Scooter Customshow 2016 - News


Wow - such a high demand. We have never had this many exhibitors and participants at the custom show. We are proud to present extremely great custom scooters and first appearances at the Scooter Center custom show! Thank you for your commitment !!

We have sent away all approvals! You did apply, but didn't receive any reply or approval? Please get in touch.


  • bgm
  • Casa Lambretta (IT)
  • Custom scooter parts (NL)
  • Flying Classics Hamburg
  • Hidden Power Scooter Club
  • kerresinhio (happy Vespas)
  • Lambretta Club Belgium (BE)
  • Lambretta Club of Germany
  • Lambretta parts Heilbronn
  • Nagy tin roller
  • Parmakit (IT)
  • Pinasco (AT / CH / DE)
  • Rimini Lambretta Center (IT)
  • Scooter Center
  • Scootersdive
  • Bench doctor
  • SLUK (UK)
  • Soulflat / Classic Scooter magazine
  • Elmsbusch playroom
  • TD - Customs
  • Vespa Club Roude Léiw Luxembourg (LUX)
  • Vespa Club of Germany
  • and many private parts booths


Parking lot Custiomshow Cologne


You will find an awesome snack bar at our Customshow offering delights such as "ORIGINAL BERLIN CURRYWURST".


  • Currywurst 2.30 EURO
  • Chips 1.50 euros
  • Nuggets 2.30 EURO
  • Vegan sausage 3.80 EURO

You can have various types of sauces and degrees of spice with your currywurst:


A normal
* or with Happy Pig (Slightly smoky)

BA little hot approx. 1,500 SCU
* or with Cowtown (Slightly smoky)
* or Crazy Pig (Slightly smoky & a little more spice)
+ Medium hot approx. 3,000 SCUs
* or with Night of the living (Slightly smoky)


C Hot approx. 3,500 SCUs
* or with Burning Pig (Slightly smoky)
+ Red Jalapeno approx. 8,000 SCUs
+ Green Jalapeno approx. 8,000 SCUs
+ Ghost Pepper approx. 22,800 SCUs
+ Fire salamander approx. 50,000 SCU

PRO - at your own risk !!!

- Green Tabasco approx. 100,000 SCU
- Red Tabasco approx. 100,000 SCU
- Beyond Insanity approx. 119,700 SCU

D Habanero approx. 175,000 SCUs
+ Black widow approx. 229,000 SCU

E ground zero approx. 234,000 SCUs
+ Red Savina Habanero approx. 280,000 SCUs
+ crazy gibbon approx. 553,000 SCUs
+ Mad Doc 357 approx. 600,000 SCUs
+ Bih Jolokia approx. 800,000 SCUs
+ Pepper King approx. 1,000,000 SCUs

F final answer approx. 1,500,000 SCU

There are even hotter sauces, but you need to sign and prove tolerable of final answer first

Information: Tabasco is rated approx. 3,000 Scovilles!!


Scooter Custom Show 2016

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