In 2011 we have our friend Taka at SKRO again! Rally supports. Taka is with Heart and soul scooter driver and delights our Lambretta driver again and again with top news in his

The 2011 SKOOTER RIDE OUT was also the event at which the check was officially presented to the Vespa Ring. With the action Scooterist 4Japanese Scooterist With your help we try to bring some joy back to children in the disaster area.

The proceeds are with ours thanks to your help Open day 2011 come together. The action is still going on and if you want, you can use them Stickers help. The proceeds will be donated in full to the Vespa Ring.

Here is Taka's report from the great SKOOTER RIDE OUT @ Ise-Shima. We just pass it on and wish we had been there:



The first day was a very cold rainy day. However, Lot of SCOOTERISTS from various areas in Japan gathered in the Ise Shima international park.

Sadly, the touring run of the first day was stopped because of bad weather. But, we enjoyed the party with much alcohol and a delicious dish! ISE-SHIMA is a specialty place of a fresh seafood. We greatly enjoyed it with many many alcohol!

At the party, the ceremony of the donation which charitable project “SCOOTERISTS 4 JAPANESE SCOOTERISTS” of the SCK contributed to VESPA CLUB MIYAGI was also held. And -of course- the donation was presented also from all entrants of SKRO !.

And the entrants scrambled for the fantastic premiums (parts, clothing, decal, accessories etc ..) which entrants and many SHOPS in the world supported happily in the game!

After the party drank alcohol, and night advanced and it went in the room of each hotel by SCOOTER TALK ……

The 2nd day was fine weather from the morning. Temperature is not cold, either. We collected the candidate and went out for the early morning run. The wind of early morning Ise Shima was comfortable, and the exhaust sound of 2stroke sounded pleasantly.

After the Japanese breakfast, we went out for a short touring run by all the entrants. So we enjoyed the good road and seaside view in Ise Shima National Park!

I feel that Japanese Scooter Scene is changing in several years. The Scooter friends in the world joined hands by evolution of communication of the Internet.
Thank you for the always big support. SCK !!!


Cheers, my friend!


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The entire SCOOTER CENTER - Team thanks you for this great OpenDay. That was a great day with you and it was really fun despite the “Sunday work”!

More than 300 visitors found themselves in great weather on SCOOTER CENTER in Bergheim Glessen. It's great that you came in so many - many thanks again!

There was a lot to talk about over beer and sausages. Our bargain market for scooters and scooter tuning parts in the hall complemented itself perfectly with the private dealers, one of whom even came from the Netherlands. You could see many happy faces and some tuning and spare parts were sold as real bargains.

The achievements on the Test stand role were pressed! Both from automatic scooters, as well as the classic Vespas and Lambrettas. Over 38 hp pressed a Vespa PX on the roller and became the best of the day. Respect!

Our iron test rig team carried out over 60 runs in a short period of time. The income from the runs and a portion of the drinks go directly to ours Scooterists4JapaneseScooterists Fundraiser. Here 780 euros came together, that SCOOTER CENTER then put this buzzer on top again, so that 1.560 euros donated can be.

It was all well-rounded, and with the super nice atmosphere that you brought with you, it was really fun. We are already looking forward to the next OPEN DAY, and already have nice ideas with which we will surprise you - next year at the latest, because then we will finally celebrate 20 years SCOOTER CENTER!!





OpenDayOpen house with lots of promotions

Next Sunday: 22 May 2011 starts the big one OpenDay at SCOOTER CENTER in Bergheim Glessen.
Here you can expect:

- Special offers and promotions
- Bargain prices at the parts market
- Grilled food and delicious Kölsch
- Performance diagrams from the professional dynamometer (5 euros per run for a good cause)
- Gasoline talks, lots of scooters and a whole lot of like-minded people

When shopping on Sundays in our village, there is not only the opportunity to shop on Sundays, but also many stalls and a classic car corso.

11:00 Classic car meeting on SCOOTER CENTER
11:45 Oldtimer - Corso through Glessen (nice old scooters are welcome to come along)
12:00 Start Open Day SCOOTER CENTER until 17:00
13:00 Store sales SCOOTER CENTER until 16:00

The SCOOTER CENTER OpenDay is also available as Event on Facebook!


Help for Japan Scooter Center OpenDay donation

Scooterists 4 Japanese Scooterists

The SCOOTER CENTER is the initiator of the campaign Scooterists 4 Japanese Scooterists.

Today the Vespa Club Miagi sent photos of the relief effort. The pictures impressively show how necessary the work is and at the same time how well it is received by the children.

You can find the photos on the Facebook page:

Start of the season for scooter drivers
All over Germany in the last few days the obligatory “roll-on” took place.
“Rolling on” is the traditional start of the scooter scene for the scooter season.
The SCOOTER CENTER celebrates the start of the season together with the Open house on May 22, 2011.
This year the Openday will take place in aid of the disaster victims in Japan. There is more information here and in Facebook.



Scooter in Hamburg
For example, here is the video about rolling in Hamburg. It's amazing how many participants took part in the scooter parade on the streets of Hamburg with Vespa and Lambretta.

[youtube] ehfrfohGiEM [/ youtube]


Vespa and Lambretta in Munich
Rollers in Munich. Great route with a panorama of the Alps: With a Vespa from the center of Munich to Andechs am Ammersee.

[youtube] Q2NrlPLz_yQ [/ youtube]

Scooter scene in Augsburg
Rollers in Augsburg. Big scooter scene with the legendary RollerKö and former Vespa production facility:

[youtube] 8FccSLHIFDM [/ youtube]


Motor scooter in Cologne
The rolling in Cologne, home of SCOOTER CENTER:

[youtube] 1jWoRAg84FA [/ youtube]


Vespa spare parts and accessories are available from Vespa shop from SCOOTER CENTER. Do you already know our new ones Scooter helmets?

Scooterists 4 Japanese Scooterists
This is the motto for our Open Day this year. Thanks to our good contacts in Japan and, last but not least, to our friend Taka vom the disaster takes on a whole new dimension. Support us now Facebook and directly at SCOOTER CENTER open day.

Am Sunday May 22nd for our Open Day the test bench runs will cost 5 €. If you want to pay more, you are welcome to do so. We generously round up the income and then benefit the victims in Japan.

Donations to the Japanese Cross are exempt from Payapal fees until September 30th. A donation receipt is available from 10.000 yen.

We will also go to the Vespa Club Miyagi ( donate.
The Vespa Club Myagi is located in one of the devastated areas. With the money raised, they have toys and groceries for the children in the region concerned. Many people there have lost their roofs due to the earthquake and tsunami. Then there is the threat of nuclear disaster. So enough goals for donations. Taka put this very nicely and aptly in one of his emails: "And, a lot of child victims exist, too and their innocent smiles heal a tired adult. "

So let's go to the Open Day and then let the test bench burn!