Now on Sunday: Openday im SCOOTER CENTER


OpenDayOpen house with lots of promotions

Next Sunday: 22 May 2011 starts the big one OpenDay at SCOOTER CENTER in Bergheim Glessen.
Here you can expect:

- Special offers and promotions
- Bargain prices at the parts market
- Grilled food and delicious Kölsch
- Performance diagrams from the professional dynamometer (5 euros per run for a good cause)
- Gasoline talks, lots of scooters and a whole lot of like-minded people

When shopping on Sundays in our village, there is not only the opportunity to shop on Sundays, but also many stalls and a classic car corso.

11:00 Classic car meeting on SCOOTER CENTER
11:45 Oldtimer - Corso through Glessen (nice old scooters are welcome to come along)
12:00 Start Open Day SCOOTER CENTER until 17:00
13:00 Store sales SCOOTER CENTER until 16:00

The SCOOTER CENTER OpenDay is also available as Event on Facebook!



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