Project Racer - Friday February 10.02.2012th, XNUMX


Yesterday we noticed that the outlet had to be raised by 1,6mm in order to achieve our desired outlet angle of 195 °.

Here both sides finished and adapted to the outlet diameter of the Big Bertha.

this is what the finished outlet looks like in the cylinder.

Before we now insert all the bearings and assemble the housing, we have to check whether the wide 11 ″ tire fits on the motor housing.

... not that direct ...

The 4mm thick plate between the crossbeam and the motor housing is unfortunately a must, otherwise our disc brake mount with the associated 11 ″ hub would not fit on the housing.
As a result, we have to make some space for the tire - shown in large letters above.


it should fit now. Later on the test bench must show how far the tire expands with increasing speed and whether the distance between the tire and the crossbeam is sufficient.


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