Porco Nero brakes for Vespa GTS in new colors

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Vespa GTS Porco Nero Power brakes mirror

Porco Nero Power Brakes Vespa GTS - Super Power Braking

If you drive fast, you also have to be able to decelerate quickly. No problem, because with us you get them Porco Nero Power four-piston brake calipers from Spiegler. Together with the bgm PRO chassis for Vespa GTS with TÜV these brakes offer you a unique chassis comfort and safety advantage for your Vespa GTS.

The two colors silver & blue are new!

Brake Vespa GTS Porco Nero Power / SPIEGLER with TÜV - SuperPower Braking

GTS rear brake:

Article no.: Color
PRN002BL2 blue
PRN002GD2 gold
PRN002RD2 red
PRN002BK2 black
PRN002SL2 silver

GTS front brake:

Article no.: Color
PRN001BL2 blue
PRN001GD2 gold
PRN001RD2 red
PRN001BK2 black
PRN001SL2 silver

Convert the Vespa GTS brake

  1. Why you should definitely rebuild your brake: Porco Nero Vespa GTS brake
  2. How you can mount the brakes: Installation in the video Porco Nero Vespa GTS brake

Vespa brake conversion Porco Nero bgm

Designed for all modern Vespa GT GTS models

  • For front and rear wheels, with and without ABS.
  • Precisely matched to the GTS brake pump: for a braking point that is easy to dose.
  • Shorter braking distances - compared to the series, but also to competing accessories
  • Completely CNC-milled: weight saving meets high rigidity without any torsion.
  • Hard anodized in black, red, gold, silver, blue: no fading, easy to clean.
  • No adapter required: the brake calliper is screwed directly onto the standard bracket.
  • Suitable for 12 and 13 inch rims.
  • Equipped with sintered brake pads: for a very short braking distance and good feedback.
  • Low-friction brake pistons: for excellent braking performance, linearly adjustable.
  • Special seals: An inclined rubber lip ensures that the brake pistons run smoothly and guarantees full braking power - even in the long term.
  • Including TÜV certificate

Vespa GTS brake with TÜV certificate

Here we offer you the TÜV certificate for the Porco Nero Power / Spiegler brake for download:

The brake fits the following models

Note: The brakes do not fit the GTV and GTS SeiGiorni models with the headlight on the fender. These vehicles have an independent ABS system that is purely mechanically (space problems) not compatible with the Spiegler / Porco Nero Power brake caliper.