Clutch spring bgm PRO XXL

Clutch spring bgm PRO XXL - strong pressure for Vespa clutches

The bgm Superstrong coupling family is getting a reinforcement!

By breeding ever larger herds of horsepower in the area of ​​Vespa Large and Smallframe Engines, the clutches are also subjected to increasing loads. In extreme cases, torque and power increase here over 50PS and 40Nm ...

So that you can always rely on the power transmission of our proven bgm clutches, we provide you with additional reinforced ones for extreme applications bgm PRO XXL springs MADE IN GERMANY to the side. The springs are available for Vespa Cosa clutches and bgm PRO Superstrong clutches.

Clutch spring BGM PRO XXL for Superstrong Vespa clutch BGM8801E

Like all bgm springs that we have produced in Germany, this spring is also made of Oteva70 © manufactured. A very resistant material from vehicle engine construction. The springs do not settle and are very durable.

We deliver the bgm PRO XXL springs galvanized. This way you can tell the difference to the

  • XL feathers in black and
  • XXL feathers in shiny silver

at a glance.

We can provide you with the bgm PRO XXL springs individually or in sets, suitable for your coupling type:

For normal Cosa couplings we offer a set with 8 springs. Each as XL and XXL variety.

For the bgm superstrong Largeframe Couplings a Set of 10 springs

and for the bgm superstrong Smallframe Clutch you can simply use 2 sets with 8 springs. With a set of 8 you even have the option to mix the springs (XL and XXL).

So then,

Torque GO!