Vespa GTS animation oil level sight glass

New oil pan with sight glass for VESPA GTS

With this practical oil pan, you always have control over the engine oil in your Vespa engine. Already available for the new HPE / models without a connector for the dipstick and soon also for the older HPE models with an dipstick connector on the oil pan.

I think this part is brilliant - I could have come up with the idea, but Peter von Jack fox had the idea first and implemented it perfectly.

Bushing fox oil sight glass Vespa GTS

Instead of measuring the oil level using the dipstick, all you need to do now is look at the sight glass

  • Do I still have enough oil?
  • I risk ggs with the next trip. a major engine failure?
  • With this modified Piaggio oil pan you are on the safe side!

Because through this simple one Tuning trick for Vespa GTS The annoying, time-consuming and imprecise checking of the oil level using the dipstick is no longer necessary. A quick check before the tour is now done by simply looking at the oil sight glass.

Black or silver?

We offer the oil pans in the following colors, always with us: black anodized sight glasses!

How is the oil level read?

The dipstick does not fall away, it is still there for you to check the oil level. The middle of the sight glass shows you the maximum oil level. The sight glass also functions as a spirit level. To read it, it is best to place your GTS on the stand, make sure it is on a flat surface. According to Peter, whether the engine is warm or cold is irrelevant, it doesn't matter much when it comes to the Vespa oil level!

TIPP: Compare the oil level with the oil dipstick the first 2-3 times, this will give you a better feeling for the oil level in the sight glass! With you it could then for example look like this:

Vespa GTS animation oil level sight glass

NOTE:  The oil lamp on the Vespa is an oil pressure control. In practice this means: when the lamp comes on, the engine is usually already down. (If the oil pressure loss is due to insufficient oil quantity)


New original Piaggio oil pan

Only NEW ORIGINAL PIAGGIO oil pans are used for the production, which are laboriously reworked on the CNC milling machine for the installation of the oil sight glass.

What's in the box

  • New, original Piaggio oil pan - CNC milled and provided with a sight glass

We also recommend the oil and the oil filter to change, that's what we have to do practical inspection kits.

Installation instructions

The installation of an oil pan is easy, but you should work cleanly. Here we have information about Vespa GTS oil pan and assembly


CONCLUSION: Oil level check for Vespa GTS hpe made easy!