The latest accessories for the PX range

Just in time for the 65th birthday of the Vespa, the first, reissued, new PX cavort on our streets.

As an official Piaggio dealer, we have put together interesting items from the new range of accessories for you.

Apart from the fact that almost all older, available accessories of the PX series also fit on the new 2011er, and you can make something unique, the new accessory series also offers very practical innovations for everyone who is traveling with an older PX!

We particularly noticed the new rear luggage rack, the topcase holder, the cruiser screen and the new Pxential helmet series.


The new, rear one shines in rich chrome with an embossed Vespa logo Folding luggage rack. This sits higher, and thus allows the traffic behind you a better view of the rear light, in contrast to competing designs. A positive safety feature in addition to the general suitability for use! Quality and price are of course right and the carrier can also be easily assembled by laypeople.





This comes from the same design corner Topcase carrier in chrome, on which not only Vespa topcases, but also cases from other brands can be installed. A solid construction that is not only interesting for top case fans, but also for people who want to securely lash their luggage for trips etc. Thanks to the solid construction, there are no vibrations and you have to tighten your luggage less often. Genoa as with the folding luggage carrier, the load sits high above the rear light.



The Cruiser disc represents a healthy mixture of small Modflyscreens and the extremely high panes. It directs unpleasant wind noises between the shoulder and helmet and offers rain / wind protection without destroying the line of the Vespa. They are also available in a subtle tint for summer.





We especially like the helmets of the potential Series. In white, blue, black and matt black. Thoughts of Evel Knievel and the Seventies come up. The shape is based on the popular Bandit helmets, and their simple shape makes them perfect for all Vespas. The leather border shows the great workmanship. Of course, still safe with the ECE2205 standard and the possibility of spicing it up further, for example with the original Vespa Driver glasses.




Just rummage through the things and check out the new ones Vespa PX 2011 spare parts where some delicacies are waiting, and which can be with you in record time !!!!!!


for example:


- New crash bars

- New bumper fenders

-Topcase in vehicle color

Leg protection blanket

- Fabric garage

- Front rack


... and much more - everything in Piaggio OEM quality !!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Angelino Santos
    Angelino Santos sagte:

    Do you have any accessories for these new moped cars? So far I have hardly found any spare parts dealers in Germany. Presumably the vehicles are still very unknown here. Do you know your way around, or do you specialize purely on classic scooters?

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