Thomas Heck overall winner RH Scooter Cup 70cc powered by SCOOTER CENTER
Thomas Heck overall winner RH Scooter Cup 70cc powered by SCOOTER CENTER

BMC / RH-Scooter Cup Thomas Heck overall victory powered by SCOOTER CENTER

BMC / RH Scooter Cup 2011
Final Harzring October 29.10.2011, XNUMX

After an 8-week break from racing, it was time to go to the Harzring at the end of October Grand final of the BMC / RH-Scooter Cup 2011.

Thanks to good placements in the current season, I've got one 23 points ahead worked out on Federico Torsiello, whom I naturally wanted to defend there. The goal was clear - to become champion in the 70cc class again.

Even this year, Petrus played great despite the late date, it was almost t-shirt weather!
Since training and the race took place on Saturday, the training was a little shorter due to the tight schedule. There weren't any major problems for me there, and with a gap of 0,3 seconds behind Federico, I was also satisfied with second place on the grid.

At the start of the first run I held back a little because I wanted to avoid a fall in the first corners. But that is exactly what happened to my opponent in the overall standings. Frederico fell right in front of me on the first lap. Now I had to stay calm and finish ahead of Federico. I let the leader Philip Hasemann drive so that I could fully concentrate on second place. That worked really well, I was waved off second at the finish.
Since Federico crossed the finish line behind me, it was said for me even before the last run:

BMC / RH-Scooter Champion 2011
70ccm / 12inch class

I was now able to approach the 2nd race and the last run in this championship in a very relaxed manner. In the second lap I was able to overtake Federico and Philip and immediately gain a good lead over them. I defended it to the finish and became like that declined as the winner.

In the evening there was an annual award ceremony with a challenge cup and a great closing party that went well into Sunday morning.

So now it's winter break and tinkering time on the scooter!
I would like to thank the Companies Scooter Center and Sava tires for the great support in the 2011 season - THANK YOU !!!

Next year there will be an Official Championship with the title
"German Scooter Championship 2012" give.
The 6 events are again organized by the BMC together with RH-Scooter Race, who did a great job this year.

See you in 2012 / on the racetrack

Thomas # 7

Award ceremony Harzring Easter 2010Scooter Racing Season Preview 2010

Thomas Heck - Team HSR Racing - Powered by SCOOTER CENTER

After the long winter this year, I would like to give you a little preview of the 2010 racing season just before the start of the season:

Last year I was on RH Scooter Cup and in the Int. German Scooter Championship (IDSM) with a 70cc Gilera Runner took part.
I did well in both racing series in 2009:
1st place / overall winner RH Scooter Cup: I won the RH Scooter Cup with 4 race wins.
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