1st Italian Customshow in Riva

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screen SCOOTER CENTER was glad to visit the 1st Italian Customshow in Riva del Garda.

A nice place associated with scenic landscapes, nice roads around the lake itself. Something you could really enjoy. Something we have seen at least while arriving and leaving. The rest of the time we have spend doing the Scooter Center stall at the custom show and enjoying the weekend at the do's.

The Customshow was organized by Italian's umbrella organization SIR and local club Corsi di Alpi. It took place together with the car and bike show “Motorissma” and the Customshow had a massive hall downstairs. If you would have landed there by accident no one would get the idea that it was the first time for a scooter custom show in Italy. Roughly 60 scooters were on display. There were more Lambrettas on show and the quality of the work was higher as well. Uncommon for us was that the show took place on two days. But even better so we had two nights for relaxing.

The Friday evening started for us with the preparation of our stall. After the work was done and quite a few beers have been drunken, we left for the night out. After some more drinks we enjoyed the Italian style of cooking and café. The nighter room was in the basement of our hotel. Very comfortable for us. A tricky situation came with the next morning. The show started at 9 o'clock and a few hours sleep had to be enough to get thru the day. But with two kinds of energy drinks, Red Bull and Ottakringer life was easy for everyone.

We had a good time, met lots of nice people, dedicated scooterists and like to say thank you to the organizers as all attendends as well. So we hope to come back next year.

For the pictures of the weekend check ours Gallery and check the video:

[youtube] R99tdWhPyvM [youtube]
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