Malossi cylinder Vespa 200

New Vespa cylinder Malossi

"New Malossi cylinder Vespa 200"You read that right, because there are two new Malossi 210s:

Malossi has revised its cylinder for the Vespa PX 200 and is now bringing the popular Vespa tuning cylinder in two versions:

  • Malossi cylinder Vespa 200 3115618 SPORT Vespa 200
  • Malossi cylinder Vespa 200 3115567 MHR Vespa 200
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Malossi cylinder Vespa 200

History of the Malossi Vespa cylinders

1983 “The 210” Malossi cylinder

Piaggio is redesigning the Vespa PX, which has been built since 1977, and introducing the Vespa Acrobaleno and Vespa Lusso. In Germany the following and the subculture around the Vespa is getting bigger and bigger.
At the same time, one of the most popular tuning parts is being developed. The legendary Malossi aluminum cylinder with Nicasil coating for the Vespa 200 engines (PX 200, Rally 200, Cosa 200). It becomes the basis for many extremely tuned engines and a reliable companion with plug-in tuning.

 2008 New cylinder head

Vespa tuning is becoming more and more extreme. 25 years after his birth there is an update for THE CYLINDER. The update essentially consists of a revised cylinder head.

2013 Sport & MHR cylinder

Engines with 30+ HP are no longer uncommon. This time it only takes 5 years to evolve. There will be 2 versions.
Here are the features of the new cylinders:

  • Aluminum cylinder
  • Nicasil coating
  • Completely revised channels
  • 2 different portmaps for the outlet channel
  • SPORT: for touring
  • MHR: for racing
  • Cylinder head with O-ring seal
  • Cylinder head with bushings for centered alignment of the head

2014 update MHR 221cc

Malossi MHR 221ccm, new cylinder for the 200cc Vespa with 60mm stroke

Malossi MHR 221cc Vespa PX 200 Rally 200 Cylinder Kit

Malossi cylinder Vespa 200

The setup suggestions from Malossi:

Malossi cylinder 3115618 SPORT Vespa 200

  • The sport version should be the touring cylinder. Comparable to the previous 210 Malossi. It should be possible to drive it with the original or slightly tuned crankshaft, with original carburettors up to 30mm carburettors and sports exhausts.

Malossi cylinder 3115567 MHR Vespa 200

  • Malossi recommends a racing crankshaft, carburetors from 30mm and racing exhaust.
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Scooter Center Tip:

We ask for a little patience here. Of course, we ordered the new cylinders straight away. As soon as we have the Malossi cylinders on the table, we will take a look at the details and test them directly on our in-house dynamometer. We'll keep you up to date here!

The new bgm PRO Vespa exhaust is already looking forward to his new friend!

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