Polini 210 on our P4 dyno

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Today we had a real beauty on our Dyno. A Vespa Rally 200.

The aim of this project was to get a tractor torque engine for daily driving.

Base what a vespa PX200 motor, the rotary valve in the housing has been expanded for more discreet inlet angle before TDC. Crankshaft is genuine PX200 crank with 57mm stroke.

The new 210 Polini is filled by a Si26 carb With Polini induction funnel.

because of the Polini induction funnel the available torque in the lower rev range stands out very clearly. The same engine with a Malossi cylinder without the Polini funnel is “missing” almost 4Nm in the same rpm range!

The alloy Polini is supported by a SIP Road exhaust.

From idle speed the engine has proper torque and power.

15hp and 23Nm from 4500 rpm speak for themselves.

With a taller Primary gear the torque can be stretched and relatively high speeds can be achieved at low rpm.

Nice setup!

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