The European Scooter Trophy has generated enthusiasm over the past few years with its exciting races. In the current race reports about the first run in Cheb 2023, the race at Spa 2023 and the third run on Harz Ring 2023 reported. The reports provide detailed information about the prestigious events, including exciting race results, the challenging tracks and the impressive performances of the drivers. From intense competition to spectacular overtaking manoeuvres, each race was an immersive event with the best scooter riders from across Europe battling for victory.

More race reports from previous years


Race report for the 4th round of the EST 2022 in Juvaincourt from 03.09/04.09.2022/XNUMX to XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX

After a six-week summer break, it's finally time for the scooter racing circuit to start again
PitBikes of the EST Championships. This time the EST was a guest in Juvaincourt – France. The route with a
Length of 1,3 km is particularly fast and demanding and popular with many drivers. And so they did
more than 100 starters on their way to France. With a view to the championship, it was now the
Engage attack mode to score valuable points for the final scoring.
There was a big setback in the weather on Saturday. After the first showers on Friday over the
swept the route, Saturday remained completely rainy until the afternoon. Not a good chance of good ones
lap times. Real racers can't throw something like that off track. Despite the adverse conditions
it was about getting a good starting position in the front field.
The results of the weekend by class:

Class 1 - Rookies by Scooter-Attack:

High tension at the beginning of the start of the rookies. Hüskes in an unusual third place, did it
during the warm-up it was clear that he wanted to be at the top. Didwissus on pole wanted to prevent this as well
like Urban and Winterscheidt. The starting winner was Didwissus. Hüskes fought his way up to second place and sat
to attack Didwissus immediately. With a lot of excess power, he managed this confidently in round 2.
Winterscheidt tried to keep up, but was inferior in terms of performance. Didwissus was across the field
passed. The battle for 3rd place was between Klas and Groß. In round 8 had to
Give up Winterscheidt with a technical defect. That put Groß in 2nd place ahead of the sovereign
driving Huskes. Hüskes won easily in front of a strong Gross followed by Klas.
In the second race, Hüskes again took the lead in the field. Urban followed him at a short distance,
but tried to keep up. The distance from large to urban was already significantly larger. But big had to
also be careful to the rear, because Ebeling and Piekatz were lurking there for your chance. During this secured
Hüskes sovereign his lead over Urban. The next challenge lay in lapping the last-placed.
Hüskes and Urban did it perfectly. Groß had significantly more problems and had to place Ebeling in 3rd place
let it pass. His scooter kept getting better and better. Ebeling burned one personal best after the other
Asphalt and grabbed Urban. Hüskes won easily as the first in front of Ebeling and Urban.

Day class 1 - Rookies by Scooter-Attack

1. #47 Sascha Hüskes 50 pts.
2. #265 Patrick Ebeling 33 pts.
3. #636 René Groß 31 pts.

Class 2 - SuperSport by Deutscher Bauservice

Right from the start, Drath passed Apostel and led the SuperSport. Triebs fought with Apostel
the second place. With excess speed in lap 5 on the start-finish, both went into the first
Curve. Triebs misbraked slightly and had to let Apostel go and was also conceded by De Wit.
Triebs with better speed countered immediately and was able to win both drivers again in the following lap
overtake. Drath didn't manage to extend his lead. Triebs felt that something was going and set Drath
negative pressure. A super exciting four-way battle continued. De Wit was able to overtake Apostle and was already there
in the slipstream of Triebs and Drath. Everyone was waiting for a mistake. Drath fought like a lion. Yet
Triebs had more power and so what had been indicated throughout the laps happened. Triebs pulled the wire inside
over. He now had to keep De Wit in check. De Wit drove smart and waited for his chance. De Wit came
better out of the last corner before start and finish than Drath. Tire to tire it went into the first corner. De Wit
inside was ahead and took a great second place. Triebs at the top got valuable
Championship points and third place went to Drath, who fought well, but both opponents
had to surrender.
Apostle led the second race. He was able to get a good distance ahead of Triebs and Drath
drive out. Apostle's Scooter, however, lost significantly compared to Triebs and Drath. In round 7 succeeded
Triebs the overtaking manoeuvre, but immediately countered by Apostel. A lap later, this one had to
then let Triebs go and defend his second place against Drath. It went in a heated duel
curve after curve. Apostle was able to compensate for the lack of speed with a good driving performance. De Wit
and Diabelez behind them had no chance to get involved in the duel. The duels continued until
De Wit fell on the thirteenth lap. He crashed badly on the start-finish. The race line broke
then aborted the race with the red flag to take care of the driver. There was no restart since
the 75% distance mark was reached at the time of termination. Triebs was the winner, ahead of Apostel and Drath.

Day classification class 2 - SuperSport

1. #313 Marcel Triebs 50 pts.
2. #32 Gabriel Apostel 33 pts.
3. #93 Dustin-Miles Drath 32 pts.

Class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

With 13 starters, a well-dated field of drivers started. That was because of the rainy qualification
Starting lineup messed up. Schmitt made his claim right from the start. And it looked up to
Half almost as if he could meet the claim. The advantage over the chasing field with Schnell,
Giannasi and Brüggeshemkee was quite big. The field settled down as the race progressed. monaya
had to give up the race early. Andersen started catching up from behind. Because he
didn't set a time in qualifying, he had to start from the back. You could literally feel the pressure
he made himself. The first laps Andersen was held up by the field of drivers. From round 8
it was about the fight to the top. Schmitt's lead, which he had laboriously brought out, melted away from the curve
Curve. His tires degraded massively. A three-way fight developed behind them. Then it was time to hold your breath
round nine. The three of us went into the curve after the start and finish. Fast asserted itself. Andersen braked
Giannasi out. Schmitt at the front felt the pressure from Schnell and Andersen. Both became
always faster. A three-way battle between Schmitt, Schnelle and Andersen was the order of the day. Every lap from start to finish it was time to hold your breath. There was zero air between the tires of all three drivers. Schmitt couldn't
defended for a longer time and had to let Andersen pass. He got an additional speed boost and did
also fast competition. He fought bravely for two rounds. Then Andersen stabbed coldly. After this
After a change of position, Andersen was able to extend his lead at the front. Swift tried another one
To put the shovel on it and bang, it happened. He fell just before the start and finish – but he was able to
drive on. Due to the fall, Schnelle had to line up again in 6th place. Super annoying for him after
a great race. The beneficiary was Giannasi, who took third place behind Schmitt and
Andersen was able to secure.
The second race started with a surprise. Giannasi in 1st place, followed by Lukas
set to work to get to the top. Lukas had used the time between the races intensively to
find performance. In 3rd and 4th place, Schmitt fought with Andersen, who was working his way up the field again
had to. In lap 8 he fought his way up to 3rd place. Schnell could not match the performance from the first race
approach and leads in 5th place. Andersen continued in the usual manner and also went to Giannasi
over. Now Lukas was targeted, who had gained a lead of almost 2,5 seconds. Of the
The lead melted away quickly and there was only one direction for Andersen - all the way to the front. One absolutely
fantastic performance from the Dane. And with that, Andersen was once again champion of the
European Scooter Trophy 2022 in the expert class. Second place went to Lukas. Giannasi was third.

Day class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

1. #335 Stefan Andersen 50pts
2. #111 Andreas Lukas 33 pts.
3. #33 Carsten Schmitt 33 pts.

Class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore

In class 4 only two pilots started. Kazillas and Monaya. Unlucky Kazillas had technicals
Problems in the pre-start and missed the formation lap and the warm-up. That meant for him behind the
follow the field. Monaya took advantage of that and drove away at the front, uncatchable.
There was no question that Monaya would lose victory in the second race and that's how he drove.
Sovereign and unrivaled ahead of Kazillas. But falling was not an option for Monaya and so he drove
confidently to his second victory of the day in class 4.
Day rating class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore
1. #12 Stephane Monaya 50pts
2. #191 Georgios Kazilias 40 pts.
Class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack
The starting field for pit bikes was significantly reduced due to a fall. Nevertheless, it was about important points for
The Championship. Schweizer went straight to the top and showed again why he had a big lead
EuropeanPitBikeTrophy. Wolf took second place ahead of Hartmann. Remained with the placement
it also over the next 15 rounds. So the first podium was with Schweizer, in front of Wolf and Hartmann
The second race started like the first race. Schweizer sat down with almost 2 laps better
lap times. Second was Wolf in front of Zanker. Whether the lead was athletic or technical, however, should
be a case for the technical acceptance. Schweizer had to use his vehicle after race one
Submit a follow-up check to see if it was compliant. Regardless of the situation there was
sporty no changes to the placement. Schweizer won ahead of Wolf and Hartmann. In the
subsequent technical check, the all-clear was given. The vehicle was compliant and the victory
was due Schweizer for a great driving performance.

Day rating class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack

1. #54 Julian Schweizer 50 pts.
2. #58 Sebastian Wolf 40 pts.
3. #89 Benedikt Hartmann 32 pts.

Kleave 6 – GP open

The races of the GP Open were marked by the new edition of the long-distance race. grass and
Weißensee fought for the crown of the 3-hour race on Saturday. Weißensee had a lot of bad luck there
of the falling rain. The starting point for the sprint races was different. Bähr led the
Starting grid on pole, ahead of grass and Weißensee. At the start, order was established immediately. grass
was the start winner ahead of Weißensee. Both drivers fought closely for laps. However, grass didn't do anything
Mistakes and in the end was able to keep Weißensee in check, who drove a great race. Behind them, Bähr fought with them
Swiss. Gras won before Weißensee. Schweizer drove tire to tire with Bähr across the finish line.
In the second race, the duel was between grass and Swiss. Weißensee didn't have a chance this time
to participate in the duel. Gras and Schweizer drove very consistent times. However, grass never let one
Doubt that Schweizer had a chance to overtake him. Van Hof was fourth, ahead of Bähr. grass
was in the end the beaming winner of the day with two sovereign first places. 

Day ranking class 6 - GP-Open

1. #222 Henning Gras 50 pts.
2. #86 Florian Schweizer 33 pts.
3. #19 Lars Weissensee 33 pts.

Grade 7 - Beginners

In the Beginners, several riders have set their sights on victory. Illic had already spoiled for success
the best prospects. He should get competition from Fischer, who for the very first time has an official
race contested. Illic and Gaidecke were the first to go ahead. The fast fisherman caught up relatively quickly
and sit at the head of the field. Weiland was unable to follow the lead and dropped back to 5th place. 

Tage rating Class 7 – Beginners

1. #22 Dean Fischer 25 pts
2. #186 Danny Illic 20 pts
3. #268 Maik Gaidecka 16 pts. 

Class 8 Endurance & 9 Endurance Split

10 teams competed in the long-distance race. Among the teams, the feelings were in view of the
Mixed weather forecast. The track conditions were good at the start due to the drought. But the
Rain gave an idea of ​​the prospects for the course. So the teams did with different
voting at the start. The rain was not long in coming and brought the whole starting field
confused. Racefoxx on rain tires had the best chance of winning. Because of a bad fall
before start-finish, however, the team had to give up its ambitions early on. Xpear Factory fought at the top
and Blue Puma. In the middle of the race, both teams were only separated by 1 lap. In Class 9, AK Racing drove RDN
Racing well ahead of RND Racing Team. The last 20 minutes were all about everything. Blue
Puma in front and Xpear Factory just behind. The lead melts away lap by lap. Both fought
fiercely for the top spot. Weißensee had to let Xpear go after a switch. But the
didn't give up and started to counterattack straight away. Successful. And so the last 10 minutes became extremely exciting
in a good and turbulent 3h race. And so that the drama is even topped, it started 5 minutes before
End in the middle of the duel to rain from all buckets. The pilots had to literally put their vehicles through
carry the curves. Grass for Xpear Factory stayed cool and right back past Blue Puma. That was it
Preliminary decision made in a great final. 

Tage rating Class 8 Endurance

1. #233 AKA Racing RND Racing 129 laps
2. #265 RND Racing 121 laps
3. #101 Knee twist 101 laps
Day classification class 9 Endurance Split
1. #222 Xpear Factory 148 laps
2. #154 Blue Puma 148 laps
3. #85 Pazzi Racing 138 laps



Andre Black

So that we can get an overview of the participants at an early stage, we would be grateful if you would name yourselves online as soon as possible. There you will also find all information about the regulations etc.

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Fringe events

The first run of 2022 at the Ring's Grand Prix circuit is the first weekend in July. This time with even more travel time and a colorful supporting program.

In addition to other exciting racing series such as sidecars and IG Königsklasse should finally Spectators allowed again be. We set up a small tent city in the paddock and look forward to a happy get-together and a lively exchange between drivers and visitors.

minimum age

We have adjusted the regulations. Minimum age is now 14 years. So off to the workshop and build a racer for the kids...

Here's the data:

Open to all scooters up to 13 inches.
Date: 01.-02.07.2022 (arrival on 30.06.2022 in the evening)
Route: Nürburgring Grand Prix track (5,2km)
driving time: 135 minutes (3x training, 1x qualification, 1 GLP)
Costs: €299 plus €19 DMSB Race Card

DMC Scooter Center Cup 1st-2nd July 2022

Hi all,

it goes on in Scooter Center Cup at the Nurburgring.
The first run 2022 on the Ring's Grand Prix circuit is the first weekend of July. This time with even more travel time and a colorful supporting program.

In addition to other exciting racing series such as sidecars and IG Königsklasse, spectators should finally be allowed again. We set up a small tent city in the paddock and look forward to a happy get-together and a lively exchange between drivers and visitors.

The regulations remain unchanged and are open to all scooters up to 13 inches.

Here's the data:

Date: 01.-02.07.2022 (Arrival on 30.06.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX in the evening)

Route: Nürburgring Grand Prix track (5,2km)

driving time: 135 Minutes (3x training, 1x qualification, 1 GLP)

Costs: €299 plus €19 DMSB Race Card

So that we can get an overview of the participants at an early stage, I would be grateful if you would name yourselves online as soon as possible. There you will also find all information about the regulations etc.

I will update on Facebook post regularly.

I'll see you on the ring.

Dortmund Motorsport Club eV

Video SC Cup at Nürburgring 2021

ESC scooter race Cheb 2020

The ESC - European Scooter Challenge scooter race

The Scooter Center supports motor sports and also the ESC - the European Scooter Challenge. As the name suggests, it is a circuit racing series with classic scooters made of sheet metal, mainly Vespa and Lambretta. Already in the eighties the first circuit races were held in Austria and Germany.

The main goal of the ESC is to provide a broad platform for scooter racing enthusiasts with all kinds of requirements.

The various racing classes, which cover beginners to professionals as well as ladies, are based on these thoughts.
Especially the standard classes are to be emphasized, in which real top-class motorsport can be realized with low maintenance and money expenditure.


ESC race report - Cheb Challenge 2020 - Kartarena Cheb (CZ) - 01.08.2020


After the year 2020 offered hardly any possibilities for sports activities on old 2-stroke shift scooters, the time had finally come on August 01.08.2020st, XNUMX!

The first race of the European Scooter Challenge of the year 2020 could take place. The Kartarena in Cheb, Czech Republic opened its doors and more than 40 Vespa racers came from

  • germany,
  • Austria,
  • France
  • and Poland

to finally let the asphalt glow again.


Heat Battle of Cheb

With temperatures of over 30 ° C and bright sunshine all weekend long, this was an easy exercise. Those who already arrived on Thursday or Friday could use the time to get the last shadow places in the paddock and to test the scooter extensively on the track.

race day

Saturday was the day. Race Day! We started in 5 classes, among them 3 “standard classes” two for small frames, one for large frames, where the scooters have to be equipped with uniform engine components to enable equal conditions and exciting duels.

Especially exciting was the smallfames. 17 starters competed for the places on the podium in the small unit class K5. Among them Vespa legend Stoffy Maier and newcomers Valentino Randazzo. The old master and the young daredevil offered each other thrilling duels with daring driving maneuvers at the head of the field. Shortly before the end of the race, however, the two leaders were involved in a crash, and so victory went to Markus Moderer, who drew attention to himself with almost lap times. Valentino saved himself to 3rd place, 2nd place went to Felix Richter.

The second gripping duel of the day was in the faster Smallframe Unit class K4 between Achim Wolf and Robert Leibfarth. The latter was able to secure pole position in qualifying. With a rocket start however Achim put himself directly at the top of the field. After some duels at the top Robert could push himself with a hard braking maneuver past the leader and drive the race home. The podium of the K4 was finally completed by Benedigt Neuberger who crossed the finish line just a blink of an eye earlier than his competitor Albert Heigold.

The other racing classes also showed exciting racing on this wonderful racing day. Congratulations to all podium finishers.


New starters welcome!

The ESC was also able to welcome three new starters this weekend. The newcomers were warmly welcomed into the driver's circle and - like every new participant in the ESC - were exempted from the entry fee at their first race.

For those of you who are now in the mood for scooter racing: 2 more ESC races will take place this year. The ESC Polish GP on 29.08.20/26.09.20/XNUMX in Zielona Góra (PL) and the “KR automation” race at the Harzring on XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX. Registration and entry at

Thanks to helpers and organizers, and the SCK for their support.

See you at the next race ...;)


The results in detail:

  • K1: 1. Romain Baguet; 2. Thomas Lenkeit; 3. Marten Schnitzler
  • K3: 1. Toni Fattorusso; 2. Christian Gattinger; 3.Marco Abbate
  • K4: 1st Robert Leibfarth; 2nd Achim Wolf; 3rd Benedict Neuberger
  • K5: 1. Markus Moderer; 2. Felix Richter; 3. Valentino Randazzo
  • K6: 1. Matthias Sinkovits; 2. Maiko Jandl; 3. Igor Kulesza


Fastest race lap: Achim Wolf (1: 03.102)


Author: RL




PMT tires

PMT tires – uncompromising sports and racing tires for scooters

Have you driven the new PMT tires yet? If you are also in scooter racing, you will know about the enormous importance of the tires.

It is not only the tread pattern that matters, but especially the right rubber compound. The optimal tire is tuned:

  • matching the weather
  • suitable for the track
  • suitable for the vehicle
  • suitable for the driving style and ability

We now have a wide range of tires from PMT Tires

The enormous difference in performance of tires in motorsport is immediately obvious to anyone who has tried the legendary PMT tires.

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PMT Tires scooter tires for scooter racing

Made in Italy: PMT Tires

The Italian tire manufacturer PMT (Pauselli Modell Tires) has been in existence since 1990, originally producing tires for RC cars and the popular Italian minibike racing series. Since they have also developed tires for motorcycles and especially racing tires for scooters, they have very quickly achieved a top position among the favorite tires of racing drivers. The PMT tires are available in perfect compounds for the various soil, weather and temperature conditions.

PMT Tires

PMT Tires Rain & Intermediate

Slick, mixture: hard

The slick with hard compound is ideal for tracks with high asphalt temperatures and heavy use due to many exchange bends and braking maneuvers. The hard compound is the most abrasion resistant and can therefore be used very well in endurance / long distance races. The warm-up phase for the optimum operating temperature (~ 80 ° C) is significantly longer with this compound than with the “medium” or “soft” compound.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and for the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Slick, mixture: medium

The medium bridges the gap between the hard and persistent as well as the extremely well adhering but also quickly wearing soft mixture. The medium thus covers a very wide range of applications. Its optimum operating temperature is ~ 75 ° C and, like the hard compound, requires a longer running-in time than the soft compound to reach temperature.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and for the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Slick, compound: soft

The soft PMT compound offers full grip even at lower temperatures. It wears out correspondingly quickly at higher temperatures and then no longer offers its full grip level. On the other hand, it reaches its optimum operating temperature of 70 ° C very quickly.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and between 1.4-1.9 bar for the rear.

Slick, rain

PMT offers with the Rain Slick a new interpretation of an intermediate. Based on the rubber compound of the pure rain tire, an intermediate with slick tread pattern has been created. It is ideal for changeable weather conditions with the same proportion of wet and dry sections.
The recommended inflation pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and for the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

rain racing

The rain tire from PMT plays in the highest league of rain experts for the circuit.
Whoever mounted this tire needs a good excuse if it didn't work out with a good placement ...
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and for the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Drag race

The Drag Race tires from PMT are ideal for all quartermill engines.
Here no grip is lost and all power is transferred to the asphalt without slip.
This also means that there is no mercy for clutch or gearbox ..

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Run & Race 2016, Pomposa, Italy - 16-18 / 09/2016

Last month Scooter Center rode to Pomposa, on the Adriatic coast, for the Run & Race finals of the European Scooter Challenge. Thanks to the attendance of the British Scooter Sport Organization (BSSO) and of further international racers, spectators could enjoy wonderful performances on the circuit.

With Lambretta to the Adriatic Riviera

It feels like a holiday. We still have a long way to go, about 3.000 km, and many things to do in Bella Italia. Our bus was packed with our equipment and with our best bgm parts for the Run & Race Italy. We started our journey in Cologne and after 1.000 km, from the Lake Garda, we traveled the last 250 km to Pomposa by scooter: two Race Tour Lambretta scooters with the

28mm Polini carburettor and the bgm big box:

  1. Lambretta DL 150 with 225 bgm PRO RaceTour
  2. Lambretta LI 150 1st series 195 bgm PRO RaceTour

Lambretta DL & LI

Hard test drive in the rain and pathole slalom

Test drive in Bella Italia: summertime, blue sky, now and then a short stop in Autogrill. That's the plan! But just half an hour later, after the motorway tunnel in Verona ... a pouring rain! Luckily there's no bad weather, just wrong clothes: and we have everything with us, but that's not enough and it still keeps on raining untill Pomposa. Several cars against crash barrier and crackings in asphalt paving show us what happened before.

Ride a scooter in the rainDespite the bad weather and patholes we can still ride very fast, about 110 km/h (GPS). the new TomTom VIO shows us the way and thanks to the great performance of ours scooters we can enjoy the ride.

Our scooter tour: the video

Great Run & Race in Italy

Just before arriving in Pomposa it finally stops raining and the sunshine starts to break through the cloud cover. Marco from Rimini Lambretta Center and the organizers of SIR welcome us and after drinking some white wine we go to our nice bungalow.

Our luxury bungalowThere's a lot going on on both evenings. On Saturday morning a delicious breakfast by the seaside, with sunshine and blue see… amazing… but we don't have enough time sice we have to set up our stand and we're curious to see what awaits us.


Setting up our stand was very easy, well, at least for those who went to bed sober before five o'clock in the morning. We present the wide range of our items. On this occasion we also have the chance to meet our old friends from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Great Britain and Cyprus.

Some pictures from our weekend

RACE - The races

Just on the opposite side we can see the exciting races taking place: racers competing up to the last meter. The Italian teams CASA Performance and Parmakit dominate the race. Our Austrian friend wins the race of the standardized class with a Polini engine. We hang a camera around Michi neck (Stoffi-team) - here a video of a training in the standardized class:

RUN - The scooter meeting

Run & Race – not only race, also scooter meeting. On the site of the racetrack we find many Italian stands selling every kind of merchandise and items, there are also lots of scooters to admire and we have many interesting discussions about scootering. All participants meet at the camping and bungalow park where they stay overnight. The concert on Saturday was cancelled, but we keep on having party until the morning hours. After the delicious breakfast on Sunday morning it's hard for us to leave. Still 250 km return journey await us, but this time in beautiful sunshine. We leave the motorway and we ride the last stretch across mountains and hinterland until we reach our Basecamp at the Lake Garda. Here we still have quite a lot to do scuh as visiting the piston manufacturer Meteor in Milan, making photos and videos.


Our best clutch for Vespa is back in stock

Just in time for the summer season BGM Superstrong clutch for Vespa largeframe is available again. The robust and reliable clutch is very much sought after, leading to having been sold out for a short time.

New generation of drive plates for Vespa clutches

From now on we will deliver the BGM Superstrong and the Superstrong CR with a new generation of steel plates. Did you know that there is a best order of assembly for the steel plates?

Vepsa Superstrong clutch for Vespa Largeframe P1390241

Vespa Superstrong clutch for Vespa largeframe P1390241

The new clutch comes with each plate being clearly marked with the correct position of the plate.

bgm Superstrong - new friction discs for the Vespa clutch

BGM Superstrong - new drive plates for Vespa clutches

We have revised all plates and optimized their fit.

The plate on position two has now got a defined curve at an individual radius in order to generate smooth disengagement behavior with any load.

The steel plates are series tested for smooth running and planar surface, as well as for quality of material and hardness. All steel plates achieve values ​​around 10hrc.

Apart from optimizing steel plates, nothing was changed in the proven concept of Superstrong clutches for Vespa PX, T5, Sprint, Rally ...


BGM PRO Vespa shock absorbers successful in ASCC race!

Just as we do for our Scooter Customshow, Austrians also cooperate: ASCC - Austrian Scooter Challenge Cup - is Austria's racing series for classic scooters, automatic scooters and electric scooters.

Every season consists of seven races with two runs each. At the end of the 2 worst race day results are subtracted.ascc-vespa-racing-austria

Successful with products of Scooter Center and BGM

Lukas Schossmann is the big surprise of this season. As a member of the sQooter racing team he already won 4 races. The team bets on many tuning parts by Scooter Center Cologne. Quattrini engine with M1L-60 cylinder and crankshaft with 51mm stroke. Suspension: BGM Pro shock absorber for Vespa PK front and rear. The braking system with a radial brake master cylinder in front is also made by BGM.

bgm Pro Vespa shock absorber Vespa racing motorsport

Only 5 euros shipping fee to Austria

Scooter Center Very quickly via UPS and DHL delivers for 5 Euros shipping fees to Austria - up to 31kg, you can order a lot.

Order now in the Scooter Center scooter shop

ASCC - innovative and modern scooter racing series in Austria

ASCC supports trying well known and new products during training. Thus enabling the drivers to rent and try suspension for instance. Many racers, however, also install these products in their street scooters and recommend these products to friends and family.

The organization team of ASCC did not spare any efforts and heavily invested in season 2015. They now own a timekeeping device and from race day # 2 (25th of April in Greinbach) onwards all races will be documented via MyLaps Live-Timing. This is the next generation of timekeeping with live-app on smart-phone and tablet, live-timing online and on screens at site, as well as offering various information on displays of the drivers. You can find racing results on hon (choose Austria in “all countries”).


1st race day in Tulln. A raging success

Waiting has an end on the 11th of April 2015: the first race of the new season was about to start. So there were 23 scooterists and several thousand spectators and fans who could not wait to see the start of the first race in 2015. At the same time, a motorbike fair (the largest in Austria in 2015) offers the possibility to present ASCC, the teams and oneself to an interested audience. What happened?

Many spectators were there on Saturday morning to see the qualifying. The weather was perfect. Drivers were motivated. And the perfect surprise: Newcomer Lukas Schossmann from team won the pole position with a lap time of 22.8sec. Thomas Lukaseder of GP-one started from position 2 and Thomas Prasch, the overall winner of 2014 of the Horny-Hornets, started from 3.

The first race started at 2 pm and took, like any other ASCC race, 15min + 2 laps. The track turned out to be rather slow, narrow and highly selective. Therefore many drivers fell and there were many defects, fortunately, nothing was really bad though. Lukas Schossmann, the surprise, didn't have any difficulty and celebrated his first win. Thomas Prasch finished 2nd and Christoph Lafer 3rd. Organizer Ron: “We knew in advance about the narrow and slow track. But all the racers were fair. "

Race 2 saw an even larger audience, which witnessed more race action and exciting fights for the lead. Lap times were tight, the lead changed, drivers were lapped. All the drivers were convinced: “Tull was awesome. And a large audience, cool. " Schossmann and his BGM PRO Vespa suspension also finished first in race 2, in front if Prasch and Kirchhofer.

ASCC Vespa Racing Austria Austria

Race day 2: Greinbach All or nothing!

All the racers of ASCC agree: "All or nothing!" is the slogan for the track of the PS Racing Center in Greinbach. Either you pull through the long high speed bend (more than 100km / h), don't care about the bumps at its end and perfectly meet all the load alterations or you loose.

And this happened on race day # 2 on April, 25th 2015: only those racers without fears and with the most experience reached for the podium. Gerhard Konrad, local hero and member of the HG-Racingteam, was forced to quit early (damage on a cylinder during training). This paved the way for the 3 best racers of the season: Lukas Schossmann, Thomas Prasch and Rainer Kirchhofer. Christopf Lafer of the VorResoSchalter team surprisingly put pressure on them and even finished third in the second run.

Schossmann and Prasch battled for the lead for some rounds, which were the most exciting scenes of the day. Due to a badly adjusted clutch, Schossmann lost his pole position right away. But he won the race in front of Prasch and Kirchhofer. Schossmann and his BGM shock absorbers gained another full 25 points, in front of Prasch on two and Christoph Lafer on three.

ASCC pictures / photos

Here you can find many great pictures of the races:

ascc vespa racing pictures photos

ASCC results / table

Current overall table:

ASCC scooter race points result

Vespa Raid Maroc 2014: The hardest Vespa race in the world!

This year was the third time for the Vespa Raid in Morocco. A six-day race over mountains and across the desert. But always winding slopes and slalom through football sized boulders and other obstacles.

In addition to the absolute physical fitness that the driver must have, the achieved average speed counts less than the navigation skills. Because only with the successful drive through all the check points you will get the highest score.

bgm PRO Vespa stainless steel rims


Sticky on bgm PRO indestructible stainless steel rims through the desert

For all the rivalry between the teams, the atmosphere of fair play and great helpfulness to each other is practiced. The biggest battle is against the adversities of nature and not against the fellow racers.
Ferran, one of the organizers, made available for Sticky a pink Vespa PX on the road to enable him to expand his broad portfolio of racetracks. The Vespa PX is well prepared for this type of race and has proven itself in three desert racing seasons. Including the 2011 Pan-Africa Rally, which is the inspiration for the Morocco Rally organizer.


I used the BGM rim on the front wheel for 5 days and on the rear for the last two days, Initially I worried that the rear tire might spin on the smooth rim and rip the valve out when running at low pressures, but it never did . On day 6 I rode to the checkpoint with a deflating front tire on a BGM rim, but despite hitting some big rocks the rim was still fine when I changed the tube. The lip on the outer edge of the rim is much thicker and stronger than standard. Changing tires and tubes with these stainless split rims is a lot easier than with loose paint and rusty steel or with tubeless wheels. If the BGM rims prove reliable in the long term then you'd expect every tire change to be this easy. " Sticky


Despite health problems (which may have had an impact on his top decking passion), he pulls up to 200 km per day on the Vespa.

Especially shock absorbers, rims and tires and the fragile engine housing are in danger of getting permanently damaged or completely destroyed. In this picture the nice looking original black standard rim did not stand the stress:

bgm PRO Vespa stainless steel rims

On day 5 it is so far and sticky get a puncture and broken navigator holder on mixed terrain. The navigator holder is replaced by gaffer tape and the original Piaggio Vespa rims are replaced by the bgm PRO stainless steel rims. The right decision! Not only stable, but also beautiful, the new bgm PRO stainless steel rims - who still needs chrome rims?
In contrast to the completely deformed and wavy rims, our standard bgm stainless steel rims presents themselves at the end of the race still like new and in non-dented condition!



bgm PRO Vespa stainless steel rims


Buy Vespa tires


bgm PRO Vespa stainless steel rims



You will find the next sticky adventure here


Scooter Trolley Magny Cours

10-hour scooter tole endurance scooter racing in Magny Cours


The third endurance, organized by the Association Scootentole and Retro Scooter Nivernais on the long Club track of Magny Cours, entered a new phase:

  • 34 teams at the start,
  • some 130 pilots of
  • six different nationalities.
 The principle: Start on sunday morning at 9:00, finishing 10 hours later. The first under the checkered flag wins. Simple! 

Nice weather, beautiful track, the event is full of promises. Qualifying on Saturday saw the "official teams" confrontation during which, the 225SS Casa Lambretta steals the pole to the swift ”full Money ”Liquid cooled Vespa. Right behind, the Burzock LML team PX 215 Pinasco engine created a surprise by beating the Squadra Corse Mito Lambretta (AF Rayspeed RB20 ) and the German Dart Racing Team PK 150 Polini Evo...


On sunday, to the delight of drivers and spectators, right from the beginning of the race, started a track battle wich opposed the best Lambrettas against the best Vepas. On the Lambretta side, within the first hour, the Casa Lambretta boys had a broken crankshaft, while the MitoLambretta Rayspeed AF were still at the forefront, and the Lambretta-Authentik (RT195 MB Dev) was holding the 4th place ... before breaking his exhaust . Seems Like Vespas were going to win the fight this year!


Vespa Pugenti Corsa Quattrini leaded ?? the race from start to the finish, tremendous for a first participation! For the second place, the battle for the podium between four opponents, saw the Germans of the Dart Racing take the advantage over the French LML-Pinasco-Burzock (third and first largeframe), followed by the Spanish PK Racing Rolando Quattrini, and the Italian team of Mito Lambretta. Ranked during a time in the top 5, the PK of SPRT (Quattrini), the PK of PRT-Korona (Falc), the PX Authentik (210 Malossi) and Old Scoot Racing (Parmakit 177), and the small Pinasco VSP21, due to falls or mechanical problems, were forced to back down into the rankings. ... Despite the long track (tough for engines) and the hot sun, most teams classified in the first part of the ranking table, those who experienced no major mechanical problems!

As previous years, this event went perfectly well, and what a pleasure to see the joy of the teams who managed to cross the finish line. This race is already a classic. The organizers hope that, a probable extension of the grid to 45 teams would make things even more exciting! See you next year!

Many thanks to our partners: Scooter Center

Classement final / final ranking:

1. Vespa Pugenti Corsa Quattrini (ITA-Thomas Leonardi / Cristian Mazelli / Mauro Murgia) - Vespa Proto 125cc liquid full Quattrini - 352T. - MTC: 1.33.225
2nd Dart Racing (GER-Mark Dittgen / Robert Ludwig / Felix Richter / Torsten Wengeler / Alex Stroh) - Vespa 150 Polini Evo- 340T. - MTC: 1.35.612
3.Burzock Team-LML France (FRA-Lucien Jules / Jean-Luc Nobleaux / Ben Robillard) - LML Star4 moteur PX 215 Pinasco - 332T. - MTC: 1.35.821
4. Rolando Racing Motorodelo (ESP-Rolando Guldris / Jose Perez Guttierez / Fabio Vasques / Pedro Sequeira) - Vespa PK Quattrini M1. 327T. - MTC: 1.40.465
5th MitoLambretta Squadra Corsa (ITA-Luca Bortoletto / Francesco Collodello / Matteo Marconi) - Lambretta Proto RB20 AF Rayspeed - 320T. - MTC: 1.35.811
6.Scuderia Heini Zoller Hof (GER-Matthias Henze / Ivo Knahn / Skender Imeri) - Zundapp Bella 250S “Scramblenette” - 314T. - MTC: 1.44.965
7th Squadra Corse Unogas (ITA-Stefano Bono / Fulvio Brambilla / Fabio Ferrando) - Vespa Special 133 Polini - 314T.- MTC: 1.42.695
8th Stihl Racing Team (GER-Toni Fattorusso / Stefan Kummermehr / Ralph Hofmann) - Vespa Cosa 210 Malossi - 312T. - MTC: 1.45.855
9. Authentic Lambretta (FRA-Gilles Fraval / Lionel Mahous / David Palloume) - Lambretta LD MB dev 195RT - 309T. - MTC: 1.43.541
10.Racing Mob Creusotin (FRA- Eric et Christophe Bidot / Daniel Blanc / Marc Lacombre) - Vespa PK 133 Polini - 306T. - MTC: 1.45.428
11.Bozamix Racing (ITA-Paolo Bozzini / Alessandro Carrella / Filippo Collova) - Lambretta 186 Super Imola - 305T. - MTC: 1.40.093
12.VSP 21 Team (ITA-Fabrizio Sala / Livio Damiani / Alberto Cosa / Gianluca Giorgini) - Vespa Small Pinasco - 298T. - MTC: 1.39.216
13.SPRT 1 (FRA- F-Xavier Bres / Julien Desnuelle / Maxime Dias / Olivier Doussot) - Vespa PK 144 Quattrini puis 133 Polini - 297T. - MTC: 1.36.446
14.La Drouille Racing 2 (FRA-Adeline Buffet / André de Araujo / Flavien Poret / Vincent Cuisset) - Vespa PX 166 Malossi - 296T. - MTC: 1.50.082
15th B & B Racing Team (FRA-Thomas Bartolini / Sébastien Baumert / Dino Vinciguerra) - Vespa PK 133 Polini Evo - 295T. - MTC: 1.45.148
16.8 Ball Racing 1 (FRA-Ric Delacuisine / Frédéric Deluy / Stéphane Garcia / Stéphane Quentin) - Vespa PK Quattrini M1 - 295T. - MTC: 1.45.313
17th TVSC Racing (FRA-Sam Carrette / Jean-Marc Couillaud / Grégoire Fallay / Jordane Vacher) - Vespa PX 177 Pinasco - 288T.- MTC: 1.51.567
18.Bic Racing Team (FRA-Charles Baulu / Nicolas Domerc / Benoit Wunschel) - Vespa PX 210 Malossi MHR - 261T.- MTC: 1.52.865
19.GDM 1 Vespa club Savoie (FRA-Bertrand Ablondi / Yannick Clavel / Jean-Michel Excoffier) ​​- Vespa PX 215 Pinasco - 242T.- MTC: 1.48.431
20th Boyscoot Shop 2 (FRA-Mickael Chabot / Alexis Chevalier / Julien Roux) - Vespa PK 133 Polini - 233T. - MTC: 1.44.715
21.Boyscoot Shop 1 (FRA-Philippe Dupont / Sébastien Jacquinot / Thierry Pot) - Vespa PX 221 Polini alu puis DR177 - 216T.- MTC: 1.46.374
22.Casa Lambretta (ITA-Mattia, Micol et Paolo Pacini) - Lambretta 225SS Casa - 208T.- MTC: 1.31.025
23.La Drouille Racing 1 (FRA-Jean-Paul Belmondouze / Ulysse Blanc / Guillaume Bordas) - Vespa PX 210 Malossi MHR - 208T. - MTC: 1.42.193.
24.8 Ball Racing 2 (FRA-Sophie Deluy / Florence Gillot / Emilie Paris / Thomas Lehmann / Thomas Boisson) - Vespa PK 133 Polini - 207T. - 1.48.858
25th Authentik Racing Team (FRA-Stéphane Azcue / Cyril Castera / Marc Cheverlepot / Sylvain Mathieu) - Vespa PX 220 Malossi - 202T.- MTC: 1.37.116
26th Events Scooter Boys (FRA-Romain Baguet / Stefan Barbot / Eric Bazard) - Vespa Special 133 Polini Evo - 177T.- MTC: 1.38.113
27.PRT-Korona Racing (FRA-Maxime Gautier / Fabien Follet / Patrick Vengeon / Stefano Villa) - Vespa PK 130 Falc Racing - 159T.- MTC: 1.31.717
28.Jean Jean Motion (FRA-David Darphin / Désiré Donat / Karim el Khomri / Joaquim Modesto / Julien Rioult) - Vespa PX200 - 155T.- MTC: 2.00.112
29.Old Scoot Racing (FRA-Eric Daca / Stéphane de Cancellis / Thierry Fortin / Joël Puzantian) - Vespa PX 177 Parmakit - 148T. DNF / AB - MTC: 1.38.437
30.GDM2 Vespa Club Savoie (FRA-Alex Brunet / Aurélien Grosmaire / Patrice Fontaine / Angelo Scalzo) - Vespa PX 177 Pinasco puis 177 Polini- 135T.- DNF / AB - MTC: 1.50.257
31st GDB Team (CH-Stéphane Keickeis / Georges Luthi / Jean-Paul Wenger) - Vespa PK 133 Polini - 212T.- DNF / AB. - MTC: 1.50.414
32.Bricol'Boys Team (FRA-Antoine Cocozza / Stéphane Demonchaux / Florian Illiaquer) - Vespa PK 136 Malossi - 82T.- MTC: 1.42.356
33. MitoLambretta 2 VNR (ITA-Francesco Agostini / Martino Nardi / Marco Rubino) - Lambretta Proto Full Mito VNR 205 - 2T.- MTC: 1.48.661
34.RSP-Area 51 (FRA-Benjamin Arneguy / Richard Beaudet / Olivier Muscat) - Vespa SS replica Quattrini - 148T.- DNF / AB / DEC - MTC: 1.43.655
Meilleur temps en course / best lap: Casa Lambretta (ITA-Mattia Pacini): 1.31.025



10HMC14 10HMC14a 10HMC14b 10HMC14c 10HMC14h 10HMC14v IMG_1529 IMG_1531 IMG_1645 MC10H14boz3

Vespa race and ESC opening in Mirecourt 2014


Mirecourt Vespa & Lambretta racing 2014 in France

Vespa race and ESC opening in Mirecourt 2014

It was a great edition of the now classic Challenge Scootentole Mirecourt, 2014 ESC season opening, where the best vintage scooter drivers from Europe gathered together on the long weekend of the 31st of May.

Challenge + Mirecourt + 2014 + 531


About 120 riders had registered, and most of them arrived as early as Thursday to start training on the track.
Speaking of which, the novelty for 2014 was a new high-speed curve before the straight line. This configuration change allowed some of the fastest drivers to go as fast as 135km / h!


With light rain showers on the Friday, the weather improved along the week-end and the Saturday was a great day for racing, with no serious accident, on a dry track.


t should be noted that the girl-class (C7 / K7) had 13 participants and the C2S / K5 had 39 drivers !!



After the podium, the lucky draw sponsored by SCK, and the famous “apero”, Saturday night party was improvised at the last minute and proved again to be a great way to have people bonding together.


Please find the ranking here:


* Fairplay trophy: George Luthy (CH) # 346
* Best scooter: Jentsch Mark (DE) # 190
* Best Newbie: Maxime Gauthier (FR) # 294


"Thanks again to SCOOTER CENTER for supporting Challenge Scootentole!"

A lot of beautiful pictures from Michel Lemarie ( ) and others can be seen in here.

Biggest classic vespa race ever!

FlyerCSMirecourt2013HDMirecourt, France, ESC 2013 season opening and 13th Challenge Scootentole, 155 drivers decided to write history!
All categories were reasonably packed for fair action and good fun!

Most people arrived on Thursday while some hard-core drivers took advantage of the privileged relationship we have with the circuit of Mirecourt to arrive as soon as Wednesday !! Thursday and Friday, the track was available for practice. Unfortunately this is on that day that we had a big accident seeing a driver breaking is leg. Season did not even start for him… Too bad! The weather was cold, changing with a bit of rain from time to time.

On the next day, Saturday the day of the actual Challenge Scootentole, we arbitrarily split the two C2S qualification sessions in the morning in order to even chances for a good time.

vespa-racing_mirecourt-02 vespa-racing_mirecourt-04

From there, everything went very smoothly and we could see beautiful and fair racing, well helped by the weather; it actually did not rain during any of the sessions, only at lunch break !! With little surprise, the usual masters of the track trusted the first places in K1 and K2, but new comers are starting to push hard, like the young Romain Baguet from Team 70s scooter who finished 3rd in K4 and 1st in K5! The K7 category, girlz power, driving with the K6 and the slowest of the K5, the grid was filled up with 13 girls, a very promising number for the rest of the season!
It should be mentioned that every year the level of preparation and the quality of all scooters is improving. This was still true in 2013, with beautiful teams and scooters that actually looks like scooters (cuts are restricted to a minimum in the Challenge Scootentole).

vespa-racing_mirecourt-03 vespa-racing_mirecourt-01

On the oddities side, it was interesting to see in action in K2 the French V5A frame # 216 from Julien Desnuelle, driven by Olivier Doussot (both from SPRT team) the first racing vespa fitted with an electronic injection (Keep an eye on it: Vespa Tuning M1L Quattrini Vespa without Carb )!
We also saw an official LML 4T Corsa (166 Polini) in demonstration in the K6 / K8 sessions. Not so fast as expected, but some people seemed very interested by the potential of the tubular chassis ...

During the award ceremony and lucky draw we could hand over some very nice gifts and presents thanks to our sponsors, and especially Scooter Center!
After that, helped with a little “apero”, most of the people started to relax and the party lasted long on the campsite until very late!
On the next and finale day, Sunday, after a well deserved “croissant” offered by the Challenge Scootentole, all people slowly started to pack and to head home, bringing with them plenty of great souvenirs!

The Challenge Scootentole would like to thank again Scooter Center for their continuous support!

We will be waiting for you on the 8th of June in Marcillat for the 14th Challenge Scootentole>


Vespa tuning made in France

This is a M1L Quattrini Smallframe racing - Vespa from France without any carburetor.

M1L Quattrini means, this Vespa engine is tuned with this cylinder kit: Quattrini M1L.

“Without any carburetor”? YES!
The guys from SPRT racing put the electronic 2-stroke direct injection
CORRECTION: Julien emailed us: “Direct injection” means that the injector is on the cylinder head. This is not our case.
indirect injection on the Smallframe Vespa from Julien Desnuelle.

In addition:
The cylinder is an old M1L 2008, the one with the tiny reeds. It is associated to full circle Mazu crank for ETS, Vespatronic ignition and Franz exhaust: that's a really small set-up for a K2!
The carb has been changed for a 28 mm throttle body with butterfly.

Watch the racing scooter with the M1L Quattrini in action on the Scootentole Mirecourt track.
Driver: Olivier Doussot, SPRT Team.

[youtube] _sjx2i4xFlY [/ youtube]

M1L Quattrini cylinder Vespa 8000068

Get M1L Quattrini Vespa - cylinder made: Scooter Center

Nice video of a Vespa: Supermoto vs racing - Vespa.

Recorded on the Pannonia Ring:


You want a racing - Vespa? Vespa shop

It was the fourth time that the season was opened with the Spring Race. The event took place at the ÖAMTC testing area on the 27th of April 2013. We the DART RACINF TEAM were happy to attend once again.

DART Spring Race 2013 005

The 1200 meter long circuit has some full throttle head down ass up areas, but some more complicated to handle areas as well.

The start / finish area is a specially nice part of the track. After 200 meters down hill ther comes a cumber and after this the downward slope is even deeper. If you are fast enough the contact between the tires and tarmac is lost. Pure perfection!

This is the profile of the circuit.


Before the race was started at 6:15 h there was the chance to do some short testing for 40 minutes. Luckily the weather forecast came true and it was dry and sunny.

DART Springrace 2013 006 - copy

At 7:00 a.m. the starters took their position.

Starting was done in classic LeMans style.

DART Spring Race 2013 010

The day before where we prepared the pit stop.

DART Spring Race 2013 017

The starting places were given by the lot.

Well, who knows what this can mean….

DART Springrace 2013 015 - copy

The first 90 minutes of the race were completely free of problems or anything to worry about. Untill the moment where the engine bolt cracked while Robert raced the bike.

DART Springrace 2013 020 - copy

The repair work of changing the engine bolt throws us back from place 10 to 38.

With this bad position we had to race very steadily to get back near to the top grid.

But with a long distance race we were optimistic that this wasn't the end of all days. And other riders had their problems as well. Near us ...

DART Spring Race 2013 019

Beside us ...

DART Spring Race 2013 021

And opposite us...

DART Spring Race 2013 013

But 8 hours on the track later we had to fix the bike again.

New brake pads were needed because of the slope on the circuit.

DART Spring Race 2013 037

The remaining 4 hours were almost without problems. Expect for one broken flywheel cover.

The Polini Evo chraged with the bigbertha and breathed by the 33mm Keihin were faultlessly working and the perfect choice. the Sawa tires Have resisted the 12 h race very well and will be the weapon of chioce for the upcoming 24 hour race in Spain.

DART Spring Race 2013 045

Especially up hill the torque low down was the right choice. The small dip at the dyno sheet is the price you have to pay for the broad power band and good power delivery. This gives a very trackable engine where you almost always find the right gear and can accelerate like hell out of the corners.

DART Springrave V1

We were chuffed after 12 hours of racing, but satisfied with the 8th overall position.

DART Spring Race 2013 041

We, the DART RACING TEAM, would like to thank the organizers and all attendants. It was a Mords Gaudi (Austrian for murder jamboree) and we hope to be back in 2014!

Cheers everyone

The second Fallrace took place on the 29th of September 2012 in Rechnitz / Austria.

As part of the long stretch next tendurance championship, the fall race is the final of the season after the Spring Race and the Endurance Race in Hungary.

On Friday it was possible to practice all day on the Speed ​​arena racetrack.

Enough time to get to know the asphalt conditions and to test the new BGM shocks.

Our race vehicle was once again our proven PK, with which we have been to some endurance races already.

Equipped with Polini Evo, Straw speed intake, BGM crank and Big bertha, we had reliable 24hp and 20Nm for the upcoming 11h race available.

The only 970m long track with 16 turns with alternating fast and slow passages was extremely demanding. Drivers and material were brought to the limits, a fact that we have experienced in the later course of the race.

For the entire race weekend, the weather forecast had promised lots of sun, and above all no rain.

After the rain-slicked roads in Hungary and Magny Cours, a real treat for the season finale - we thought ...

The Saturday morning was initially starting with few clouds and the anticipation to start at the sunrise was huge.

After the driver and the vehicle was ready and the pit lane was set up,

we were all looking forward to the Le Mants-Start at 7:30 am.

Started from grid position 11, we were able to move forward to 3rd position with the help of a tire gamble when rain started to fall.

There were many exciting battles and frequent changes of position not only in the front rows.

Unfortunately, our dreams were destroyed 3 hours before the race ended.

The brake pads gave up after 8 hours of race and had to be replaced.

This unwanted stop took about 8 minutes, which made us drop from 3rd to 5th place. With 2 laps behind we started our comeback again.

Despite all attempts we could not reach one of the podium positions. We decided half an hour before the race ended, to just safely and without falling finish the race safely and ended up after the 11 hours and 532 laps on position 5.

In retrospect, we can say that it was the most exciting race weekend and a successful final to this year's season.

We thank all those who work in the organization and realization of this series.

Thanks to our sponsors Scooter Center and everyone who supported us during the 2012 season.

See you on the track in 2013!

Dates for the Spring– and fall race are already set ...

Dennis, Alex, Robert, Torsten

On 21st and 22nd September the Scootentole season final race took place at the Magny Cours racetrack.

The Scootentole series consists of 3 races and became quite popular among the ESC drivers.

After the last races of the ESC in Hungary were dominated by heavy rain, we had hoped for a nice, warm weekend.

Unfortunately, the Friday practice at Magny Cours had to be completed in rain as well.

So best choice was the Sava monsoon rain tire.

As the rain got even heavier on Friday night, all our hopes for a dry race on Saturday were gone. Even the cautiously optimistic online betting weather service could not really brighten our mood.

On Saturday we were surprised by a drying track which made it possible to drive the first free practice and qualifying.

With the Sava tires the rather slippery path could be mastered quite well. Nevertheless, the top times were still at 1:10, and once the water vanished from the track, Maik Persch (ESC175) could set the best lap at 1:08.

It remained dry throughout the day, so it was not a hectique tire change from dry to wet tires.

So on Saturday we could easily use the Sava Super Sofat tire for the front wheel and the Soft Drinks one for the rear.

On these tires, and despite a very significant departure just followed by a hanging throttle slide, Maik Persch (this year's champion of the ESC) could win the overall victory in the class C3.

The award ceremony took place in usual high spirits. A nice food buffet, followed by raffle rounded up a nice end to the day.

... and in the paddock the season final was also celebrated sufficiently, the “K8 pub bar class” of the ESC is racing series comprehensive :-)

2012 was a special year, because this year for the first time started the ESC Endurance. In this Long Distance Championship, unlike regular ESC Cup sprint races, teams drive up to 6 hours at a stretch for the win. the Scooter Center Cologne sent the GSF SCK Endurance Team (Andreas Putz, Michael, “maniac” Betz) into the race, which already did a great run during the 24 hour race in Spain and then won one famous triple victory (fastest lap, class victory, total victory ).

With correspondingly high expectations about the team went to the first endurance race in Liedolsheim Run'n'Race organized by the under the Stone Heads SC. The team was able to enter the race without any major problems in first place. After the Endurance Run in Wackersdorf had to be canceled due to modest weather, the race at the Harzring track was on the plan, which was organized by Wotox SC. The weather had been mixed, and we experienced a nasty departure, which let us finish the race beyond the podium positions. After some work on our racing machine, the rpm Scootering, metal fight in Belleben was on the plan, which was completed in second despite a leaky head, leaky exhaust flange and a cracked reed valve. Cursed with these defects, the engine deserved a complete overhaul. Thanks to this extra work the engine lasted all races of the season including the 24h race unrevised. With the newly revised work unit, we met for the season finale at the 'Holidays in Hungary', which was organized by the GOA SC. At the beginning of the race we were still on a hard-fought first place, but we lost valuable time due to a brake defect and an unreliable spark plug. Equipped with a strategic desire to win and with fantastic weather, we secured second place in Hungary, which has brought us the victory to win the first place in the ESC Endurance Championship!

At this point, many thanks to our guest drivers Benedikt Neuberger, Robert Leibfarth and Jens Fischer… Great work guys, another job well done!