Travel bag - leg shield bag for Vespa GT, GTL, GTV, GTS

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Vespa legshield pocket

Storage space for the big tour!

Update: Our best alternative: Travel bag for Vespa GT, GTL, GTV, GTS - available in different colors and sizes:

Vespa suitcase bag from Moto Nostra on the Vespa Gts 300 hpe supertech

Practical bag for the Vespa

We no longer offer Sea'n'Sand bags.

he bag is attached to the leg shield and stands on the footboard of the Vespa. The practical bag can also be carried as a backpack.

practical Vespa bag

Video of the bag for Vespa GTS

It all started with the bag for the Modern Vespa GTS & Co. at Sea'n'Sand. A tailor-made footwell pocket for the current Vespa GTS GT, GTV etc.

The bag is now also available for the classic Vespa models Vespa PX, the functionality and quality is the same, only the dimensions are different. Here is the video of the Vespa leg shield bag:

Vespa suitcase bag from Moto Nostra on the Vespa Gts 300 hpe supertech

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Pictures Vespa bag


The bag is custom-made for the GTS models and their GT / GTL variants from high-quality Cordura nylon fabric. With a full 28 liters of storage volume, it offers a large luggage compartment that is also perfectly accessible from above.


The patented Cordura fabric is extremely abrasion-resistant and robust. It is water repellent and quick drying. The waterproof zips offer all-round weather protection.


The bag has a double function as a backpack. So all objects worth protecting can easily be taken with you.


The bag is secured to the vehicle with four points. This means that it is firmly anchored to the vehicle even at high speeds. The standard luggage hook and the bench nose are used for this, as are two enclosed LOXX screws. These replace the screws on the inspection cover and, thanks to their ball head, offer a smart system to attach the bag to the scooter.


The bench can be opened without any problems even with the bag mounted. This means that the bag can remain on the vehicle for refueling. The pocket width of 39cm is also problem-free. There is enough space for your feet, even on the long journey.


Best Vespa bag


The 28 liter storage space is equipped with a beautiful inner lining. This makes filling quick and easy, without anything getting stuck. The additional compartment for small parts is great for your mobile phone, and the separate glasses case with Velcro fastener means the sunglasses are always within easy reach.


The assembly is very simple. All you need is a so-called Torx screwdriver in size T25 (often also available in the vehicle's tool kit) and an open-ended or ring spanner with a wrench size of 9.


As such, the Cordura material used is beyond any doubt regarding its outdoor qualities. In combination with the noble and clean workmanship, the bag offers real added value because it can be used permanently for years.


First choice not only for touring riders. With the Sea'n'Sand footwell pocket, even small shopping will soon be done by scooter rather than by car!

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