Bags and cases as an alternative to the top case -MOTO NOSTRA Classic 'waxed canvas' e.g. for Vespa, Lambretta, GTS, GTV, LX / LXV, ET4, S50-150, Sprint, Primavera

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classic bag as an alternative to the top case

New Moto Nostra Vintage bags and cases in the delivery program

Moto Nostra has revised its line of popular Moto Nostra case bags and expanded them to include more practical bags.
From now on, all bags and cases have a waxed surface.
The products available in the three basic colors beige, brown or black are now available as:

  • Case bag for luggage racks with 10 liters of storage volume
  • Case bag for luggage racks with 35 liters of storage volume
  • Bag to hang on the luggage compartment flap, with mobile phone or cup holder
  • Bag for spare wheel for classic Vespa / Lambretta, with mobile phone (up to 6,2 ″) or cup holder

What all suitcases / bags have in common is that they can be attached to the vehicle easily, quickly and safely, but can also be carried with you as an option.


CASE 10 liters / 35 liters

The cases have a comfortable handle and live up to their name.
They can be taken to a hotel quickly and easily on a tour, for example.
This is a great advantage compared to a permanently installed topcase and also significantly more individual.
This increases the mobility of the scooter enormously with little effort and you can enjoy twice as much more storage space and a nicer look.


The pockets for the luggage compartment flap and the spare wheel also have a double function.
Here, too, a lot of storage space and useful gadgets such as the cell phone (up to 6,2 ″) / beverage can holder are perfectly combined with a successful design.
So you always have all valuables and means of communication on the vehicle always at hand in a central location.
Due to their visual quality, the bags (with the carrying strap included in the scope of delivery) can be wonderfully taken with you for a stroll into the city.
So you don't have to worry about valuables left in the vehicle.

The completely revised new edition offers as a directly recognizable innovation a waxed surface, as we know it from traditional British wax jackets, for example.
The result is a great vintage surface that is water-repellent and very durable.
A nice feature of the wax is the 'used look' that develops over time.
However, this can be revised again at any time with a commercially available hair dryer and the case can be returned to its new condition.
To do this, the wax is briefly heated with a hairdryer and all traces on the wax surface disappear as if by magic.
The whole thing in a chic vintage design that goes perfectly with the scooter. Available in the Vespa Shop in beige, brown or black.

Retro topcase case 2.0

Who does not know that? To stow a lot of small items but no space in the overhead compartment because the helmet should be in there or tools and the oil supply have already made themselves wide.
The conventional solution: a top case in a classic hard shell.
This is practical, but usually over the target and also not always the most elegant choice visually.

The Moto Nostra solution is an alternative to the top case
A bag in the design of a traditional roll bag (as it is often used for tools, for example) with the function and handling of a topcase / suitcase.

Case bag for luggage racks with 35 liters of storage volume

The case is weatherproof and dimensionally stable. This makes it perfect as storage space for shopping, a full-face helmet (or two open face helmets) or other travel items.
It is divided into a large central main compartment and two side compartments, which can be further folded out if necessary.
The central main compartment is closed with its own inner lid with Velcro and zip.
Above this, the outer cover, with its practical handle, forms a double safeguard.
A leather strap is attached to the left and right, which ends in (hidden) practical snap fasteners.
Together with a central combination lock, the case is very well secured but can still be opened quickly.

classic bag as an alternative to the top case

  • Bag material: waxed canvas (water-repellent)
  • Leather straps with brass buckles and rivets
  • Practical click fasteners hidden underneath
  • Snap lock with numeric code (code can be set by yourself)
  • Nice Moto Nostra lettering in a vintage look
  • Side pockets with zip
  • Including rain cover
  • With handle
  • Retro / vintage look
  • Mounting by means of straps (part of the bag) on ​​the luggage rack / luggage rack

The combination lock is set to the code '00' at the factory, which can of course be customized.
Two storage compartments that can be folded out on the side offer additional storage space if required and are quickly accessible with a zip.

The visually attractive, adjustable leather straps are a clever gimmick.
If the shopping is bigger, the straps can be adjusted like a backpack and the storage volume can be temporarily increased significantly.

Case bag for luggage racks with 10 liters of storage volume

As a supplement or smaller version of the large 35 liter version, Moto Nostra offers a version with a 10 liter volume.
This has the same properties as the large version, but with its approx. Ø20cm diameter it also fits easily on a front luggage rack.
So you can wonderfully combine a two-person combination of the two versions on one vehicle.
Alternatively, of course, the small version can also be used on the rear luggage rack if not so much storage space is required.

Bag to hang on the luggage compartment flap, with mobile phone or cup holder

Another new item in the Moto Nostra delivery program is the extremely practical curtain bag for the luggage compartment flap of Vespa PX, GTS and the like.
The bag is simply attached to the luggage compartment flap with the Velcro mounting straps and you have a perfect stowage option for many utensils that you would like to have direct access to in no time at all. Be it tools, the mobile phone, papers, the travel card, power bank or just a drink, the Moto Nostra bag offers adequate storage space for all of this. Thanks to the quick and easy assembly, the bag can be removed just as quickly and taken with the shoulder strap just as easily as a handbag.
This means that no valuables remain on the vehicle and everything important is safely and centrally stowed in one place.

Bag Ø23cm with mobile phone or cup holder for spare wheel with 10 inches (classic Vespa / Lambretta)

The bag for the spare wheel is a nice variant for classic Vespa / Lambrettar scooters that have a spare wheel in the leg shield / passage.
Here the bag is placed in the center of the rim and also fastened with a Velcro mounting strap. The dimensions of the bag fit perfectly into 10 inch rims.
Thus the bag is suitable for e.g. Vespa V50 / 50N, V90, 90 Racer, ET3, PV125, Sprint, GT, GTR, Lambretta LI / GP / DL




















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