course, the Scooter Center so what part of his Giro Germanica And we supported the campaign.

Now Markus has something new in mind, and the Scooter Center is supporting him again. It is a matter of the heart for us! This time we are the main sponsor and support and sponsor his new mission extensively.

Here on the Scooter Center blog, we will keep you up to date on this year's mission over the next few months. We start today with the first presentation of the VESPA GENTLEMAN GIRO, look forward to an interview and to making of the engine we are building for Markus.

Vespa Gentleman Giro Markus Mayer


Markus has decided to dedicate the entire year 2021 full time to fundraising for children with cancer. He will start with the 3 initiatives to raise funds for 40 cancer organizations in 40 countries across Europe:

  • Great European fundraising race
  • 10 relay races in different countries
  • 1 World Record Poker Run(explanation)

So for 2021 he is planning a much bigger action: within 8 months he wants to unite the whole European Vespa scene by a big fundraising ride around whole Europe with several linked actions to raise at least €250.000 for 40 national cancer foundations and care centers. To complete this heartfelt project, he will need about 14 months in total. Through various large travel projects, such as his

  • 80 days around the world in 2018,
  • USA Crossing in 2017,
  • or European Tour in 2014,

it was already possible for him to gain a lot of experience and, above all, to make many contacts with scooter riders all over the world.

The contacts to the national clubs throughout Europe make it possible to identify suitable donation targets in advance, such as the Liga contra Cancro in Portugal, and to coordinate the planned measures and events in the respective countries. During the trip, Markus plans to set 3 Guinness Book of World Records and thus also draw the interest of the public and the media to the facilities, clubs and the fundraising campaign.


Vespa Gentleman Giro Europa route

25.000 km through 40 European countries. The actual route will be determined by the 200+ clubs I want to meet on the way to collect donations.

Even if it doesn't look like it on this map yet: of course a stop at the Scooter Center is planned again, we'll keep you posted!


“Eleanore” - the Smallframe vespa For the tour he will use a Vespa V50N from 1971. It will be the longest scooter ride on 50cc ever!

Markus with Eleonore Vespa V50 N

We are currently working on the engine of the Vespa, so stay tuned, more about that soon here in the blog.


Yes, of course you can help too, Markus is dependent on support and is happy about donations to the individual organizations, more information and donation options here. You are also welcome to share this post with friends via Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

Hose 3.00 10

Vespa & Lambretta Smallframe inner tube 3.00 x 10 bgm PRO

We have chosen a very high buty content for the new bgm PRO inner tubes in favor of better quality and higher safety and therefore a separate tube size for tires up to 3.00-10 and 90 / 90-10 = Vespa & Lambretta Smallframe. Other inner tubes with a lower butyl content have more flexibility due to a higher rubber content. They serve a wider range of possible tire sizes (up to 130 / 90-10), but as a major disadvantage, poorer air tightness and puncture resistance must be accepted.

Our bgm PRO hoses are manufactured to our specifications especially for the needs of Vespa and Lambretta scooters. The butyl content is over 55%, which makes them extremely airtight and absolutely reliable. The high butyl content makes the hose more expensive to produce, but the result justifies the expense! Nevertheless, we offer this high-quality hose at a great price:
Buy Smallframe inner tube here

Fitting instructions Fitting inner tube & tire

TIP: Our bgm PRO scooter inner tubes can be used in many vehicles with 10-inch tubular tires. When mounting, insert the tires at the bead with mounting paste and dust the inside of the tire with talcum powder. The mounting paste ensures the correct end position of the tire while the talc minimizes the friction of the inner tube. This maximizes the safety and life of the inner tube. Instructions for fitting Vespa tires

Tutorial How to assemble the bgm CLASSIC tires for Vespa


Brake anchor plate Little Kong Crazy Monkey Development

CMD Little Kong Brake Anchor Plate Vespa Smallframe

Little Kong is the modern, modular brake anchor plate from Crazy Monkey Development for Vespa smallframe engines. This beautiful brake anchor plate is available for the Vespa models Vespa PV / V50 and Vespa PK. Wolfgang from CMD has developed an extremely flat brake anchor plate with the Little Kong, which also fits on engines with an underlaid clutch cover. Another feature is that it is easy to switch between PV and PK brake drums by simply replacing the brake shoe mount. The modular design of this noble part makes it possible!

  • Material: High-strength aluminum (EN AW-7075), tool steel
  • Scope of delivery: Brake anchor plate, brake shoe holder, brake cam holder, circlip


TIP! Professional solution for series and racing engines and very nice part!

Fits on: Vespa Smallframe V50, PV, ET3, PK Material: High-strength aluminum, tool steel
Modular brake anchor plate for Vespa smallframe engines of the type Vespa PV? /? V50 as well as PK. The extremely flat design allows the brake anchor plate to be used without modification on engines with an underlaid clutch cover. It is easy to switch between PV and PK brake drums by replacing the brake shoe holder.

Vespa gearbox for the Wideframe Vespa V30-33, VM, VN, VL, VB1

900 euros seems to be a lot of money for a Vespa gearbox at first sight. Even at a second glance the amount is not less, but the gearbox parts from our Italian friend Stefano Benelli rightly enjoy an excellent reputation and are worth every cent! They are essential if you want a reliable gearbox that has been tested in racing.

Benelli Vespa tuning
If you are looking for a high-end tuning gearbox with reliable technology for your old Vespa, you will find it here! Hardened to an average of 60 HRC, Benelli parts offer exactly the perfect balance of sufficient hardness and the necessary elasticity to withstand the enormous loads in a racing engine.

Complete Vespa Wideframe gear box

Stefano now offers his experience and enormous expertise in the form of a complete gearbox for the Wideframe models. This includes the four gears, the auxiliary shaft, the auxiliary shaft axle as well as a gear shift cross including a shift pin bushing. You can find all the details here directly at the product Benelli Wideframe gear box

Vespa & Lambretta Thailand Bangkok
Vespa & Lambretta Thailand Bangkok

Delivery mission with Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS in Bangkok

Travelogue Thailand, Bangkok 2018

It is January 2021 and we are still missing the lifestyle associated with our chosen way of life. No runs, no nighters, no racing and sometimes it feels like no nothing than Covid. So, the other day we were discussing in the Skype lunchtime meeting the subject of our business travels.

We did a lot and most ended up being sweaty and covered in dust and grease or over tired on some motorways with a hangover on our way back.

One of the ultimate highlights of all Scooter Center travels has been the one to Bangkok in 2018. We had the plan to visit the dealers over there and get a better feeling for the scene in Thailand. We are in general very far from being hypercritical and see the positive things rather than negative things. A lot of the complaining in the western hemisphere is not very objective and the usual prejudice when it comes to Asia is - let us face it - copycats.


Buddy Seat Lambretta Garage

We were really looking forward to see what would be waiting for us. Our first stop after we landed was visiting Buddy seat Lambretta garage. A fantastic place with frame and fork jigs and an unbelievable level of artisanship. Starry-eyed as we are, we simply tried to find the place ourselves. The try was without any success and we had to ask a taxi driver to call the shop to find it. As things were not easy, the shop owner itself came to guide us. And hey presto, we are in town less than two hours and are escorted by a Lambretta TV 200 to the shop. Not a too bad start for the seven-day business trip. The language barrier was sadly there, but the gestures between some Lambretta nuts worked well and we made the conversation this way.

[modula id = ”100205 ″]

Lambretta Thailand Cafe

As we do not want to bore you to death with every single detail, we make it short. Our second stop was the Lambretta Thailand Café that hosts as well as the Lambretta Thailand Shop of our good friend Toon, he speaks perfect English and took care of us for the rest of our stay in BKK. He really made the business trip to the perfect holiday at least for Philipp. Maybe even Ulf.

[modula id = ”100211 ″]

Delivering scooter parts in Bangkok with Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS

Besides our daytime entertainment in visiting dealers, Toon showed us all the cool places.

The places he brought us to deeply impressed us and showed at the same time how passionate and obsessed the folks over there are with anything Vespa and Lambretta.


Delivery mission

[modula id = ”100214 ″]

Scooter collectors

The collectors we have visited are really a class of their own and bound to them scooters and their pristine original conditions. Have a look at the funky accessories.

[modula id = ”100216 ″]

Ratchada Night Market

Another great highlight and a place where we could have stayed for eternity is the Ratchada Night market. A place with a few small Lambretta shops, lots of vintage car shops, vintage stuff and clothing. Cafes, bars, amongst others at old American fuel station (demounted in the States, brought over and re-assembled) and loads of other bits to see, eat and drink.

[modula id = ”100218 ″]

GO TO SCOOTER meeting in Bangkok

Also the place where the GO TO SCOOTER Runs take place and that is our ultimate dream for the post Corona time to be there. Check it out on Youtube:

Goto Scooter V6 2019 ตลาดนัดรถไฟศรีนครินทร์ Ohhoโตล้อ10"





All photos

Here you can find all the pictures from the trip.

Modern Vespa dealer


Big Daddy Moto Club


Mr Balon

M autopart

Lambretta and Vespa dealers

Ouch Vespa

Buddy Seat Lambretta Garage

Downtown Machines

Lambretta Resto

Lambretta Crafts


Lambretta Thailand Shop & Cafe


Lambretta Delivery Missions, Streetlife & Collectors

Delivery mission 1

Delivery mission 2