Buy a Vespa for 20 euros


Buy a Vespa for 20 euros? !!

Apparently they still exist, the real bargains. Much - very much luck as a Vespa lover today you have to be lucky to get such a piece of cake for the course.

In Neuchâtel, Baden, someone was lucky:–72446009.html

I have no idea which Vespa model came under the hammer for this price - but one Wasp for 20 euros - the model doesn't matter. Actually, almost a thing for the taxpayers' black book ...

For those interested in buying an old Vespa scooter, we recommend our catalog:
The Scooter Center Vespa catalog has a clear model history and gives you an overview of the spare parts available for any upcoming restoration or repair of the classic scooter:

Vespa catalog

And here is the 2010 and 2011 update of the catalog, all current spare parts and accessories can be found in our Vespa shop.



Good luck with your Vespa purchase!

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