Winner BEST OF ALL Scootershow 2014

Thank you, Thank You, Merci, Bedankt, ???????!,

The entire Scooter Center Team would like to thank all exhibitors and visitors of the 7th Scootershow for this super custom show 2014.

We had the pleasure of welcoming exhibitors from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Austria, Switzerland, Russia (Moscow) and from all over Germany.

The deserved winner of the "Best of All - Cups ” is with his girlfriend over 2.400km and a whole day's drive from Moscow to us in Cologne on the Scootershow arrived! Respect and many thanks, dear Roman!

Winner BEST OF ALL Scootershow 2014

Here is an overview of all winners:

Best of ...

best of all
1 277 Automatic scooter Roman Timokhin stalker Timokhin custom design stalker
Best Lambretta
1 323 Classic scooter MT The myth of the Nordschleife Innocenti DL125
Best Vespa
1 280 Classic scooter Fabian flat There is none Wasp 150 GL
Best automatic
1 110 Automatic scooter Daniel Todayr 0 Yamaha aerox
Best Club Display
1 Minus screwdriver


Best engineering
1 108 Classic scooter Olaf Boeckmann Tinsel Lambretta LI150
2 357 Classic scooter Ron Squooter 0 Wasp PX electro
Best original condition
1 72 Classic scooter Frank Thole queen Hoffmann works Hoffman HC
2 17 Classic scooter Ursula Nagy VS 2T Piaggio GP.150
Best street racer
1 16 Classic scooter Sebastian Beilstein Brown Sugar Piaggio Wasp
2 52 Classic scooter Christian Lohey 0 Wasp PX 125
Best custom
1 18 Classic scooter Peter Voss Alligator Push Wasp PX 80 Lusso
2 355 Classic scooter Ron Squooter Fight Club Wasp 125 Primavera ET3
Best Street Custom
1 63 Classic scooter Peter Mollenkamp Indian parasite Bajaj Chetak 150
2 366 Classic scooter Dirk Pekrul 0 Wasp V50
Best Sprinter / Cup Racer
1 67 Classic scooter Herbert Schöneweiss Castrol Lambretta Racer RL Customer Jet 200
2 43 Classic scooter Christian Schnieder CutDown Innocenti Lambretta TV200
Best paint / airbrush
1 354 Classic scooter Ron Squooter Leonardo Wasp 50 pedalo
2 22 Classic scooter Claudia Zinnen Three question marks Piaggio PX 200
Best O-paint
1 113 Classic scooter Tailor Dennis Seis slides Motovespa 125 Sport
2 52 Classic scooter Christian Lohey 0 Wasp PX 125
Best Mod
1 255 Classic scooter Hans Gunther Fistfight Eibar Lambretta LI 150 winter model
2 246 Classic scooter MT Ram bolt Innocenti LiS150
Craziest conversion
1 285 Classic scooter ted perry The Red Baron Lambretta Chopper
2 42 Classic scooter Christian Schnieder Lambretta Chopper Black Pudding Innocenti Li 150 series 3


Best Modern Vespa
1 262 Automatic scooter Markus Froebrich 0 0 Vespa GTS 250
2 #NV #NV #NV #NV #NV
Best custom
1 68 Automatic scooter Tobias Ernest 0 Gilera Runner
2 351 Automatic scooter Laura Schmiedmaier 0 0 0
Best Street Custom
1 33 Automatic scooter Philip Knuppertz Black Red Aerox Yamaha aerox
2 302 Automatic scooter Dennis Mueller Black orange Custom / Street Rox Yamaha / MBK Aerox / Nitro
Best sprinter / racer
1 316 Automatic scooter Sasha Reinhold 0 Mission Drag Race Presenters
2 31 Automatic scooter Pascal Bluhm Yellow-gray zip Piaggio Zip
Best engineering
1 44 Automatic scooter Rene of males RvR Twin Peugeot Speedfight 2
2 61 Automatic scooter help markus Burberry Turbo Benelli Benelli 491
Best paint / airbrush
1 80 Automatic scooter Suat Bilgin Violet Btch Peugeot Jet Force
2 102 Automatic scooter Bjorn Velez Dicke snor jonguh Bjorn Velez aerox
Best bodywork
1 32 Automatic scooter Florian Kowalczyk Aerox Team RCD Yamaha aerox
2 109 Automatic scooter Daniel Todayr BiggerBigBore stunt MTC tuning MBK stunt
Best display
1 314 Automatic scooter Tina Iwanitzki Team Iwanitzki Cologne & Malossi Italia – YSS Suspension Thailand & Europe Piaggio Zip SP 1
2 70 Automatic scooter Tobias Baumann The Orange Dream Piaggio NRG MC3 LC DD
Craziest conversion
1 100 Automatic scooter Andreas singer 0 Yamaha aerox
2 228 Automatic scooter Klaus Matzat Body Yamaha aerox

Your visit the Scootershow worth it!

This year, in addition to an unprecedented selection of international custom scooters, our custom show also features a large number of parts stands.

Large parts market

At the stalls from Scooter Center and many private providers, you can expect a huge selection of scooter parts. Included are rare spare parts, tuning & accessories, and bargains such as B-goods and returns.

At the bgm stand you can touch the latest parts. (
There are also great stalls with shirts and sweaters, stickers and merchandise.

Here is a small selection of parts that we are currently loading onto the trailer:

Photo Shoot

One of the topics this year will be T-shirt being. Bring your favorite roller shirt and have your photo taken with it at the Filthy & Sly booth!

Suitable for families

Fungames, games, live DJ, free merchandise
Cheap admission:
Visitors pay only 5 euros. Children and young people up to the age of 12 - accompanied by an adult - have free entry.
Cheap prices:, e.g.: _
Beer (0,33 Kölsch, Pils, Radler) 2 euros
Limo 0,25 EUR 1,50
Large sausage with rolls 2 euros

live dj

Our live DJ plays Venyl at its finest and leads through the legendary award ceremony with many trophies and great prizes for exhibitors and visitors.

We are looking forward to your visit!
Tickets are available at the box office for just 5 euros. Directions and all information:

Customshow 2014 tickets

Scootershow is she Scooter Center Custom show for scooters.

[youtube] Uptwv3QVsNc [/ youtube]

2014 finds the Scootershow for Vespa, Lambretta and Automatic Custom Scooter is officially taking place for the seventh time.

Tickets only 5 euros:

Admission ticket Scootershow 2014 CUSTOM SHOW Cologne

Customshow 2014 tickets

Info and website:

Customshow 2014 tickets

Scootershow news

Here's a little update for ours Scootershow – THE Scooter Custom Show 2014., that we organize together with the Twisted Pistons SC: in the Cologne: Adventure Hall Kalk, March 22.03.2014, XNUMX.

Info for visitors:
Entrance fee: only 5 euros
Opening times: 12:00 - 17:00

Info for participants
FREE Registration for participants here. Registration closes on March 16, 2014.

Cup ceremony, 17:00 p.m.
New categories for the Scootershow 2014:


(A price)

  • BEST OF ALL - best scooter on the show
  • BEST LAMBRETTA - the best Lambretta
  • BEST VESPA - best Vespa
  • BEST AUTOMATIC - best automatic scooter
  • BEST CLUB DISPLAY - coolest club stand


(First and second place)

  • BEST ENGINEERING - best technical implementation
  • BEST ORIGINAL CONDITION - show your oldie
  • BEST STREETRACER - focus on entries
  • BEST CUSTOM - best refinement “Chrome & Flames”
  • BEST STREETCUSTOM - (focus on daily use (signs of use) despite airbrush, chrome etc.)
  • BEST SPRINTER / CUPRACER - racing device (e.g. DBM / ESC)
  • BEST PAINT / AIRBRUSH - best painting and / or airbrush
  • BEST O-LACK RESCUE - only with documentation
  • BEST MOD - accessory bomber
  • CRAZIEST CONVERSION - without words


(First and second place)

  • BEST MODERN VESPA - GT / GTV / GTS / LX / LXV / 946 etc.
  • BEST CUSTOM - best refinement “Chrome & Flames”
  • BEST STREETCUSTOM - roadworthy ready to drive
  • BEST SPRINTER / RACER - racing device (DSSC, DM or similar)
  • BEST ENGINEERING - best technical implementation
  • BEST PAINT / AIRBRUSH - best painting and / or airbrush
  • BEST BODYWORK - best bodywork conversion
  • BEST DISPLAY - best presentation
  • CRAZIEST CONVERSION - without words

Customshow 2014 tickets

Scooter Custom Show 2014

Scooter Custom Show 2014

Save the date: Scooter Center Scooter Custom Show 2014 in Cologne, Saturday March 22nd, 2014

In 2014 we start our 7th Scooter Center Custom show for scooters in Cologne.
Reserve the date now: 22.03.2014

Finest international custom scooter
- Vespa Custom
- Lambretta Custom
- Custom automatic scooter

Flyer, details and registration options will be available here shortly:
Pre-registration for more information then here:

We are already looking forward to you!

Update Custom Show 2014